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Odd news from around the world

Tennessee woman was found by police to have a loaded 10cm pistol in her vagina: “A YOUNG woman has been jailed after police found a loaded four inch (10.1cm) revolver in her vagina in a routine search. Dallas Archer, 21, was stopped by police for speeding in her home city of Kingsport in Tennessee, and found to be driving without a licence in April 2014. She was taken to Kingsport City Jail and a routine search being carried out “located an unknown item in her crotch,” The Smoking Gun reported. Archer, then 19, was taken by a female jailer and a police officer to the bathroom where it was discovered that the ‘unknown item’ was a loaded handgun concealed in her vagina. It was found to be a four inch (10.1cm) .22 calibre North American Arms mini-revolver. The handgun had been stolen in 2013 from a vehicle owned by John Souther, of Kingsport.” In a plea agreement, she agreed to spend three years in jail for the offence on Thursday.”

Phuc Dat Bich is a real name: “IF YOU have ever thought your name sounded bad, spare a thought for this guy. Phuc Dat Bich (yes, that is his real name) was tired of being accused of having a “false and misleading” name, so he took matters in to his own hands. After having his Facebook account shut down three times, the 23-year-old Vietnamese-Australian posted a picture of his passport to the site to prove it was real. “I find it highly irritating the fact that nobody seems to believe me when I say that my full legal name is how you see it,” he wrote. “I’ve been accused of using a false and misleading name of which I find very offensive. Is it because I’m Asian? Is it? His post has received more than 21,000 likes and was shared 65,000 times, with many calling for Phuc Dat Bich (pronounced Phoop Dook Bic) to embrace how it sounds in ‘Stralyn’.”

A very unlucky sequence of events kills a stubborn Dutchman: “A grader driver who slipped on his own vomit when he threw up in his vehicle died when he fell out of his cab and ran himself over. According to the New Zealand Herald, coroner David Crerar said: ‘Whilst the grader was still in motion, he got our of the driver’s seat and moved towards the open left-hand side of the door. ‘It appears as if Garry Voorkamp has slipped on his vomit and has fallen from the grader. ‘The machine was, by then, out of control and it ran over his head causing fatal injuries.’ Mr Voorkamp, who was licensed to operate the grader, had told colleagues he was feeling unwell earlier in the day and had trouble with his eyes but put it down to his contact lenses. And when asked if he wanted to go home he declined and carried on working. His employer also told the hearing that there was no pressure on him to rush or finish his work that day. The grader was examined and was found to be ‘of an appropriately high standard’.

Bullying British bureaucrats lose one: “Fashion designer Nicole Farhi today won her ‘ridiculous’ battle with planners and irate neighbours over an ‘ugly’ studio built in the garden of her £5million Hampstead mansion. Camden Council revoked its planning permission and told the 69-year-old to tear it down because it was 15ins – or 40cm – taller than had been agreed. But today after a seven-month stand-off between the 69-year-old, the local authority and other wealthy neighbours she won what she called a ‘ridiculous’ legal battle. England’s planning inspectorate have backed Ms Farhi and said despite being bigger than agreed it has no ‘significant’ impact on upset neighbours. A number of complaints were made by neighbours about the size of the structure – aware it was larger than planned. The local authority said it would take enforcement action, but Farhi has now beaten them. Planning consultants Indigo Planning defended the structure saying it is not ‘significantly different’ from the approved plans.

Boneheaded British bank; Why didn’t they just pick up the phone?: “A silversmith had an overseas payment to a company in India refused by the Santander bank after she was wrongly accused of being an international dolphin smuggler. Jocelyn Burton, 69, became the focus of an investigation after she received an order from a wealthy Russian client to cast a pair of lamps in the shape of two intertwined silver dolphins. She needed four cast bronze armatures for the lamps, and asked a factory in India to supply them – and sent a payment of £22,000 via Santander. She was surprised to learn that her payment had been stopped because she was believed to be smuggling the endangered marine mammals from India to the UK. She explained her predicament to the BBC Radio 4 show Moneybox Live. Miss Burton asked at her branch, but was given ‘no reason whatsoever’, why the money had not gone through. ‘I got so desperate, we actually rang the head of UK banking [at Santander] and had to leave a message on his mobile. Santander took 12 days to finally resolve the matter – after the BBC contacted them.”

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Stuck! Hamster gets stuck in a glass bottle after squeezing itself in when earthquake hits Japan

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Odd news from around the world

The 19-month-old baby who can READ!: “Reading is something most children get to grips with when they first start school at the age of around five. But this 19-month-old baby boy has learned more than 300 words and can even count all the way up to 50. His proud mother LaToya Whiteside captured some footage of her son Carter reading words from place cards while at home in Charlotte, North Carolina. Carter began sounding out words he had never been shown by his mother when he was around 12 months. The clip shows the youngster reading the word ‘are’ before looking at his mother for confirmation and then continuing. He then clearly articulates the words ‘was’, ‘to’ and ‘like’ before moving onto the next card, which he immediately notices is upside down. Turning it around, he reads the word ‘made’ and ‘her’ before momentarily stumbling on the two syllables of the word ‘over’. The child prodigy started recognising words and signing when he was just seven months old.”

Strange trees from the past: “A prehistoric fossilised forest that helped trigger a dramatic change in the Earth’s climate around 380 million years ago has been discovered in Norway. Scientists found the preserved tree trunks and stumps, still where they had been rooted in the ground, on the island of Svalbard in Norway. The strange trees, which look like a cross between a palm and a fern, are thought to have formed part of a vast tropical forest that covered the area. At the time, during the late Devonian period, Svalbard would have been close to the equator. It is thought sediment from a nearby lake swamped the trees, killing them but then helping to fossilise them as it was transformed into rock over millions of years. Palaeobotanists who discovered the fossil forest said the trees appear to have been densely packed together. This could have led to rapid wreathing of soils and could have increased the amount of carbon dioxide being pulled out of the atmosphere. The change was the trigger that allowed the first animals to begin to evolve as oxygen levels increased.”

Motorised picnic table cruises down Australian highway: “Police have warned that men captured on video riding motorised picnic tables in Scarborough could face several charges. An investigation was launched after the footage emerged on social media today. The group was spotted cruising in Scarborough at the weekend. They turned right at the traffic lights from Scarborough beachfront on to West Coast Highway, cruising at a gentle speed while stunned motorists looked on. Police and Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said police would be trying to track down the men involved, saying while the stunt might have looked comical, it was illegal and dangerous. “It’s putting other road users at risk and indeed putting those people on the toy at risk as well,” she said. “But those people with the motorised tables and chairs turned into one of the busiest intersections in Perth – West Coast Highway and Scarborough Beach Road – on an unlicensed, unregistered vehicle and it looked like they had been drinking as well.”

Some bureaucratic pettiness from Britain: “A man has had a metal fence installed in front of his home to stop him charging his electric car after a row with the local council. Adam Storey installed a charger in front of his house in Hull, East Yorkshire after buying an environmentally friendly Vauxhall Ampera. He needs to park outside the terraced building in order to keep the £30,000 car fully charged – but now the council has built a fence to stop him doing so. Mr Storey, 26, must now park on the grass verge by the side of the road, leaving the electric cable draped across the pavement. Hull City Council says that he installed a dropped kerb leading to the charging point without seeking planning permission and ordered a contractor to undo the building work. ‘I thought that I would make as much use as possible from my solar panels by getting an electric car,’ Mr Storey said. ‘It is more environmentally friendly and I would have thought the council would support that.”

Minor Australian newspaper delivers cracking response to Barack Obama: “WHEN the world’s most powerful person asks to be kept in the loop, he probably isn’t expecting to be directed to Australia’s most irreverent newspaper. But that’s exactly what happened when US President Barack Obama had a quiet word to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull about the sale of the Port of Darwin. Obama was reportedly disappointed that the US was not consulted on the sale of the port to a Chinese company as it is close to US military assets in the region. Apparently he only found out about it after reading a report in the New York Times and asked Turnbull to “Let us know next time”. Instead Turnbull advised he take up reading a more authoritative source. “Seeking to encourage the circulation of great Australian newspapers, I suggested they should invest in a subscription to the Northern Territory News because it was not a secret,” he joked. Of course, the NT News lapped it up, tweeting Obama its details.”

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Some word play

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Odd news from around the world

Harmless Australian spider freaks Canadian: “A foreigner has been spun into a web of nerves after hilariously confessing that she’s terrified of one of the Melbourne’s creepiest crawlies. The Canadian student asked Reddit how often they’ll be expected to sight a huntsman spider — the huge, hairy-legged arachnid — while studying at the University of Melbourne. “I’m incredibly excited but terrified at the same time, especially as an arachnophobic,” availableforhugs said. The responses were typically Australian — and not comforting at all. Reddit user Raddat spun a tale about an elderly lady who died at the hands of gangs of huntsman and redback spiders. “If you faint then you won’t be able to save yourself from them,” Raddat said. According to Australian Geographic “Their danger comes more from causing accidents by the terrified drivers who react to a huntsman jumping out from behind the sun visor or dashboard of a car when it’s in motion”

Blundering British bureaucrats again: “Millions of pounds could be wasted on new electric trains because they may not have suitable tracks to run on, MPs warned last night. The influential Commons public accounts committee said a £1.2 billion increase in the cost of Network Rail’s electrification of the Great Western line between London and South Wales was ‘staggering and unacceptable’. The committee added: ‘New electric trains for the Great Western main line are due to be delivered from February 2018, and the Department for Transport is liable to pay for these trains whether electrification is complete or not.’ The committee also said there was ‘far too much uncertainty’ over costs and delivery dates for electrification of the Midland Mainline from Sheffield to Bedford and the TransPennine line between Manchester and York. MPs were told last month that the cost of Great Western electrification could rise to £2.8 billion – up from an estimate of £1.6billion just 12 months earlier.

Naive children who believe everything they read online: Fifth of 12 to 15-year-olds have unquestioning faith in information they find via internet searches: “Britain appears to be raising a generation of dangerously naïve children, after new research found that millions of youngsters believe everything they read on the internet. According to Ofcom, a fifth of children aged 12 to 15 have unquestioning faith in information that they find through search engines like Google. Often they are unable to tell the difference between reliable research with a rigorous academic foundation, and blogs posted by individuals who have axes to grind or are simply seeking to make money. And two thirds of young teens cannot differentiate the paid-for adverts that appear at the top of search results, from the ‘genuine’ results listed below. Children are also alarmingly credulous on social media – raising concerns that scammers, paedophiles and jihadi recruiters could take advantage of them online.”

Comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers cause hilarity with phallic optical illusion photo: “They’ve made plenty of people laugh in their days at kids TV presenters, but now the Chuckle Brothers have got people sniggering again for all the wrong reasons. After an image of the pair posing with a fan hit the internet, Twitter users were quick to point out that the young woman’s right arm creates an unfortunate optical illusion. And as the photo was shared across social media, people questioned whether there was in fact a giant penis emerging from her glass. The children’s entertainers, whose real names are Paul and Barry Elliott, posed for the snap with a brunette fan after performing at the Quids In student night at Pryzm Nightclub in Leeds. But the image of Barry, 70, and Paul, 68, appears to have gone viral”

Big fish coming to American dinner tables: “U.S. health regulators on Thursday cleared the way for a type of genetically engineered Atlantic salmon to be farmed for human consumption – the first such approval for an animal whose DNA has been scientifically modified. Five years ago, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first declared the product, made by Massachusetts-based AquaBounty Technologies, to be as safe as conventional farm-raised Atlantic salmon. AquaBounty developed the salmon by altering its genes so that it would grow faster than farmed salmon, and expects it will take about two more years to reach consumers’ plates as it works out distribution. AquaBounty says its salmon can grow to market size in half the time of conventional salmon, saving time and resources. The fish is essentially Atlantic salmon with a Pacific salmon gene for faster growth and a gene from the eel-like ocean pout that promotes year-round growth.”

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Homesick snowbird

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In Destin, Florida the other day, there was a bumper sticker on a parked car that read: “I miss Chicago”

Someone broke the window, stole the radio, shot out all four of the tires, added an Obama bumper sticker and left a note that read, “Hope this helps.”




Odd news from around the world

Accountant who used a mobile phone app to pay £1.20 to park her car for ONE hour while she visited her financial adviser was charged £7,000: “Grandmother Ruth Ritchie thought she was paying £1.20 on a mobile phone app to leave her vehicle in a council car park, but was shocked to discover she was charged nearly £7000. Ms Ritchie, 60, from Swindon, Wiltshire, used her credit card and parking app PayByPhone to park her car at the Granville Street car park, which services the town centre, and is owned by Swindon Borough Council. But Ms Ritchie said: ‘I’m an accountant so I’m used to keying in numbers. It’s absolute rubbish. Plus how can someone even pay for 4,000 hours of parking upfront? ‘I very clearly paid for one hour of parking. There must be a fault on the system as it kept cutting off when I was trying to pay. Ms Ritchie contacted her local ward councillor Gemma McCracken who guaranteed a refund in five working days.

World’s biggest aircraft ‘takes off’ for the first time after being filled with 1.3million cubic feet of helium: “The world’s biggest aircraft has lifted off from the ground in Britain for the first time – but it will not be ready to leave the hangar where it is being developed until next year. The Airlander, which is a cross between an airship and an aeroplane, was originally developed as part of a US Army project but was scrapped by military bosses. It is now being converted to provide business and leisure flights in a hangar in Cardington, Bedfordshire – and recently took off for the first time. The vessel was filled with 1.3million cubic feet of helium – enough to fill 15 Olympic-sized swimming pools – so it could float above the ground. It was then attached to four fork-lift trucks, each with a two-tonne block of cement to stop it being carried away, and driven the entire length of the hangar. In its new position nearer the doors of the hangar, the £80million aircraft will be fitted with its engine, fins and ‘mission module’ ahead of its first proper flight in early 2016.”

BBC map in their newly revamped £13m studio puts ‘Italy’ in eastern France: “The BBC has confused Italy with eastern France in a blunder on a huge new world map at studios which have undergone a £13million revamp. It shows England and France in their correct places – but the eastern part of the latter nation has been labelled as Italy, with Germany left off the map completely. The schoolboy error was spotted by Tory MP Johnny Mercer as he was given a tour of the revamped ‘state of the art’ studios in Plymouth, Devon. He tweeted a photo of the map and said: ‘Cheered up by this at the shiny new BBC studios in Plymouth. ‘My Italian geography is bad, but not as bad as theirs.’ The fancy map also distorts the size of the Canary Islands and makes them look far bigger than they are. The BBC’s editorial guidelines boast that accuracy is ‘fundamental to our reputation’.

Husband dismembered and ATE the genitals of wife’s rapist: “A newlywed Indonesian couple have been arrested over claims they dined on the genitals of the woman’s suspected rapist after her husband allegedly murdered him and cut off his private parts, police said Tuesday. The victim’s body was found in a burnt-out van after a suspected revenge attack sparked by claims from the new wife she was raped a week before her wedding on Sumatra island. The husband, 30-year-old Rudi Efendi, has admitted murdering the man after discovering his wife was not a virgin on their wedding night in September and being told of the alleged rape, but insists he acted alone. ‘I was so outraged,’ Efendi said after his arrest last month, adding that deciding to eat the victim’s genitals was ‘to cure my heartache’. Police say that after murdering the man, Efendi took home the victim’s severed genitals, ordered his 20-year-old wife to cook them, and the pair then ate them together. The victim was a driver, whom the wife used to date.”

Quirky art deco show home for a 1930s estate goes on the market for £700,000: “A show home for a 1930s art deco estate considered too outlandish by the British public has gone on the market for £700,000. The completely circular Round House was built in 1934 to be the focal point of the ground-breaking new 1,000-home Frinton Park Estate in Essex. Its aim was to make the modernist style mainstream – but the ambitious scheme flopped, largely because the suspicious public refused to buy experimental designs in new materials, including concrete. As a result, the estate was never completed and the selling property is one of only a handful that still exist, serving as a reminder of the town that never was. It is not known when the building was converted into a house but it now has 1,923 sq ft of accommodation over two floors with four bedrooms. Only about 40 art deco homes were built, of which about 15 remain, although the estate is still one of the biggest groups of modernist houses in the UK.”

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Here are six puzzles about the United States of America

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1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

2. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

3. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.

4. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.

5. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

6. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.




Odd news from around the world

What women are looking for in a sperm donor is VERY different to their dating requirements: “Charming men with confidence and charisma might make for a fun date, but are they parent material? A study by the Queensland University of Technology has revealed what women are looking for in a sperm donor, and it’s very different to what you might think. Men who are intellectual, shy, calm and methodical are more likely to be chosen over men who are extroverted, according to QUT’s Queensland Behavioural Economics Group’s study. Researcher Stephen Whyte said the study looked in to the personality traits women seeking a sperm donor online were after. ‘You would expect in an online setting, men would have to sell or promote themselves to women, and extroverted men should be better at doing that,’ he said. ‘But what we find is actually the opposite. ‘Women were far less likely to choose the sperm of fretful or socially awkward men but at the same time those with lively, extroverted personalities were also less successful in being chosen.’

Owners of luxury hotel ordered to tear down 6ft 6in fence after neighbours complained it was deliberately put up to annoy them: “Local resident Stephen Vitali believed St Elizabeth’s House built the barrier in Plympton, Devon, just to annoy him – and has now won his fight for it to be removed. The 50-year-old neighbour alleged the fence was ‘designed to cause maximum impact to myself’ after he became embroiled in a lengthy row over access rights to a bridge linking the two properties. Council chiefs have now told bosses at the £180-a-night hotel to take down the timber fence, which was put up at the bottom of its gardens without planning permission. The owners of the Grade II-listed hotel and wedding venue, Andreas, 62, and Teresa Isaias, 56, had claimed they erected it to protect children from a stream which lies just behind the fence.”

At last! Lego creates extra-padded slippers to prevent adults from getting injured by stepping on bricks lying around the house: “For years, it has been the bane of every parent’s life – the pain caused by stepping on a tiny Lego brick that’s been left lying around the house. But the creators behind the long-time favourite children’s toy have now launched an extra-padded slipper to protect the feet of adults everywhere. Coming to the rescue of mums and dads, Lego has teamed up with French advertising agency Brand Station to give out the shoes to people who fill in a wishlist on its website. The extra-padded slipper will protect parents’ feet against the tiny Lego bricks which otherwise cause pain when trodden on. The slipper looks just like a box of the iconic toy with a square shape and bright colours topped with the toy’s logo. The slippers have an extra layer of padding in comparison to normal slippers to stop the bricks from jabbing through the fabric.”

Forget salt and pepper: Study finds quiet BREATHING can make your food taste better: “Breathing slowly and quietly could make dinnertime much more enjoyable. Engineers from Penn State and Yale University found that breathing slowly and evenly allows for the intake of more particles, which they say enhances smell and flavour. The researchers used a 3D-printed model of the human airway, from nostril to trachea, to examine how the passageway responds to food and airflow. When air is inhaled through the nose, they found it forms a curtain to prevent food particles from getting into the lungs. The food particles sit in the back of the mouth in a cavity outside of the main airflow. When air is exhaled, it travels through that cavity and moves into the nasal cavity to be detected by olfactory cells, which control the sense of smell. Speed of breathing will determine the movement of the particles, and breathing slowly, the researchers say, optimizes the preferential transfer of the food volatiles out and up into the nasal cavity.”

Chinese department store unveils luxury gold BRA for the super rich costing £310,000: “Models wearing expensive rare underwear strutted their stuff at a shopping centre on Saturday in Pingliang city, north-west China’s Gansu Province, for a ‘golden lingerie show.’ Some of the eye-catching briefs are being sold for a whopping 3 million yuan (£310,000), reports The People’s Daily Online. Shoppers looked on as the stunning women, all wearing eye-catching underwear, walked down the red runway at the event inside a jewellery store. One of the models was wearing a pure gold handcrafted bra with flowing chains and matching knickers. The whole thing weighed 700 grams. It wasn’t just underwear on display at the show, stunning jewelled gowns and wedding dressing were also on display. And it’s not just women who get these luxury items to wear. Gold shirts for men appeared at a fashion show in Xi’an, central China, earlier this year.”

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It’s a tombstone. Guess what the departed liked doing

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Odd news from around the world

Scottish accents found to be ‘flourishing’ while other British dialects are dying out: “Across the British Isles, accents are said to be slowly eroding to the point where some are almost unrecognisable. But one accent is holding strong. Researchers have found that the Scottish accent has remained distinctive for more than a century. While many dialects are becoming more homogenised and ‘diluted’, the Scottish accent is ‘flourishing’ by keeping a number of its strongest and most recognisable sounds and traits. Researchers from the University of Glasgow said this is because changes to the accent have evolved locally, rather than being influenced by southern English characteristics. To study the evolution of the accent, the linguists studied rare short sound clips from Scots soldiers from World War One, as part of the three-year ‘Sounds of the City’ study. The aim is to build an electronic spoke corpus focusing on speech sounds of Glaswegians since the beginning of the 20th century.”

Archaeologists find stunning Roman-era mosaic in Israel: “Archaeologists have today unveiled a 1,700-year-old Roman-era mosaic in Israel. The intricate floor was found last year while building a visitors’ center meant to display another mosaic, discovered two decades earlier at the same location. The new mosaic measures 36ft by 42ft (11 meters by 13 meters) and paved the courtyard of a villa in an affluent neighborhood that stood during the Roman and Byzantine eras. The scenes portrayed include hunting animals, fish, vases and birds. ‘The quality of the images portrayed in the mosaic indicates a highly developed artistic ability,’ said Amir Gorzalczany, who directed the excavation. The new mosaic was found just a few meters from the first one, in what is today the central Israeli city of Lod. The authority said the mosaic discovered in the 1990s covered the villa’s living room while the newly discovered one was in its courtyard.”

A pathetic Christmas tree in Australia: “An attempt to redeem itself after being labelled as having the worst Christmas decorations in the country may have gone awry for one city. Hobart City Council has invested in a new, ‘modern’ Christmas tree after the Deputy Lord Mayor Ron Christie slammed the Tasmanian capital’s festive display two years ago. The ‘state of the art’ tree has been set up in the city’s Salamanca Square, the ABC reports, but the unconventional decoration has already received criticism. It is a far cry from the traditional pine tree draped in tinsel, fairy lights and glittering decorations, which is universally popular. The tree was only put up over the past weekend. The tree will be lit up every night until Christmas.

Doctor Who’s Tardis turns up in Australia: “It’s an alien spaceship that has travelled through far-flung corners of the galaxy – and now Doctor Who’s beloved TARDIS has landed on Bondi Beach. The iconic spacecraft – which is disguised as a British police box and derives its name as an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space – has left beachgoers unfamiliar with the series scratching their heads. The Lego replica flew in to promote the upcoming Doctor Who Festival in Australia, which will offer appearances from the likes of the current Doctor Peter Capaldi and writer Steven Moffat. After bewildering locals the lifesize toy will hover to the Zing Pop Culture Store in Macquarie Park, then to the festival on the 21 and 22 November at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion. In the iconic program the TARDIS was constructed by the Time Lords, an extraterrestrial civilisation which the Doctor belongs to. The ship can take passengers to any point in time and space”

Weird sea creature glows electric blue as it writhes on the sand … but WHAT is it?: “It looks like something from a science fiction movie. But neon blue creature that looks like a tie-dyed is very real – and recently washed up on an Australian beach. The blobby creature was spotted on the foreshore at Broadbent beach by a local who shot video of it wriggling in the sand. Commonly – and suitably – known as a Blue Dragon, the rare sea creature eats blue bottle jellyfish, and along with a striking, alien appearance, packs a sting of its own. Griffith University marine invertebrates expert Kylie Pitt said the creature was actually a sea slug, called Glaucus atlanticus. ‘I would not recommend anyone pick them up because they can have a painful sting,’ she told the Gold Coast Bulletin. Feeding on blue bottles blown onto Gold Coast beaches by easterly winds, the ‘weird’ sea slugs floated upside down, using the surface tension of the water to move. Consuming the stinging jellyfish did not bother them, she said. The blue dragon is also a nudibranch – a sea creature which sheds its shell after its larval stage.

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A good companion

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Odd news from around the world

Prisoner dies with the equivalent of 20 espressos in his bloodstream and authorities have ‘no idea’ how it got there: “A coroners inquest into a prisoner who died after experiencing a seizure has found that the man had extremely high levels of caffeine in his body. John Spence, 51, was found with ‘excessive’ amounts of caffeine in his bloodstream – equivalent to 20 cups of coffee or 20 caffeine tablets – stumping authorities as to how he managed to conceal it. The man, who had spent much of his life homeless, was found dead at the Capricornia Correctional Centre, in Rockhampton, north of Brisbane, on September 4, 2013. A specialist pathologist indicated that a reasonable cause for his death was ‘the combined effects of cardiovascular disease and seizure activity in the setting of excessive caffeine use.’ Despite thorough investigations, authorities remain stumped as to how the man managed to ingest 80mg of caffeine prior to the seizure – with one doctor suggesting it could not have come from coffee alone.”

Bungling paramedics pronounce New York woman who shot herself in the head dead – even though she was still BREATHING: “A woman from Queens who shot herself in the head was declared dead by EMTs, despite the fact she was still alive. Diana Rodriguez, 32, was discovered lying in a pool of blood at a house in Richmond Hill by the first responders. They pronounced her dead – but an hour later she was heard wheezing and breathing by police. She was taken to hospital where she died nine hours later. Rodriguez, who suffered from bipolar disorder, had been arguing with her boyfriend on the phone and threatening to kill herself on Thursday. It is thought she placed a rifle, which reportedly belonged to her boyfriend, to her head and pulled the trigger. A pair of EMTs from nearby Jamaica Hospital were first to arrive at the house. After not being able to find a pulse, the EMTs declared Rodriguez dead and called off other medical responders.”

Petrolhead splashes £75,000 building his dream car that’s TWICE as powerful as a £1m Bugatti Veyron – but it’s got no roof or sides: “A petrolhead splashed £75k building a car twice as powerful as a £1m Bugatti Veyron – one of the fastest road vehicles in the world. Allan Bowker spent a year and a half hand-building the perfect vehicle in his shed in Birdwell, Barnsley before generating a huge Facebook following and attracting an array of celebrity fans. Among them new Top Gear host Chris Evans has declared a passion for the vehicle, which is affectionately known as The Double Exocet by its owner. The 32-year-old said: ‘He (Chris) has not seen it in the flesh yet, but I’ve talked to him about it and shown him pictures. He was amazed.’ In addition to celebrity fans the car has garnered some understandable attention from deep-pocketed potential buyers. And Allan has been forced to turn down countless offers to sell the car, including one of £100k from a man in Dubai.”

Maori Haka under fire: “There were no shortage of ecstatic fans when the All Blacks performed their World Cup winning Haka this month, but this woman probably forwent the celebrations. ssidy Boon, the American blogger who sparked furore when she claimed Vegemite was racist to Aboriginals, has now taken aim at the traditional war-dance of the New Zealand rugby team. In her latest YouTube rant the 20-year-old says the haka ‘totally hints at domestic violence and rape’ and calls for the ‘sexist dance’ to be boycotted. ‘These people will literally stick their tongue out and make exaggerated masculine movements that totally hint at domestic violence and rape’.’It’s obvious the haka isn’t really meant to scare off the opposing team, it’s to assert dominance over women and scare us into submission,’ she says to her 1790 YouTube followers. While the authenticity of the video is debatable, Boon has previously proclaimed herself to be a ‘feminist’ while promoting her #MaleLivesDontMatter hashtag campaign.”

The little elephant that travelled a long way: “It’s been sitting in a palace display case for 80 years, but now the compelling story behind Buckingham Palace’s Faberge elephant has been revealed. Palace curator Caroline de Guitaut tracked the origins of the ivory ornament after she discovered the exquisitely rare hallmark of the House of Faberge, which is famed for its extravagant bejeweled eggs. Ms De Guitaut told The Telegraph that she started looking for the telltale stamp after she suspected it matched an inventory description of an elephant in the Russian royal family’s collection that was seized by the Bolsheviks after the 1917 revolution. Carved from ivory, the clockwork elephant is topped with a small gold tower, partly enameled and decorated with rose-cut diamonds, was restored by palace craftsmen. The ornament was commissioned by Tsar Alexander III as a ‘surprise’ for his wife Empress Maria Feodorovna and hidden inside a diamond trellis egg – one of 50 eggs created by Fabergé for the Russian royal family between 1885 and 1916.”

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Another picture retrospective

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I am gradually catching up with my collections of “best” pictures. I have now put up the selections from July and August last year. You can access them here or here

A friend in need….

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Odd news from around the world

Boys are saved from a bear attack when the beast is chased off by a DACHSHUND: “A daredevil dachshund saved two boys from a vicious attack by a rampaging black bear in Russia. The beast attacked Stas Nagornov, eight, and Nikita Nikonov, 12, soon after they emerged from their village shop in Amgu, in the Primorsky region in the country’s Far East. ‘He caught up with Stas first. The bear threw him to the ground, began to trample him, bite him,’ said Nikita. ‘He grabbed his head, then shoulder and back. I watched – and ran at the bear. Speaking from hospital, Stas said: ‘Nikita ran and saved me. He hit the bear’s head with a stone.’ Now the bear with a sore head turned on Nikita, ‘gnawing and clawing him’, leaving Stas wounded and frightened, reported The Siberian Times. It was at this point that a little dachshund called Tosya arrived on the scene and barked furiously at the bear, which left Nikita and chased the dog into the forest.”

Black caught GREEN-handed: “A thief has been convicted in London after breaking into a trap car and being covered in a liquid that’s invisible to the human eye. Lokola Lokombe, 48, of Haringey, north London, was sprayed with SmartWater after breaking in to the dummy vehicle – a traceable liquid that is impossible to wash off. After the theft earlier this month, Lokombe was tracked down by police on Friday, November 6 and arrested. Lokombe was sentenced to drug rehab for six months, and ordered to pay £240 costs at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on 11 November. UV lights showed Lokombe’s hands glowing green with the indelible spray, proving his guilt. The luminous pigment in SmartWater is used to protect cash deliveries, covering notes with invisible and traceable dye in the event of a violent theft.”

Famous last words: “President Barack Obama said that ISIS was ‘contained’ just a day before the terrorist group claimed responsibility for a horrific attack in Paris that killed 128 people on Friday. In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos that aired on Friday’s broadcast of Good Morning America, Obama declared that he didn’t believe ISIS (also known as ISIL) was gaining strength. ‘What is true is that from the start, our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them,’ Obama said. Obama was criticized by several social media users, including Donald Trump. ‘President Obama said “ISIL continues to shrink” in an interview just hours before the horrible attack in Paris. He is just so bad! CHANGE,’ Trump wrote on Twitter.”

Man, 20, with ‘insatiable appetite’ disorder pleads no contest to breaking into homes and stealing food: “A California man with a rare genetic disorder that gives him an insatiable appetite has pleaded no contest to breaking into houses to steal food and other belongings. The San Luis Obispo County district attorney said in a statement Thursday that because of the condition, 20-year-old Tyler Jarvis was allowed to enter the pleas to five misdemeanors and get probation and treatment. Jarvis, who has the intellectual capacity of an elementary school student, was initially charged with felonies that could have led to jail time. Prosecutors say they looked closely at his case to reach a just outcome. They say people who have unmonitored Prader-Willi Syndrome will often badly overeat and go to great lengths seeking food. Jarvis has agreed to pay restitution to three victims, serve three years of probation and get residential treatment. He is expected to enter a group home for people with his specific disorder by November 21.”

Dude, where’s my car?: “A party-goer who forgot where he parked his car after a boozy Halloween party two weeks ago is appealing to the public to help find it. James Boyett drove his maroon VW Golf for the nightclub do 40 miles from his home in Suffolk. But he doesn’t have a clue where he left it, after abandoning it somewhere in Norwich. After staying the night at a friends’ house, the 31-year-old got a taxi to drive around him around the area to search for his car the morning after but couldn’t find it. He then spent the next two days trying to retrace his route in scenes reminiscent of the classic buddy comedy Dude Where’s My Car but was still unable to find the elusive vehicle. The labourer has since made the 85 mile round trip back to Norwich from his home in Red Lodge, Suffolk, but has found no trace of his beloved Golf. Mr Boyett is now appealing for the help of members of the public to help him track down his missing car.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

A lovely story

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By Neha DSouza

My ex boyfriend (then boyfriend) introduced me to his parents one month into our relationship. His parents received me warmly and were very kind and hospitable towards me.

Twenty-three days later, my ex boyfriend called things off between us. He gave me no definite reason for his sudden decision. The only answer I could extract from him was:

“It won’t work.”

I tried reasoning with him but he remained indifferent and unmoved. Now many things went through my head at that point. I thought of various theories that could have driven him into making this decision. One of the things that passed through my head was that his parents had probably pressurized him into ending things with me.

Anyway all this drama happened a week before my birthday and to top it all, my parents were abroad on a vacation. So I was alone and dumped and wallowing in self pity.

So, on my birthday, when the door bell rang in the morning at around 11 am, I was surprised to see my ex boyfriend’s father at my doorstep.

I welcomed him inside. He wished me and handed over a small parcel.

“What is this?” I asked

“Biryani and pork chilly” he replied.

I was stunned. “Uncle, this is unnecessary”

He said, “I know my son ruined your Birthday. And I know your parents are not around. We didn’t want you to be sad and hungry today. So this is a little food from me and aunty. We know this won’t make up for the pain he caused you.”

I didn’t know what to say. So I kept quiet.

“I apologise for my son’s cruelty. I don’t think you realise it now, but you dodged a bullet”

“I beg your pardon?” I asked.

“My son is impulsive, reckless and takes no responsibility for his actions. You deserve so much better.”

I was tongue tied and choked with emotion. How could such a humble man have such a stupid son?

“If you must know, we really liked you. His decision to end things with you was solely his eccentric head at work.”

“He didn’t give you any reason either?” I asked

“No, my son doesn’t have reasons for the things he does”

I thanked him for the biryani and promised I’d call his wife and thank her too.

As he got up to leave he said

“I don’t know if my son meant any of the things he promised you. I don’t even know if he loved you. But I assure you that we love you as a daughter and you are always welcome at our home”

I will never forget that boy’s father.

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Odd news from around the world

Boys must jump off bridge to become men: “HOW and when does a boy become a man? You may automatically think something traditional like a bar mitzvah, but one European country has a very unique coming of age custom that is no mean feat. In Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16-year-old boys must plummet about 24m off the Stari Most bridge, into the chilly abyss of the Neretva river. Locals say a man will be a complete life failure if he doesn’t take the plunge — he can forget about a job and a girlfriend. But this tradition, causing them to hit the water at about 80km/h in three seconds, is no longer just something for Bosnian men. It’s now an attraction for daring — or idiotic — backpackers passing through. The Mostari diving club pretty much mans the bridge daily and charges tourists a hefty fee of 25 euros if they want to jump. If a tourist successfully plunges, they are hailed into the club and can jump for free for the rest of their life.”

Flying Firemen in Dubai: “Dubai has moved to protect its forest of skyscrapers – which includes the world’s tallest, the 2,700ft Burj Khalifa – by ordering jetpacks for its firefighters. The city’s Directorate of Civil Defence has ordered 20 of the $200,000 machines, made by New Zealand-based Martin Aircraft Company, plus two simulators for training. The incredible machines have 200-horsepower fan-driven engines that give them a top speed of 45mph and an altitude ceiling of 3,000 feet, which means they’ll be able to reach the top of the Burj Khalifa. They can even be piloted remotely. Martin Aircraft Company explained that the jetpack will mean Dubai’s firefighters can reach areas even helicopters can’t. It said: ‘The jetpack can take off and land vertically (VTOL) and because of its small dimensions, can operate in confined spaces such as close to or between buildings, near trees or in confined areas that other VTOL aircraft such as helicopters cannot access.”

Snake tries to kill gator: “This is the incredible moment a python wraps itself round the neck of an alligator in a brutal deathmatch on the banks of the Florida Everglades. The Burmese python was photographed trying to constrict the angry beast, not far from an asphalt road with people traveling down it. An unnamed photographer caught the scene, which shows the two in the midst of battle at the Everglades National Park in Homestead. The alligator can be seen trying to fight back, and has maneuvered the powerful serpent’s tail into its jaws, and appears to be clamping down. At the same time, the snake has managed to loop itself around the beast’s thick abdomen and is trying its best to constrict the beast. It is not clear who has won the fight.

Herd of elephants find a handy waterhole. Let’s hope they like chlorine: “This is the amazing moment a herd of elephants surprised a group of tourists by taking a drink from their luxury lodge’s swimming pool. The group were sitting on their veranda eating a meal at nThambo Tree Camp in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, when the animals arrived. Footage shows the mothers and calves sucking up the cool liquid as temperatures hit nearly 37C. A parched bull can also be seen appearing from nowhere and barging one of the youngsters aside. Carolynne Higgins, a guest who watched the action unfold, said: ‘We watched the herds drinking from the small splash pool. The nThambo camp, which boasts ‘accommodation at eye level with the trees’, is open and large predators can roam freely throughout. The elephants in the XXX-clip are just metres away from the wooden decking and sun loungers.” ‘With so many herds wanting a slice of the action, the maintenance crew spent the next few days refilling the pool.'”

Chinese racism: “Shocking footage has been posted online showing a white British man and his girlfriend being racially abused by a stranger on a train in Taiwan who described her as a ‘whore’ for being with a ‘foreign scrounger’. The abuse directed at Christopher Raymond Hall and his partner was so strong that she began recording the attack on her smartphone. It becomes immediately apparent that the man has an issue with Mr Hall having a Taiwanese girlfriend. The abuse lasts several minutes and begins with the stranger saying that Mr Hall has a ‘horse face’. He then says: ‘Look at you, this kind of whore, with this piece of trash foreigner. I’ll remember your face. The whole of Taiwan despises you, you f****** whore.’ Dressed in a blue shirt and spectacles, he then carries on hurling abuse at the pair. Mr Hall tries to reason with him, but the man becomes even more threatening. After a few minutes the stranger becomes extremely threatening and warns the pair ‘to be careful’. The Taiwanese man has been cautioned for pushing Mr Hall, according to China Television Co.

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

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