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Odd news from around the world

A rare white reindeer has been spotted on the edge of a forest in Sweden: “Teacher Siv Poijo saw the gorgeous stag while holidaying in Mala, Sweden, as it tried to cross the road. She said: ‘In the pack there was only one white reindeer, it is not that often you see one. ‘For the Sami people, the white reindeer have special significance – I think they bring luck and are considered holy. Much like the white peacock, this magnificent creature is of the same species as a brown reindeer but is another case of a genetic mutation. White reindeer, which appear in the wilds of Finland, Norway and Sweden, are extremely rare, though they have been born in captivity elsewhere, including England.

A Perth chef has created a 28kg sculpture of an exotic dragon made entirely from margarine: “Angela Stanfield, who works as an apprentice chef at Crown Perth, created the 28kg sculpture for an international culinary competition in Germany, reported WA Today. The sculpture is of a dragon with large feathery wings and a curled tail, crouching next to another sculpture of a gnarled tree with golden eggs sitting at its base. The 20-year-old took part in the World IKA Culinary Olympics along with seven other chefs as part of the WA Youth Culinary team. Despite it being only her second attempt at the art of margarine sculpting, Ms Stanfield won a bronze medal for her creation.

Is this Larry Page’s secret flying car?: “While he may be better known as a self driving car enthusiast, a new video has given a glimpse of Google co-founder Larry Page’s secretive self flying car project. Earlier this year it was revealed Page appeared to be privately investing in two separate flying car firms, providing them with $100m. Now, of of the prototype craft has been spotted at a remote airfield in California – and locals say they have even seen it hovering above the ground. Zee.Aero was set up in 2010, working on a small, all-electric plane that could take off and land vertically – essentially a flying car. During both Zee.Aero flights witnessed by DK Turbines staff from several hundred yards away in September and October, the aircraft hovered about 25 feet off the ground, and landed rapidly, straight down, according to the witnesses.

Millipede with 414 legs and four penises secretes poison to kill its victims: “A new species of millipede found lurking in the unexplored dark marble caves of Sequoia National Park in California has left scientists baffled. The unique creature has 414 legs, four ‘penises’, bizarre-looking mouthparts and secretes a poisonous chemical as a defense mechanism. Named Illacme tobini, it was discovered during an expedition in 2006 and later revealed to be the evolutionary cousin of the leggiest animal on the planet, Illacme plenipes. Its body is covered in long, long silk-secreting hairs and there are pores in its mouth that secrete an unknown chemical as a defense mechanism. Millipedes are invertebrates that coil up into a ball when they sense danger, however their name is very misleading. Their Latin name means ‘thousand feet’, yet many do not surpass 200 – except for the new species discovered in California.”

Retired driving instructor, 70, spent 8 YEARS building his dream Austin-Healey kit car only for it to EXPLODE and blow up his house: “A former driving instructor is lucky to be alive after the dream car he spent eight years building from scratch exploded while he was under the bonnet and gutted his house. Ron Avant, 70, was putting the finishing touches to his near-finished Austin-Healey kit car when it erupted into a fireball and torched his £550,000 Essex home. After eight years of tinkering and thousands of hours of work he was set to get it sprayed and road ready the following week, fulfilling a dream from childhood to build his own car. The house will now have to be completely rebuilt after five or six explosions rocked the garage and made the building unsafe.

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