A pickup line that worked — sort of

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As the lady tells it…

“One day while waiting on the subway platform, I noticed a cute guy also waiting a few feet away. We got on the same train car and he sat directly behind me. After a few stops he stood up, tossed something in my lap, and got off the train.

“It was a tiny origami box, which I unfolded to find this message: ‘Nice freckles. Coffee? —Adam,’ and his phone number. I was coming from a party, in a backless dress, and my shoulders (only my shoulders!) are very freckly. On top of his ballsy move with the origami box, the fact that he complimented a quirky part of me that people don’t usually draw attention to really stood out.

“I waited 20 minutes and then texted him, ‘Hey, it’s Freckles. I’d love to get coffee.’ He never responded.”




Odd news from around the world

Is bovine behemoth Big Moo the largest in the world?: “Casting a shadow over his owner with his hulking frame, this is Australia’s largest cow Big Moo. The bovine behemoth weighs over a tonne and measures an astounding 14-foot-long and 190cm tall, dwarfing his cattle companions in Glencoe, South Australia. In spite of his formidable stature, Big Moo is said to be a gentle giant who loves nothing better than a scratch and a tickle. Grandmother and midwife Joanne Vine, who lives with her dairy farmer husband, said Big Moo’s giant proportions spared him from the freezer. ‘His personality saved him. Calves can get a bit annoying and knock you around, but Big Moo has always been a gentle giant.’ Though he may he harmless, Big Moo turns heads in his hometown, where he shakes the earth with every step. Jo thinks Big Moo, who is a steer – a castrated male – weighs more than a tonne. She suspects his continuing growth may be the result of an undiagnosed pituitary gland disorder”

Brave grandmother, 56 chases two machete-wielding raiders out of her shop with a chair: “When two thugs burst into a newsagents brandishing large machetes and saw this grandmother minding the store they must have thought their robbery would be fairly straightforward. But, belying her frail appearance, 56-year-old Hamalata Patel chased them out of the shop with a steel chair. The pair burst into her K&L Newsagents store in Winsford, Cheshire, wearing balaclavas and armed with the huge blades at 10am last Friday (October 21). The grandmother-of-two, who lives in in the town, said she ‘lost the plot’ when one of the raiders banged his weapon on her counter. And CCTV footage shows the incredible moment she picked up a steel chair and raced toward the pair, causing them to flee from the shop empty-handed.”

Georgia girl, four, forms heart-warming friendship with lonely widower, 82, after noticing him by himself in a grocery store: “As Tara pushed her daughter Norah around the store last month, she passed an older man who was by himself. The old man looked stern and cold, until Norah shouted: ‘Hi, old person! It’s my birthday today!’ The man stopped and his demeanor changed from distant and serious to warm and friendly. ‘How old are you today?’ the man asked. After some time together talking, Norah asked her mom to take a picture of her with her new friend, Dan ‘Mr Dan’ Peterson, 82. It turned out Mr Dan’s wife had died in March and he had been suffering from depression and anxiety ever since. Tara contacted Mr Dan, and ever since Norah and the 82-year-old have developed a friendship unlike any other. ‘She has shown me a depth of love, a depth I didn’t know existed,’ Mr Dan told CNN”

Herd of cows go to the beach: “These hairy cows milked the attention of a photographer as they brilliantly posed for group portraits while enjoying a relaxing day at a rugged beach. In one stunning photograph, the majority of the herd are shown lying on the soft sand, appearing to take a nap under the cool, grey sky. Some of the inquisitive creatures even take a dip in the water, paddling at the edge of the tide line. In total there were around 30 young cows – which are kept by a local farmer for beef – enjoying a day by the seaside. Photographer Roy McPeak captured these scenic photographs at White Park Bay on the causeway coast, near Ballintoy, Northern Ireland.

‘What does it matter how many transgender individuals recycle their rubbish?’: “Residents have reacted with outrage after being quizzed by the council on whether they are LGBT or mixed race – in a survey about waste management. Suffolk County Council asked householders to give their age, race, religion and sexual orientation, as well as information on any disabilities or if they had HIV. Although the sexuality question was ‘optional’, many people took to social media to complain about it being asked at all. Twitter user Ian C asked the council: ‘What does it matter how many transgender individuals recycle their rubbish?’ Alison M wrote: ‘I can understand why Suffolk County Council need to know whether disabled people use their sites, but as for sexual orientation, it is no one’s business.’ A council spokesman said the answers were needed ‘to find out about the diversity of those who contributed'”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.


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