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Odd news from around the world

A horse with a REAL kick: “A woman and a horse were killed and another woman was seriously injured in an explosion in a hyperbaric chamber at an equine rehabilitation centre in Florida. Marion County Fire Rescue said the explosion happened in a hyperbaric chamber used to heal horses. Sorcha Moneley, 33, from Ireland, was seriously injured in the blast and was flown to a nearby hospital for treatment. Ms Moneley told officials who visited her at the hospital that the explosion occurred after the horse knocked down protective coating inside the chamber while kicking. When staff attempted to shut down the equipment, the horse kicked again and a metal horseshoe ignited a spark, Ms Moneley said. The explosion was so powerful people from miles around said it shook walls and rattled windows. The back corner of one of the buildings at the rehab center was blown off, leaving jagged pieces of twisted metal strewn across the property”

Shocked daughter finds UK funeral party about to bury stranger on top of her mother’s grave: “A GRIEVING daughter in the UK visited her mum’s grave, only to find mourners about to bury a stranger’s body on top of her. Carol Stone, 49, was horrified to find that her mother Joyce Stone’s grave had been dug up on the second anniversary of her death. Flowers and a cross had been cast aside, and a large funeral party was waiting for a coffin to arrive. She managed to halt the burial, and cemetery staff realised they had dug up the wrong plot. Joyce Stone’s coffin had been buried at double depth so her widower, Jim Stone, 88, can be interred with her. Distraught Carol Stone said, “If I hadn’t visited at that specific time, another person would have been buried with [Mom]. I don’t understand how they could do this.” The funeral party had to wait for the right plot to be dug at Avonview Cemetery in Bristol, southwestern England. Local officials apologised to both families.”

Brains in your legs? “As part of ongoing research to understand how miniaturization affects brain size and behavior, researchers measured the central nervous systems of nine species of spiders, from rainforest giants to spiders smaller than the head of a pin. As the spiders get smaller, their brains get proportionally bigger, filling up more and more of their body cavities. “The smaller the animal, the more it has to invest in its brain, which means even very tiny spiders are able to weave a web and perform other fairly complex behaviors,” said William Wcislo, staff scientist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. “We discovered that the central nervous systems of the smallest spiders fill up almost 80 percent of their total body cavity, including about 25 percent of their legs.”

One case where British cops took theft VERY seriously: “When a few spoonfuls of Maxwell House [instant coffee] went missing from a police station’s kitchen, officers were keen to find out who was helping themselves to their granules. But it seems the scale of their operation to catch the culprit may have been slightly over the top – after it emerged they set up a spy camera to catch the culprit. And when CCTV revealed that cleaner of Tonbridge police station Clifford Mendes, 53, had been helping himself to free drinks, his house was searched by detectives keen to get back their property. Officers executed a search warrant at his home in Maidstone to track down the jar of Maxwell House coffee and, although they did not find it, he was arrested. Following an interview at the police station, Mr Mendes was cautioned for theft. After signing the caution, Mr Mendes found himself sacked from his four-and-half-year job with cleaning contract firm QAS. And since then he has been unable to find work as CRB checks bring up the caution for miscellaneous theft.”

Firemen freeze cops: “Hundreds of protesting firefighters turned their water hoses on police during a dispute over pension reform – leaving the officers drenched and freezing cold in the sub-zero temperatures. The furious firefighters broke through police lines in Brussels to get to the Belgian prime minister’s office to vent their anger over the government’s tougher retirement plans. They want to keep their early retirement age at 58, arguing their arduous job does not allow them to work into their sixties. But these demands run counter to government plans to have the overwhelming majority of people work two years beyond 65. The Belgian government is proposing the reform in a bid to afford an ever-increasing pension bill as Belgium’s population ages. Vice premier Didier Reynders said caving in to demands of firefighters would ‘send the wrong signal’ to everyone’. Belgium has some 17,000 firefighters.”

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