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Sleeping family saved from deadly fire by a FISH TANK which put out flames when it shattered in the heat: “A sleeping family were saved from a blaze in their living room – when it was doused by water from the fish tank. Father-of-three Steve Whitehall forgot to blow out a candle when he went to bed on Wednesday. The unsupervised flame then sparked the fire early the next morning. But when it reached the 100-litre fish tank, it caused the glass to explode – causing 22 gallons of water to flood the burning lounge and waking the family upstairs. The 48-year-old from Warrington escaped unharmed with his teenaged children and wife Elizabeth, 45, before calling the fire brigade at 6.55am. Only small pockets of fire remained, as water from the tank had put most of it out. The family lost 13 of their 15 fish, but fire crews said the Whitehalls had had ‘a very lucky escape’.

Parents on first plane flight with baby distribute goodie bags to placate passengers: “Most travellers will be only too aware of how onerous it can be sitting next to a screaming baby at 30,000ft. But one passenger’s ordeal was made a little more bearable after the parents of a 12-month old baby came up with a cunning plan to placate angry flyers. The couple distributed sweets to passengers as a pre-emptive strike in anticipation of the infant causing havoc on board a flight earlier this week. The gesture was revealed on social networking site by a passenger who received one of the goodie bags from the parents ahead of take-off. The gift bag also included a set of earplugs in case the child, called Madeline, began crying. The passenger, who calls himself Ninjashares, posted a picture of the bag online underneath the message: ‘A baby just handed me this on my flight. I ain’t mad.’”

Buffalo bull fetches world record price of £1.23million at auction in India… but the owner decides to keep it: “An Indian farmer has decided not to sell his prized bull it fetched a world record price of £1.23million because he already earns more than £30,000 a month selling its highly-sought after semen. If Karamvir Singh had gone ahead with the sale, it would have made his three-year-old bull, called Bheem Donor, the most expensive in the world. But after selling off the bull’s brother, Yuvi Donor, for the equivalent of £860,000, Mr Singh is not in a rush to get rid of the 1,200kg bull. The Murrah breed bull would provide plenty of meat, but his real value comes from the 4 to 5ml of high quality semen he produces every day, which is in demand across the country. He also makes a similar amount from the bull that fathered Bheem. One of the reasons that semen from the family is so expensive is due to the fact that the mother of Bheem and Yuvi, produces up to 26 litres of milk every day – a record-breaking amount for a Murrah buffalo.

Women’s voices really DO make men’s skin tingle: How electrical activity in the skin increases when fertile women speak: “Whether it is Scarlett Johansson’s soothing voice or Joanna Lumley’s dulcet tones, women have been able to mesmerise men with mere words for decades. But U.S. scientists have now discovered that men’s skin actually does tingle when they hear women speak. Voice experts at James Madison University, Virginia, believe hormonal changes in women affect their larynx, causing them to speak in a lower-pitched tone, proven to have a greater effect on listeners. This can make a man’s skin literally tingle as electrical activity increases on the surface of men’s bodies within five seconds of hearing a woman’s voice, the researchers say. They also found that men’s heart rate increases when they hear a lower-pitched female voice. This increased reaction is a sign that the male listener is almost immediately attracted to the voice, the study claimed.”

British cops reduced to putting up signs in Romanian to deal with Gypsy problem: “A police notice deterring pickpockets has gone up in one of the busiest shopping areas in Britain – written in Romanian. The bright yellow sign, outside Covent Garden Underground station in Central London, states: ‘Ofiteri de politie in civil opereaza in aceasta zona.’ Put up by the Metropolitan Police, it translates as ‘plainclothes police officers operating in this area,’ and is believed to be the first time a force has put up a warning sign of this nature in Romanian. Covent Garden is a mile away from Hyde Park Corner – notorious for the scores of Romanian rough sleepers who have made the affluent area their home. Across Britain a minority of Romanians [Gypsies] have been responsible for aggressive begging, pickpocketing and fraud, but the problems have been particularly bad in the capital. This year it was revealed that half of the pickpockets caught on the Tube were from Romania.

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