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Odd news from around the world

Man caught peeing in Mall falls on face: “A man arrested for urinating in public slipped on a wet footpath while running from police and landed on his face, a court has heard. Nathan Hallows was caught urinating on a shopfront in Brisbane’s Brunswick St Mall in the early hours of October 9, 2016. When police tried to arrest he started filming them on his mobile phone and said “just give me the f***ing ticket and I’ll see you in court in three weeks”. Hallows then ran away from the officers but slipped on wet pavement and landed on his face, injuring his nose. He pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Thursday to urinating in a public place and obstructing a public officer and was ordered to do at least 40 hours of community service. The court heard Hallows was very embarrassed and ashamed by his actions and probably would have been given just a fine if he hadn’t run from police”

Snowflake British mail carriers: “Royal Mail chiefs have stopped posties delivering letters to a row of houses – because walking on a grass verge has been deemed ‘too dangerous’. The spat came about after one postman complained about the street on his round. And bosses agreed that the short stretch of grass between car tracks and residents’ front doors was unsafe for posties to walk along. It has left neighbours leaving on the tiny 10-house street having to walk up and down a steep hill to collect their mail from a local Post Office. And 91-year-old Eileen Hatch said it was ‘ridiculous’ postmen couldn’t walk along the verge – when she still could. She said: ‘I know I’m not as fast as I once was but if I can go up and down at 91 with my stick then a young postie definitely should”

Chocolate-coated sprouts for Halloween handouts:I may well open my house to the kids in lame costumes and their sad, bored parents this year – now that I have found this delicious and nutritious treat to place into trick-or-treaters’ bags. This tweet has appeal to both the Halloween hater, like me, and the prankster, which I think is where tweeter Mark Sparrow sits. Some people have mentioned that it’s a cruel idea. But when you look at it, this has all the makings of a viral recipe. There are just two ingredients; it skilfully combines deliciousness (chocolate) with nutritiousness (brussel sprouts) and it will partly appeal to the kids (with the chocolate) and the parents will know their candy beggars will be getting their greens. Win. Win. Win.

Mum banned from UK theme park rollercoaster because her 36L boobs were ‘too big’: “A BUSTY mum-of-one was chucked off a rollercoaster ride in the UK because her 36L breasts were too big to fit under the safety bar. According to The Sun, mortified Tanya Willis says she had to “do a walk of shame” past hundreds of people queuing for the Colossus ride at Thorpe Park when she was turned away by staff. The 22-year-old, who is a size 18, says she is now out for pocket because the seats are not designed for large-breasted women. “I’m not fat,” said Willis, a former doctor’s surgery worker. “But the safety bars and seats are not designed for large-breasted women. “It was really embarrassing having to be chucked off a ride and do a walk of shame past everyone. “It ruined my day and I wasn’t even offered a refund. A spokeswoman for Thorpe Park said: “If our restraints do not click into safe mode, we will not allow a guest on the ride for their own safety.”

BROCCOLI could reverse the signs of ageing: “Physical signs of ageing could be slowed down by a compound found in broccoli, cabbage and avocado, scientists claim. It slowed down the deterioration of liver and eye function, bone density and the metabolism, a new study found. While it was found to prevent laboratory mice from gaining weight as they aged – despite consuming more food. Nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN) compensated for the loss of energy production, which experts believe is a key driver of the body’s ageing process. Study author Professor Dr Shin-ichiro Imai, from Washington University, St Louis, said: ‘We have shown a way to slow the physiologic decline that we see in ageing mice. ‘This means older mice have metabolism and energy levels resembling that of younger mice.

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