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The priest in a small Irish village had a rooster and ten hens He kept in the hen house behind the church.

One Sunday morning, before mass, he Went to feed the birds and discovered That the cock was missing.

He knew about cock fights in The village, so he questioned His parishioners in church. During mass, he asked the congregation, ‘Has anybody got a cock? ‘

All the men stood up. ‘No, no, ‘ he said, ‘that wasn’t what I meant.

Has anybody seen a cock? ‘ All the women stood up.

‘No, no, ‘ he said, ‘ that wasn’t what I meant.

Has anybody seen a cock that Doesn’t belong to them? ‘ Half the women stood up.

‘No, no, ‘ he said, ‘that wasn’t what I meant. Has anybody seen MY cock? ‘

Sixteen altar boys, two priests And a goat stood up.

Mass was abandoned that day.




Odd news from around the world

Woman gives actor a bloody mouth: “The woman who allegedly punched actor Matthew Fox during a scuffle in Ohio on Saturday insists she was forced to hit the star in order to “protect” herself. The “Lost” actor had attempted to board a party bus in Cleveland when he was confronted by the female driver because his name was not among the list of guests. Speaking to, she says, “He just kept staring at me with his mouth wide open and not saying anything. I told him, ‘You have to leave, buddy. You are trespassing on my bus.’ (Then he) leaned in and started punching my crotch and breast. “I took one hand to his jaw and he was spitting blood. He stumbled backwards. “This was my self-defense. This was the only way I could protect myself…from a man beating up on a woman.” Fox was detained by police after the encounter but the actor was not formally arrested.”

American Airline’s frantic hunt for Jack the lost cat: “A lost cat is creating quite a stir at American Airlines. Jack the cat went missing before a flight from New York to California on August 25, sparking a social network lashing against the airline, CBS reports. The airline has since launched a frantic hunt for the feline and is pulling out all the stops in a bid to avoid a massive PR disaster. The cat had been checked in as cargo, along with his brother Barry, as they were too big to fit comfortably in an under-the-seat carrier. Owner Karen Pascoe said she was told that the cat had been lost in the inbound baggage claim area. Pascoe searched the “giant” baggage area for an hour with no luck before having to board her later flight with Barry, and was assured the airline would keep looking for Jack.”

Prostitutes required to buy a ticket to walk the streets of German city: “In what may be a world first, the German city of Bonn has implemented a new rule that requires prostitutes to buy daily tickets from vending machines to walk the streets. The €6 ($8.60) ticket allows prostitutes to ply their trade on designated city streets between 8.15pm to 6am every day, news website The Local said. City council authorities said the system enables the tax department to track the streetwalkers’ earnings and makes it fair for prostitutes working in brothels who have to pay tax. Inspectors will patrol the streets to enforce the new rule and prostitutes caught without a ticket will receive a first infringement warning, followed by a fine and possibly a ban.”

Must not park across driveway to nowhere: “It’s a driveway to nowhere – but parking in front of it will cost you $201. This new easeway on Cliff Rd, Wollongong, south of Sydney leads to a sharp drop and beach below. But motorists who parked in front of it have been stung for $8000 in six months. One anonymous motorist took on the cash grab because there was no sign warning them not to park there. The handyman made his own no-parking signs with bulldog clips and witches hats. Wollongong City Council painted a yellow line in front of the access point in October last year, but not any signs that it is a no-parking zone. But there is unlimited parking all around it.”

Meet the ‘Ghost’ – the stealth ship radar can’t see: “A US company has built a high-speed stealth “attack helicopter on the water” that could revolutionise navies and the shipping industry. The ship, called “The Ghost”, can glide on water using a layer of gas that is generated around its submerged areas at high speeds – a technology called “supercavitation”, designer Juliet Marine Systems said. “The Ghost” can reach speeds of up to 97km/h, would be undetectable by radar and could be used by the US navy to carry torpedoes, the company said. It could also protect larger ships, both military and commercial, from pirate and terrorist attacks, chief executive of Juliet Marine Gregory Sancoff told the Discovery Channel. “Right now we have thousands of sailors whose only defence against high-speed craft is a .50 calibre machine gun from World War II,” Mr Sancoff said.”

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Lucky dog

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Odd news from around the world

Two security staff tricked into putting electronic tag on criminal’s prosthetic limb: “Two security firm workers have been sacked after being tricked into putting an electronic tag on a criminal’s false leg. Christopher Lowcock, 29, wrapped his prosthetic limb in a bandage and fooled workers at security services company G4S who failed to carry out the proper tests when they set up the tag and monitoring equipment at his home in Rochdale, England, the Rochdale Observer reported. Lowcock could then simply remove his leg – and the tag – whenever he wanted to breach his court-imposed curfew for driving and drug offences, as well as possession of an offensive weapon. A second G4S officer who went to check the monitoring equipment also failed to carry out the proper test. Management became suspicious last month, but when they returned to the address a third time Lowcock had already been arrested and was back in custody accused of driving while banned and without insurance.”

Money literally falls off back of truck: “The fantasy of seeing banknotes fluttering down from the sky came true for Dutch motorists after a package containing cash apparently fell from a bank transport truck and broke open. The incident triggered a dangerous scramble for the euro bills yesterday on the busy A2 highway near Maastricht, as people parked cars on the road’s shoulder and ran to scoop up loose notes. Police in the southern Dutch province of Limburg confirmed in their Twitter feed “it briefly rained bank bills.” Reporter Rudy Bouma told national broadcaster NOS he saw people grabbing handfuls of cash before hopping back into their cars and driving away. It was not clear how much cash was lost, or how it could have fallen from the truck.”

CA: 95-Year-old Man Stung 600 Times by Bees: “A 95-year-old Redondo Beach man attacked by bees Wednesday afternoon was stung up to 600 times. Louis Todero is recovering from the attack at home now. He was hospitalized in Torrance Wednesday night. Authorities said they could not confirm whether the bees are Africanized bees, but said it is likely. The bees were agitated by a fumigator that was trying to exterminate the hive in an apartment roof nearby, police said. Todero was walking in the 1700 block of Ruxton Lane when he was attacked. Firefighters responding to the scene also were attacked by the bees, but because they were wearing protective gear, the firefighters were not stung. The Los Angeles Vector Control set up warning signs and cordoned off the area. No evacuations were made. A private exterminator is expected to remove the hive.”

Goebbels’ secretary, 100, breaks vow of silence to reveal secrets of Hitler’s propaganda minister: “The former secretary of Hitler’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels has broken a 66-year vow of silence to talk about her service for the man who made Germans hate the Jews. She took down every word that Goebbels uttered, both his private correspondence and his official orders, including those ordering round-ups of Jews in Berlin to please Hitler that the capital was becoming ‘Jew-free’. But while his propaganda presented himself to the German people as a jovial fellow Nazi, she remembers him as a cold and distant monster. ‘You couldn’t get close to him,’ said Frau Pomsel. ‘He never once asked me a personal question. Right up until the end I don’t think he knew my name.”

Bone-headed British bureaucrats beaten: “It was the day that none of the Jackson family thought they would see. But after 17 months in a quarantine pen, their prize bull, Hallmark Boxster was finally released among the rest of his herd at Forlorn Hope Farm near Doncaster, South Yorks…. Ken and Anita Jackson’s bovine has been kept in isolation since being incorrectly diagnosed with Bovine TB by government vets last year. The Jacksons were not convinced the animal had been tested correctly following the diagnoses in April last year and challenged the order. The dispute eventually reached London’s High Court where a judge ruled the Department Of Environment, Food And Rural Affairs had broken its own rules by mixing two blood samples and its diagnosis was invalid. The government department had spent more than £130,000 fighting the case.”

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Postmodernists eat your heart out

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Postmodernist architects design very scrappy buildings. But could they make a building like the one in the picture above?




Odd news from around the world

Zimbabwe’s male politicians to be circumcised: “ZIMBABWE’S male ministers will all undergo circumcision as part of a campaign to prevent the spread of HIV, the deputy prime minister has been quoted as saying. Research indicates male circumcisions can help prevent infections of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. According to Thokozani Khupe, quoted in the state-run Sunday Mail newspaper yesterday, all men in the 150-member parliament and all male councillors in urban and rural councils should also undergo the minor operation. “All the ministers should go for the exercise if our aims of reducing the spread of HIV and AIDS are to be translated into reality. As leaders in government, we should lead by example,” she said. Zimbabwe is one of 13 countries in East and Southern Africa participating in a $US2.5 billion ($2.4 billion) program to circumcise 38 million men – 80 per cent of the male population under 49 years old – over the next 15 years.

Japanese firm orders 2,700 staff to get the same ‘energy saving’ haircut… so they don’t have to spend as long blow-drying: “A Japanese company has ordered all 2,700 of its employees to get identical hairstyles – to help save energy. Tokyo-based Maeda Corporation announced the move as part of a national campaign to reduce energy consumption in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March. Men are expected to sport a short back-and-sides, slightly longer on the top, while women have been asked to wear a ‘cute’ bob with a fringe that can be swept to one side. Chizuru Inoue, a spokesman for Maeda Corp, told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Our company is very keen on protecting the environment and we encourage our staff to adopt many environment-friendly actions. ‘We are not sure of the data yet, but we believe if people have short hair they do not need to use their hair driers for so long and they will use less water.”

Brother and sister SUE their mother after she bought the ‘wrong’ birthday card and refused them toys: “Kimberly Garrity, who raised Steven II, now 23, and Kathryn, now 20, in a $1.5million home in Illinois, was sued by her own children. But the siblings, represented by three lawyers including their father, Steven A. Miner, have failed in their $50,000 lawsuit for ‘bad mothering’. They alleged Garrity failed to take Kathryn to a car show and threatened Steven II with phoning police if he did not buckle his seatbelt. The children claim she ‘haggled’ over dress prices and called at midnight to tell Kathryn to come home from a party, reported the Chicago Tribune. But after two years of battle an appeals court has dismissed the ‘emotional distress’ case, ruling Garrity’s conduct was not ‘extreme or outrageous’. The birthday card in question was labelled ‘inappropriate’ by Steven II as it allegedly failed to include any money.”

Big cabbage: “Residents of a care home will have a near lifetime’s supply of vegetable soup with this cabbage. Great-grandfather Tony Southall, 74, grew the monstrous vegetable which was on display at his allotments open day in Dudley, West Midlands. A visitor on Saturday guessed the Cornish Giant cabbage, which has a diameter of 5ft, weighed 25lb. He was only 2oz out and won a bottle of whisky. The cabbage was later donated to be eaten by residents of a care home. And Tony is set to unveil an even bigger one next month at the Amblecote Royal British Legion but he won’t reveal the weight because there will be prizes for guessing. He revealed the secret of growing the massive vegetable was liquid comfrey. ‘It’s a herb and it smells like rotting vegetation,’ he said.”

Couple bought ‘priceless’ Van Gogh portrait for £1,500 at auction: “A British couple may have unearthed a long-lost portrait of Vincent Van Gogh after buying it off the internet for just £1,500. The pastel drawing is believed to be the only full-length portrait of the genius artist in existence and could be worth millions if authenticated. It is thought to have been painted by a female artist who lived next door to him during his time in Paris. The picture was simply described on an auction website as ‘portrait of a man’, but after extensive research, Michael and Mandy Cruickshank believe the work – painted in the 1880s – is of the legendary Dutch impressionist. The couple, from Louth in Lincolnshire, became suspicious by the artist’s crumpled hat, similar to one he sketched, and they believed it is the artist in the prime of his artistic career. A detailed examination by facial recognition experts at the University of Dundee gave the work a four out of six on the chances of it being Van Gogh.”

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Perfectly proportioned?

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Odd news from around the world

Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia marries Princess Sophie of Isenburg: “Prince Georg Friedrich Ferdinand of Prussia, great-grandson of Kaiser Wilhelm II, has married Princess Sophie of Isenburg, an event that has rekindled German interest in the nation’s long-defunct royals. The couple were married in a church in Potsdam, outside Berlin, the former seat of the prince’s family that ruled much of Germany until the monarchy was abolished in 1918. After the ceremony, the couple travelled by horse-drawn carriage to Sanssouci Palace for a dinner and ball. The event was broadcast live on local TV, although the couple are largely unknown. Both work as consultants in Berlin. Germans view their own aristocrats sceptically, although many ardently follow the royal houses of their European neighbours.”

Russian woman’s erotic dancing forces flight to turn back: “A flight from Moscow to London was turned back Friday when a drunken female passenger started performing erotic dances in front of shocked passengers. The 7am flight from Moscow’s main Domodedovo airport did an about-turn 15 minutes after the take-off because of the 39-year-old woman’s antics, Ria Novosti news agency reported. “The woman was in a state of insobriety, inconveniencing the passengers, taking off their glasses and dancing erotic dances,” a spokesman for transport police was quoted as saying. The passenger was arrested upon landing and sent for a medical examination. The spokesman said she was “in a good condition, but maybe a little drunk”, adding that she may have carried alcohol on board. The report did not specify which airline was operating the flight.”

Earthquake a blessing for DC man who regained hearing after tremor: “The earthquake that rattled a wide swath of the eastern US this week may have been a blessing in disguise for a 75-year-old who regained his hearing after the 5.8-magnitude tremor hit, reported today. Robert Valderzak, of Washington, D.C., lost his hearing in a fall on June 19 – Father’s Day. Since then the cancer patient has been at the Virginia Medical Center using a special speaker phone and an audio device system to communicate. But on Tuesday, something strange happened while his four children were visiting and the earthquake rocked the region at 1.51pm local time. When it was over, Valderzak, who had sat in silence for two months, sat up in his bed and told his kids, “My hearing is back. I can hear everything, people in the hallway.” As the quake shook him around in his bed, he said something happened in his head and he could suddenly hear and talk again.

Love padlock craze weighs down Italy’s romantic spots: “Italy’s landmarks are groaning under the weight of young lovers. Loved-up couples, eager to prove their devotion for one another, are fixing padlocks inscribed with their initials to bridges and then tossing the key into the water. The craze, inspired by the novel Ho Voglia De Te (I Want You) by Federico Moccia, is threatening many of the country’s landmarks. Venice’s Ponte del Accademia has up to 300 padlocks attached to it, forcing the Italian authorities to take boltcutters to padlocks in February in an attempt to clean up the bridge. The 16th century Rialto, with its arches and central portico, has also become a target. To locals, the padlocks are not simply an eyesore. When the padlocks rust they damage the stonework. “It’s urgent we act because the problem is spreading to the Rialto, the symbol of the city,” Stefania Battaggia, the head of Venice’s Office for Urban Quality, told”

A less lucky kid: “Just days after a teenage boy missed death by a fraction of an inch in front of a speeding train, even more horrifying footage has emerged of a young boy being hit by an express – and surviving. The 12-year-old boy was at first caught between the train and the edge station platform in Sydney, Australia before he vanished from sight. When he failed to emerge as the seconds and then the minutes passed while the train continued on its way it appeared he had been run over. But then, incredibly, he is seen pulling himself up from the tracks, hauling himself painfully onto the platform and dragging himself along, his leg broken, elbow broken and his body covered in severe grazing. He has actually fallen into a small cavity under the lip of the platform.”

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Flying car (?) comes to grief

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Odd news from around the world

Sterilized mother has baby — at age 42: “When mother-of-four Mandy Davies gave birth three years ago, she took the understandable decision with her husband to stop having children due to money constraints and her age. So it was something of a shock when 42-year-old Mandy discovered she was expecting for a fifth time – a year after she was sterilised. When Mandy and husband David, 52, then found she was pregnant for a fifth time, she admitted she was ‘devastated at first’ and that it took ‘quite a few weeks to come round to the idea’. Layla made her unexpected entrance into the world weighing 7lbs 2oz, a week before she had been due to be delivered by caesarean section. All the heartache has now passed and Mandy is thrilled to be a mum again. She said: ‘It’s lovely now she’s here. You adapt and we have got our head around it – she’s a good little lass.'”

Incredibly close shave: “Filmed in Mawson Lakes, South Australia on CCTV, this harrowing footage shows a teenage boy brazenly crossing a track in front of an oncoming train and avoiding death by the narrowest of margins. The video, captured in April of this year, was just released by South Australia’s Department for Transport as a part of National Rail Safety Week. Though the boy was clipped by the train, he sustained only minor injuries. He was, however, convicted of stopping and impeding the operation of a train.

No escape for a single looter! British police pledge to spend TWO YEARS hunting down riot thugs: “Police have vowed to spend another two years tracking down the rioters and looters who ransacked England’s streets. Those who thought they had escaped the law by now should not rest easy as police have pledged to trawl through 40,0000 hours of CCTV footage in a bid to bring every single person involved to justice. Officers have promised to pursue each offender they can identify, The Times reported. Scotland Yard say that so far 2,006 people have been arrested in connection with the rioting and looting. Of those 1,135 have been charged, with 954 of those cases appearing before a court, 82 have been sentenced and 42 have been jailed. But the investigation is far from over, as police are determined to use every scrap of evidence they can find from CCTV, which has been heavily criticised as being unnecessarily intrusive and imposing a ‘Big Brother’ watch on society. Police are seizing the opportunity to showcase just how effective the surveillance cameras can be in helping to combat crime.”

Was King Arthur a Scot? “Archaeologists searching for King Arthur’s round table have found a “circular feature” beneath the historic King’s Knot in Stirling. The King’s Knot, a geometrical earthwork in the former royal gardens below Stirling Castle, has been shrouded in mystery for hundreds of years. Though the Knot as it appears today dates from the 1620s, its flat-topped central mound is thought to be much older. Writers going back more than six centuries have linked the landmark to the legend of King Arthur. Archaeologists from Glasgow University, working with the Stirling Local History Society and Stirling Field and Archaeological Society, conducted the first ever non-invasive survey of the site in May and June in a bid to uncover some of its secrets. Their findings were show there was indeed a round feature on the site that pre-dates the visible earthworks.”

Want to join a library? Have you had a sex change?: “British councils are asking residents who want to borrow books from public libraries whether they have HIV, schizophrenia, or have had a sex change, The Daily Telegraph has learned. The information is being gathered as part of efforts to comply with equal opportunity rules that are aimed at ensuring people who use public services do not suffer discrimination if they are homosexual, disabled or from an ethnic or religious minority. But critics attacked the questionnaires as a waste of taxpayers’ money and called for an end to the “madness” at a time when many public libraries face funding cuts or closure. In Islington, north London, people registering to borrow books are asked whether they have a “hidden impairment”, such as cancer, HIV, or diabetes. They are also asked, “do you consider yourself to be a Gypsy or Traveller”, whether they are transgender, and: “how would you describe your sexual orientation”.

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Beware parasites at work

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One day a florist went to a barber for a haircut. After the cut, he asked about his bill, and the barber replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you, I’m doing community service this week.’ The florist was pleased and left the shop. When the barber went to open his shop the next morning, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen roses waiting for him at his door.

Later, a cop comes in for a haircut, and when he tries to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you , I’m doing community service this week.’ The cop was happy and left the shop. The next morning when the barber went to open up, there was a ‘thank you’ card and a dozen donuts waiting for him at his door.

Then a Congressman came in for a haircut, and when he went to pay his bill, the barber again replied, ‘I cannot accept money from you. I’m doing community service this week.’ The Congressman was very happy and left the shop. The next morning, when the barber went to open up, there were a dozen Congressmen lined up waiting for a free haircut.




Odd news from around the world

Woman attacks cash machine with stiletto: “Wiltshire police are hunting for a woman who was caught on CCTV smashing up an ATM with her shoe. Officers said the as yet unexplained attack took place shortly after midnight on Saturday July 2 in Chippenham. The woman stood at the cash point in the market place for several minutes before removing her shoe and striking the machine “almost fifty times”. She appeared to make a second attempt to use the machine before removing her shoe again to repeat the attack. At one point she can be seen taking a run up at the Barclays bank hole-in-the-wall. The attack left both the key pad and the screen out of order. Detective Constable Richard Gardner of Wiltshire Police said: “This was a completely senseless and inane act which caused sufficient damage to make the machine unusable for other customers.”

What men REALLY want is a brown-haired woman: “The popular saying would have us believe that gentlemen prefer blondes. But while the old adage may trip off the tongue, according to new findings, it no longer holds weight. A study found that gentlemen, in fact, overwhelmingly prefer brunettes. The 2,000 men were polled by social network site Badoo to find out the features they find most attractive in the opposite sex. Far from men finding blondes the most sexually attractive, the study found that more than 60 per cent said they preferred raven-haired beauties over their blonde counterparts. A third of all those polled – 33.1 per cent – said they find brown hair the most attractive, while 28.6 said they liked black – making up a total of 59.7 per cent over all preferring dark-haired girls. Those gentlemen who indeed do prefer blondes made up just 29.5 per cent of the vote”

Women are keener than ever to get married and will now propose instead of men: “Record numbers of women are proposing marriage to their men – because they are sick of waiting for their partners to go down on one knee. Three in four women who asked their man to marry them wished their partner had beaten them to it. And new research shows Britons are losing their romantic spark when it comes to marriage proposals, as only one in five men continue the traditional romantic gesture of going down on one knee and nearly half spend less than a few days planning their proposal. Gone are the days of Hollywood-inspired romantic proposals in sunny climes – instead of whisking their partner abroad for a romantic getaway, seven in ten men proposed in their home. However, it’s just as well that women have low expectations with only 15 per cent of them wanting their partner to propose while on holiday, said the poll of 1,500 adults.”

The trousersnake thief: “A pet store thief was arrested after attempting to steal five exotic snakes by hiding them down his shorts. Eric Fiegel was caught on camera trying to smuggle five snakes from Predators Reptile Center in Mesa, Arizona, by stuffing them into his pockets. The bold but foolish 22-year-old even wandered round the store for ‘about an hour’ with the creatures inside his shorts before leaving, the shop’s owner said. CCTV footage capturing Fiegel shows him clearly reaching into the reptile tank and hoisting out a small lightly-coloured snake. Fiegel then brazenly tries to make off with the creature by slyly placing it in the right pocket of his shorts. Fiegel has since been arrested and is facing theft charges, according to police.”

Astrologer predicted Henry VIII would marry well and take care of the church: “A medieval astrologer who predicted that Henry VIII would have a happy marriage and be a devoted servant to the Catholic church must have been gazing at anything other than the stars. Italian William Parron’s 1503 forecasts could not have been further from the truth, as the famously unpredictable monarch married six times and broke from Rome in order to re-marry. Other false predictions stated that Henry VIII would father many male heirs, ensuring that the blood line would extend for many decades.”

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Some tweets following the Virginia earthquake

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You may need to be a close follower of American politics to “get” all these

@TPCarney: Krugman says it wasn’t big enough.

@comradescott: Evidently the quake occurred on a little known fault line outside of DC called “Bush’s Fault”. #tcot #p2

@calebhowe: Breaking: Obama administration points out they “inherited” fault lines from previous administrations.

@MaizeBlueNation: Fox News claims the Washington monument is leaning to the right, MSNBC claims it’s leaning to the left. More news at 11.

@charliespiering: I won’t stop shaking until Obama makes a speech telling me that everything is ok and that he has a plan

@Ben_Howe: As all of DC leaves work at the same time, the United States experiences a brief economic recovery.

@daveweigel: Was all set to loot in Dupont circle, then realized all we have are taco and cupcake stores.

@BrianHughes_: I wish I owned a bar in D.C. right now. #chaching

@JimPethokoukis Shot: Virginia Earthquake Chaser: Hurricane Irene




Odd news from around the world

Gorillas, elephants and lemurs sensed earthquake before it struck: “Animals at zoos across the East Coast showed signs of distress up to 15 minutes before the huge earthquake struck, leaving $100m worth of damage. Keepers at the National Zoo in Washington DC say that red-ruffed lemurs started barking an alarm call a quarter of an hour before Richter scales leapt at 1.51pm yesterday. And about three seconds before the ground started to shake, the zoo’s gorilla Mandara gave a yell, gathered up her baby, Kibibi, and then climbed a tree. Zookeepers said Iris the Orangutan started ‘belch vocalising’ before the earthquake started, and did not stop until it was over, while a 64-strong flock of flamingos huddled together ahead of humans noticing anything was wrong.”

Naked man who ‘went on door to door stabbing rampage was spooked by the earthquake’: “A naked madman who stabbed five people on a rampage with a six-inch kitchen knife in New York was driven to distraction by the East Coast earthquake, it has been reported. Christian Falero, 23, went banging on his neighbours’ doors in Washington Heights before viciously stabbing one elderly man to death and attacking four others, including three women aged between 60 and 85. The young man, who then turned the blade on himself, is said to have felt the tremors and gone crazy as a result. Edwin Rivera, whose mother was stabbed eight times, told the New York Daily News: ‘He was screaming: “It’s the end of the world!” He was under the influence of the earthquake. That’s why he did what he did.'”

Is this Britain’s nuttiest cycle lane? The 15ft road to nowhere: “It is the latest example in a long line of questionable planning decisions by councils – a cycle lane measuring just 15ft long. Cyclists using the roads of Warrington, Cheshire, are apparently supposed to use the semi-circular track to help them get ahead of drivers. Alternatively, this road to nowhere could have been designed by local pen-pushers to help cyclists execute a U-turn on a leafy avenue which runs between the Stockton Heath and Appleton areas of the town. The spare-lane has been cut into the verge, covered in tarmac before a white cycle symbol was painted onto it – presumably to make sure there was no doubt as to who this strange example of highway planning was for.”

The cat who got stuck up a cactus: “This terrified bobcat was spotted teetering on top of a 50ft cactus after running for its life from a hungry lion. He stayed there for SIX hours, just to make sure the lion had gone, and incredibly escaped without a scratch. The mountain lion that was stalking him however just circled the base, stared upwards and growled for a few minutes before giving up and walking off. The drama unfolded on the Giant Saguaro Cactus in Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. It is an enormous plant with two-inch spikes and is thought to be up to 300-years-old. ‘I was astonished that the bobcat was on such a high prickly perch. ‘In fact, the beautiful creature seemed quite content and was lying on top of the cactus. ‘When he came down he looked around and then trotted back towards the Superstition Mountains.’ ‘I personally examined the base of the giant cactus after the bobcat had left. ‘There was no hair or blood – only claw marks.”

Woman killed for waking dog: “A Melbourne man who strangled his de facto wife with a dressing gown cord after she disturbed his sleeping dog has lost an appeal against his 14-year sentence. Anthony Sherna, 46, was jailed in November 2009 for the manslaughter of Susanne Wild, who he killed in a fit of rage in February 2008. Sherna, who had pleaded not guilty to murder, told the jury at his Victorian Supreme Court trial that Ms Wild threatened him, controlled his money, forced him to sleep on a camp bed and limited his use of their toilet. He became enraged on the night of February 2, 2008, when Ms Wild shouted and frightened his pet dog Hubble, whom he had just rocked to sleep. Sherna strangled Ms Wild with a dressing gown cord and buried her body in their backyard in Tarneit, in Melbourne’s south-west.”

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Sleeping baby

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Only 13 days old




Odd news from around the world

Florida robber Helps Catch Himself: “The first officer spotted a male fitting the description of the suspect, but he fled toward Treasury Street. Another officer spotted him there, and he fled again, this time toward Cordova Street. As he ran, one of the officers reported that he ran right into her patrol car, which knocked him down. He got up, ignoring the officer’s commands to stop, and the officer said he looked like he was preparing to run again. She deployed her taser at the suspect and took him into custody. The gun aactually was a black plastic BB gun, and police found property belonging to three victims with him as he was taken into custody. The property was returned to its owners.”

China hits hip pocket in a blitz on divorce: “With divorce rates soaring and widespread worries about a culture of materialism, the Chinese government is now trying to stop women marrying for money. In China’s booming cities, prospective husbands are vetted about whether they own a house, and preferably also a car, before a match can be agreed. In an attempt to temper the expectations of Chinese women, the Supreme Court has ruled that the person who buys the family home, or the parents who advance them the money, will get to keep it in the event of a divorce. ‘There are more and more girls who want to marry rich men and improve their financial position. It has been a notable increase,” Wang Zhiguo, a consultant at Baihe, a Beijing-based matchmaking website, said. “Most pretty girls now try to trade on their beauty. It is an unhealthy trend and the government is now trying to restrict it.”

Bees on a plane: Passengers panic after TWO swarms infest Boeing 757: “Passengers on board a Russian aeroplane panicked when two swarms of bees escaped into the cabin. The insects were being kept inside two large cardboard boxes that had been stowed in one of the Moscow-bound Boeing 757 jet’s cupboards. However, almost as soon as the plane took off from the far eastern city of Blagoveshchensk, they started to creep out. With bees buzzing around their ears, some business class passengers started to panic. Flight attendants scrambled to try and seal the bees inside their cupboard by taping its door shut. Eventually they managed to secure them inside, and the flight was able to continue its ten-hour journey to the Russian capital. The bees were allegedly being transported at the behest of a senior airport official at Blagoveshchensk.”

Irate woman strips naked at airport: “Customs officers in Bermuda were in for a surprise when they asked one traveller if they could search her luggage. For the co-operative woman obliged – by stripping naked in front of them in the middle of the airport’s busy arrivals hall. Loukai Phillips, 36, who had arrived on the island on a flight from London, told the stunned officials: ‘If you want to see me naked, you can do it right f*****g here.’ She then removed all her clothes as shocked passengers – including children – looked on. In court yesterday, she explained that she had reacted angrily after repeatedly being searched whenever she flew home to the mid-Atlantic resort.”

Speed cameras ‘do not cut accidents’… they create them, British study finds: “Many speed cameras have not cut accident rates and may even have increased them, figures reveal for the first time today. Statistics published by the Department for Transport show many cameras have done little or nothing to improve accident rates, but have proved highly effective in clocking up speeding fines. Only a small number of councils have agreed to publish the full data on each speed camera in their area. But ministers will today urge all councils to follow suit – saying motorists have a right to know whether local speed cameras are justified. A speed camera was erected on the A329 in Little Milton, Oxfordshire, in 1997 despite there being no collisions or casualties for five years. Over the next five years there were five collisions and ten casualties. In 2009, the camera caught just over 3,600 drivers breaking the 30mph limit.”

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These are my kind of friars

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Friars at the 15th century church of San Salvatore al Monte, which was a favourite of Michelangelo, were irritated when a rare and expensive bible disappeared from the lectern, and they flew off the handle when a replacement bible donated by a worshipper also went missing and within a few hours.

In a note, pinned up in full view of worshippers, the friars say they hope the thief sees the error of his ways. But in case he does not, they add: “We pray to God that the thief is struck by a strong bout of the shits.”

This turn of events will, they hope, “encourage him to carry out no further thefts”.

Described by La Stampa newspaper as “the product of the Tuscan ability to be ironic about anything”, the note and its unorthodox request will be forgiven, claim one of the friars. “It is not exactly clean language,” the friar said, “but we couldn’t put up with it any longer. The Lord and the faithful will understand.”

(Via Brutally Honest)




Odd news from around the world

Royal honey: “When asked to introduce hives to Her Majesty’s garden two years ago, he chose a gentle species, Apis mellifera ligustica, commonly known as the Italian honey bee. With a twinkle in his eye, he adds: ‘Can you imagine what would happen if my bees swarmed at a garden party? I’d be straight off to the Tower!’ As a precaution against such mishaps, he replaces the queen — bee that is — with a new one each May. ‘They’re less likely to swarm when there’s a younger queen because she gives off a substance that suppresses the instinct.’ All this is happening in a secret part of the garden, not visible to the hundreds of thousands of paying visitors who flock to Buckingham Palace.”

Massive seam of gold worth at least £9 BILLION is discovered in hard-up region of Germany: “One of the poorest regions of former Communist East Germany is set to become a mini Klondike after a deep-boring machine hit a rich seam of pure gold. At least £9billion worth – and possibly much more – of the precious metal has been found nearly 4,000ft down in a region called Lausitz where one-in-five are jobless. Already the call has gone out for 800 miners to sign on for jobs and there are estimates that double that number could soon be on the payroll. well as hitting the gold seam, the company that has been boring into the earth near the Polish and Czech borders also struck the intended copper-bearing rock laden with an estimated 2.7 million tons, as well as lesser deposits of silver and platinum. With copper trading on world markets on Friday at nearly £6,050 a ton, the copper alone is worth a fortune.”

Marriage TRIPLES your chances of surviving major heart surgery: “A happy marriage can be as good for heart health as stopping smoking, losing weight or keeping blood pressure in check, experts say. Heart bypass patients with supportive spouses are more than three times as likely to still be alive 15 years later than those who have never tied the knot, a study found. They were also often more likely to live to tell the tale than those in bad marriages. The pay-off for marital bliss is even greater for women than men, say scientists. Women particularly benefit from having their husband’s shoulder to lean on, although male patients also do better if they are happy in their marriage. The US researchers said there is something about a good marriage that ‘gets under the skin’ – benefiting heart health to the same extent as quitting smoking, keeping trim and keeping a lid on high blood pressure.”

Diver swims 20 MILES through shark-infested seas to reach safety after being abandoned by boatman: “A Japanese diving instructor managed to survive being abandoned by a boatman in shark-infested waters by swimming 20 miles to shore in 24 hours. Hishashi Koze had been left for dead following a routine dive off Borneo’s Santubong peninsula with two other diving colleagues. The three men had gone underwater for a third dive, only to be abandoned when boatmen on the surface lost sight of their air bubbles underwater and assumed they were in trouble. Mr Koze, 39, was then left alone himself after trying to swim after the boat and losing sight of his two colleagues. Exhausted, sunburned, dehydrated and emotional, Mr Koze managed to swim back to Malaysia’s Borneo island”

Sheeet! A real rock star: “Dubbed the rock star of the climbing world, Alex Honnold travels the world fearlessly scaling cliff faces no man has ever climbed before – without even using a rope. With his superhuman agility and impressive upper body strength, the 26-year-old has already been hailed the best climber of his generation. His achievements include climbing the iconic north-west face of the Half Dome in America’s Yosemite National Park and tackling the 2,500ft cliffs near to Borneo’s Kota Kinabalu peak. Mr Honnold made his name at the age of 23, when he free climbed Yosemite’s Half Dome in just two hours and fifty minutes, an ascent which usually takes between one or two days. ‘There is a famous image of me standing on a ledge around 1700 feet up on the Northwest Face of Half Dome,’ explained Mr Honnold. ‘My back is to the cliff wall and below is a sheer drop. ‘It is part of the route to the top and has to be traversed by all climbers of Half Dome, with or without rope.”

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More blind date disasters

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As told on

Bohemiangirl: ‘I went on a date and he took me on a burglary. I stayed in the car, not having a clue (I was 18) what he was doing in that house.’

Stevyncolgan: ‘I dated a proto-Goth who spent the entire meal asking me to describe dead people and how peaceful they looked (I was a cop then)’

Leighblue: ‘I Had date, no chemistry, didn’t call her. Years later saw her on TV makeover show, saying sadly she’d only been on 1 date in her life.’

Davis2908: ‘I had one who pretended he was a widow having lost his wife to cancer! when I became suspicious he said “she’s not dead *exactly*”?!’

Matthewlowry: ‘Friend got so drunk she fell asleep on the loo for 20m then couldn’t find table again. Date had to stand and wave across restaurant.’

Elle_c_emm: ‘I am living proof, after one date, that the line “i can’t see you any more, i’m becoming a priest” is still in modern use.’

Kristainchicago: ‘First date. asked my age. Me: “32, why?” Him: “Well, I really want kids and at 32, your ovaries are dying.’

Dobster1878: ‘another sat down and told me he really only dated black woman. It wasn’t a blind date either.’

Eirlysberlin: ‘I went on a blind date wearing a bright pink blazer & jeans. I turned up to find my date wearing exactly the same thing.’

Amsterdammed: ‘The pilot said he was married but flew to amsterdam sometimes and was interested in me because I was “Geographically convenient”.’

Jimmyshakes101: ‘On way to tube after a date, girl said “wait a sec”, urinated on someone’s driveway & walked away telling me to “hurry up”.’

Timlusher: ‘Journo mate had dinner date during a week wearing size 20 fatsuit. She changed between courses to an 8. He appeared not to notice.’

MrelizabethB: ‘Went on a date with a colleague’s brother who didn’t believe a kiwi was also a bird. He wanted to see me again because i’m clever.’

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Odd news from around the world

Want to keep your figure ladies? Don’t get married… And men shouldn’t get divorced: “As a single woman, she watches what she eats and makes a point of going to the gym. When she gets engaged, she diets to ensure she fits into her wedding dress. So it’s a pity all that hard work will do her a fat lot of good. Women pile on the pounds after they get married, research shows. Married men, however, stay relatively trim. That is, until they divorce – then their weight balloons as they struggle to fend for themselves. The researchers scrutinised the answers that 10,071 men and women gave when surveyed about their health from their teens and 20s until they were in their 40s and 50s.”

British family share their home with a pet EMU: “Like a lot of youngsters she likes to relax in front of the TV and will eat anything in sight. Beaky the pet emu also quite enjoys a soak in the bath. In fact, the two-year-old bird is almost as much a part of the Newby family as the six children. She arrived in an unhatched egg, an unusual Christmas present for Ian Newby, 44, from his wife Lisa, 36. Now his present is a fully grown emu, weighing 12stone and standing 6ft tall. Despite her great size – emus are the second tallest birds in the world after the ostrich – she has defied expert opinion by remaining tame and domesticated. Because they all grew up together, the couple’s children – Jack, seven, Harry, six, Bryce, five, George, three, Peter, two and Joe ten months – all feel that Beaky is like a sister.”

Australian houses the biggest: “Australian Bureau of Statistics figures to be released today show in the nine months to March, the average floor size for a new freestanding house was 243.6 sq m, down from a high of 248 sq m two years ago. CommSec chief economist Craig James, whose organisation commissioned the data, said the McMansion’s days looked numbered. Rising utility costs, smaller blocks of land and Generation Y’s preference for smaller houses were factors. Buyers were forgoing extras such as a media room, dining room or fourth bedroom. The double garage was being replaced by a single-car garage and carport. But demand for bigger homes such as Metricon’s five-bedroom, five-bathroom Monarch remained strong. CommSec’s analysis showed new homes in Australia were 10 per cent bigger than the US and 9 per cent bigger than New Zealand.”

Swedish King and Queen turned away from German restaurant: “A red-faced restaurant owner in southern Germany admitted on Sunday she had turned away Sweden’s king and queen when they asked for a table after failing to recognise them. Nadine Schellenberger of Zum Gueldenen Stern, a half-timbered inn and pub founded in the 16th century in the centre of the southwestern town of Ladenburg, said the royals stopped in while she was hosting a wedding party. “I didn’t recognise them. I mean without crowns and sceptres … I am just not up on royal families and I don’t have time for glossy magazines,” she told AFP. “Whether you’re a street sweeper or queen – we just didn’t have a table or enough manpower in the kitchen at that time and our hands were tied.” Nevertheless Schellenberger and her husband Michael plan to send a letter to King Carl XVI Gustaf and German-born Queen Silvia to apologise.”

Restorers accused of ‘castrating’ 746-year-old Italian fresco: “Art restorers have sparked fury by touching up a 746 year old fresco called The Tree of Fertility and removing some of its most prized assets. The painting by an unknown artist was discovered in an Italian cave and illustrates a tree from the branches of which are hanging dozens of very realistically drawn penises. Underneath the tree, waiting for the them to fall, a small crowd of women are gathered, with two appearing to be ready to fight over one of the twenty five ‘fruits’. The work is said to be a symbol of fertility and controversy erupted after restorers appeared to ‘castrate’ the tree by removing or painting over several of the phalluses. The intriguing work of art was discovered in 1999 in the Tuscan town of Massa Marittima in walls which adorn a local spring known as the Fountain of Abundance, carved out of solid rock.”

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