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Odd news from around the world

Chinese man spends £18,000 on decorating… then realises it is not his apartment: “A man in China spent 150,000 yuan (£18,118) renovating his new home, only to later find that he had decorated the wrong flat. After purchasing his flat situated on the 40th floor of a block in Chongqing in June, he was handed the keys to his new apartment. He started renovating the apartment when he got a call from the property management office on October 20 telling him that he had been renovating someone else’s home, according to People’s Daily Online. According to the property management office, there were eight apartments on the 40th floor but only four had been sold. This then resulted in a mix up in the numbers allocated for the flats and the man was given the wrong keys. He had indeed been renovating the wrong apartment which belonged to someone else.

‘Thank you for your portrait’: Woman’s genius two-page rejection letter in response to a VERY X-rated photo: “A woman has written arguably the best rejection letter in response to an X-rated photo that a stranger sent her. Sarah-Louise Jordan, 28, compiled a two-page reply that began with the words: ‘Thank you for your p**** portrait’, before firmly – and very eloquently – putting her suitor in his place. The note, which Sarah-Louise originally posted on Facebook, began with the courteous opener: ‘Dear Sir, thank you for the unexpected and unsolicited submission of your penis portrait for our consideration. ‘We regret to inform you that it has failed to pass our most basic standards of quality control at this time.’ After clearly spurning the advances of her amorous recipient, Sarah-Louise went on to suggest sending an A4 report to ‘deal with his sexual frustration’. She explained that the report would cover such issues as: ‘Why genitals are not an acceptable conversation opener”

Parents record the moment their twins fall off a wall at the same time: “Twins are often considered to share a very special connection – and a pair of tiny toddlers have demonstrated how they have even synchronised their mishaps. Amusing footage shot in China shows two twins completely in sync as they fall over at the same time. In the video, filmed in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, the siblings can be seen walking on a low wall before falling down simultaneously in exactly the same manner. In the clip, the pair can be seen completely transfixed by something behind them. Neither are looking where they are going – and lose their footing before falling off the wall. The youngsters are coordinated down to their matching shoes and outfits.

Vatican orders an end to scattering of ashes: “Vatican guidelines, which have been approved by Pope Francis, say Catholics who want to be cremated cannot have their ashes scattered or kept at home. For most of its 2,000-year history, the Church has only permitted burial, arguing that it best expresses the Christian hope in resurrection. In 1963, the Vatican said cremation would be allowed as long as it didn’t suggest a denial of faith about resurrection, although the rules were unclear. But now new instructions, approved by Pope Francis, have been released in time for ‘All Souls Day’ on November 2, when the faithful are supposed to pray and remember the dead. To set the faithful straight, the Vatican said ashes and bone fragments cannot be kept at home, since that would deprive the Christian community as a whole of remembering the dead. Rather, church authorities should designate a sacred place, such as a cemetery or church area, to hold them”

Father, 35, whose grandfather gave him five guineas to play pirate games with discovers it is the rarest British coin EVER made and worth £250,000: “A labourer whose grandfather gave him bags of coins to play with has found one of the rarest British coins ever made in the collection – worth a staggering £250,000. The 35-year-old, from Hertfordshire, had been given the 300-year-old Queen Anne Vigo five guinea coin when he was a child. The coin was kept in a treasure box, along with a toy monkey and a Lego hat, and the owner – who wants to remain anonymous – had no idea of its value. It was packed away and forgotten about until he rediscovered the coin in the box he had given to his own son. The coin is extremely rare as only 20 were made from 7.5lbs of gold seized from Spanish treasure ships by the British in Vigo Bay, northern Spain, in 1702. Even in 1703, when they were made by the Royal Mint, they would have been extremely expensive and bought only by the rich”

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