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Odd news from around the world

Feminist witches are casting hexes on Donald Trump: “American witches have come a long way since Salem and the trials of 1692, when the accusation of witchcraft got a lady hanged. Today, witching is in and sorceresses in the US and beyond are practicing magical activism to thwart The Donald’s bid for presidency. Vermont’s Feminists Against Trump, a group of college professors in the state, is holding a pre-Halloween “witch-in” today in Burlington. They have issued a call to all crones and their black pussycats to join in the mass hexing to “cast magical spells of love and feminism to destroy the Great Orange One and the racism, xenophobia and sexism he feeds on.”

Wife who said lottery tickets are a waste of money wins $1M: “Glenda Blackwell won $1 million when she bought a lottery ticket in an attempt to teach her husband a lesson. Turns out, there are some bets that are well worth losing. Glenda Blackwell, a 57-year-old woman from Leicester, North Carolina, learned that lesson over the weekend when her husband asked her to buy two Powerball tickets. In an attempt to prove to him that lottery tickets are a waste of cash, she instead bought a Carolina Millions ticket for $10. “I wanted to show him that luck doesn’t always hit,” Blackwell said, according to the North Carolina Lottery. But the scratch-off ticket was a winner, and Blackwell struck gold with a $1 million prize”

Australia: Parliament House security forces two-year-old to hand over lightsaber ‘weapon’: “A Canberra woman says security guards forced her two-year-old son to check in a toy lightsaber during a visit to Parliament House because they considered it a “weapon”. The family, who did not want their name to be published, was visiting Parliament House on Friday when they were told the battery-powered plastic lightsaber was not allowed through security. The lightsaber was checked in during the family’s visit and returned when they left the building. The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) said Parliament House contained many artworks of “significant value”. “Given the length of the item and that it has the potential to cause damage to property, a decision was made by a security officer on duty to request the item be cloaked with a return on departure,” a DPS spokesperson said in a statement.

Strange snake with unusual venom: “We have found the wildest snake toxin ever, from the venom of the most outrageous snakes,” Bryan Fry said. “It does something no other snake has ever done.” The Queensland University venomologist is talking about the aptly named long-glanded blue coral snake of south-east Asia – and its unusual venom which takes hold with lightning efficiency. Its venom glands extend to a good 60 centimetres – about one-quarter of its body length. “This venom hits a particular type of sodium channel that is important for the treatment of pain in humans,” Dr Fry said. With colleagues from Australia, China, Singapore and the US, Dr Fry identified six unusual peptides in the venom of the blue coral snake that can switch on all of its prey’s nerves at once. This immediately immobilises its victim.”

Medicinal cannabis crops and products now legal in Australia: “Budding cannabis producers can now apply for a licence to legally grow the crop in Australia or manufacture cannabis products, for medicinal use only. The Narcotic Drugs Amendment Act 2016, which came into effect on Sunday, allows businesses to apply for a licence to cultivate cannabis or manufacture cannabis products for medicinal purposes, or to conduct related research. Health Minister Minister Sussan Ley said the changes would give patients and doctors access to a safe, reliable and legal source of cannabis for medicinal use. ‘Until now, it has been difficult for patients to access medicinal cannabis products from overseas sources,’ Ms Ley said in a statement on Sunday. ‘These new laws change that situation by providing for a domestic supply of medicinal cannabis products that are not readily available for import.'”

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