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Odd news from around the world

This man’s Hebrew tattoo doesn’t say what he thinks it does: “If you are going to get a word permanently etched on your skin, it’s always a good idea to make sure it’s spelt correctly. A former military man found out the hard way after getting a badly misspelt tattoo written in Hebrew on his forearm. Los Angeles resident Sruli Schochet was shopping at Walmart when he spotted the unfortunate tattoo and got chatting to the man who proudly revealed what it said. “We were buying some food and we see this guy with a massive arm tattoo,” he said. “We didn’t have the heart to tell him.” He explained the shopper thought the tattoo read ‘strength’, when it actually says ‘matzo’, a thin biscuit usually eaten by Jewish people during Passover. “Let’s just say, there is a white guy in Arkansas walking around with the Hebrew word for ‘cracker’ on his arm … and he doesn’t know it!” he added. He told Buzzfeed News the man “got totally fooled”

Another health backflip: “Happily for nuts, they have enjoyed something of an image change. For years, their high fat content was seen as something to be avoided. But that message has now been flipped, with dietitians insisting that we need to consume more of the unsaturated fats they contain. These can help prevent blood clotting and maintain a regular heart rhythm. ‘Nuts are also seen as more healthy because they are often sold in a relatively natural state, while crisps are, by necessity, heavily processed,’ says Giles Lury, of brand consultancy the Value Engineers. Nuts also have a better image, with an array of exotic varieties and a reputation as a classy snack option, offered in five-star hotels and on private jets. While nuts are as high in calories as other snacks — a small handful can contain as many as a Mars Bar — studies have found that crisps are far more likely to trigger weight gain.”

Japanese appalled by a popular British sandwich spread: “In the UK, Marmite is known for being a polarising spread, with some people loving its savoury stickiness while others revolted by the sight of it. And it seems the British love of Marmite could be a cultural quirk specific to us, as YouTube star Chris Broad discovered when he gave it to his friends in Japan to try. The result is a hilarious video showing just how revolted the taste-testers are, with one man declaring: ‘This is terrible,’ and another saying with disbelief: ‘This can’t be real.’ Chris, who moved to Japan in 2012, to take part in the educational Jet Programme, added a description to his clip: ‘Japanese people try Marmite for the first time…and it certainly got a reaction. They’re unanimously horrified by the taste, scrunching up their faces in utter disgust. Another says with horror: ‘This is terrible,’ while a third mutters: ‘No, nooo good,’ bravely forcing himself to eat a few more bites. Once they’ve eaten the whole slice of bread each of the taste-testers wash it down with water as fast as possible. [Americans loathe it too but such spreads are so popular in Australia and New Zealand that they have their own versions of it]

Love locks on an Australian bridge too: “The Herald Sun revealed today that the locks will be removed from the Southgate footbridge within days by Melbourne City Council. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said it was “never meant to be a permanent fixture” and called on people to suggest ideas for what should be done with the locks now. Heavy-hearted Herald Sun readers heeded his call, with many suggesting the council set up a new home for the locks. Penny Whitelaw went a step further, proposing a “pop up love cove” with an “eco friendly incubator” for people to throw the keys into, instead of into the Yarra River. Peter Tate said people should instead be given the chance to unchain their locks. “Give people 12 months to collect their locks first. seems a waste just to cut them and scrap em?”

Man beats croc in Australia’s wild North: “A DARWIN kite surfer thought he was “going to die” as he fought his way out of the jaws of a saltwater crocodile that kept coming back to try and eat him. Chris Keeping, 29, said he was waiting in the water for his kite to untangle, about 100m off the beach at Casuarina Coastal Reserve, when he was attacked by a 2.5m saltie around 11.30am on Saturday. “I was in the water for about 15 minutes, I didn’t see (the croc) hit me, it came from behind on my right side and grabbed me. “He had part of my shoulder crushed across my chest in his mouth … he shook me but I was still attached to the kite so he couldn’t pull me under … I thought I was going to die. I didn’t fight back then he stopped shaking me and went real quiet and wasn’t moving at all but he still had a hold of me in his mouth,” Mr Keeping said. Mr Keeping said he was in the crocodile’s mouth for about two minutes before the crocodile stared him in the eyes and he decided to fight back. “He blinked at me and that’s when I thought I’d put my finger in his eye because I couldn’t do nothing else,” he said. “So I poked him in the eye and he dropped me and let go.

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Everest getting crowded with would-be boasters

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Climbers going up Mount Everest in May 2013.



Odd news from around the world

What an imbecile! Road-crossing supervisor obstructs fire engine: “A lollipop man who was forcibly removed by firefighters after allowing children to walk in front of an on-call fire engine has been sacked. The unnamed man halted the emergency vehicle outside the William Austin Junior School in Luton, Bedfordshire, while it was on its way to a fire around 3.30pm on April 13. The crew were forced to get out of the engine and clear the road, Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service said. The man was suspended and has now been sacked for gross misconduct by Luton Borough Council, which used CCTV to ascertain what happened. Jacqui Brittain, who worked as a crossing guard for 20 years, saw the incident from her bedroom window and said it could have been someone ‘burning to death’. The 60-year-old said: ‘He started crossing children when the engine was only a few yards away, I thought “get out of the road”. ‘It came to a halt at the crossing as he stood there waiting, then he went back to the pavement and did it again.”

An extreme socialist hypocrite: “For a potential Labour leader it’s the most unlikely of venues. Not a working men’s club in the Labour heartlands where a pint of bitter and a packet of crisps can be bought for loose change, but a members-only ‘den’ tucked away behind The Bank of England where steaks cost £150 and a bottle of cognac can set you back £4,000. Yet M Den, a shady, decadent eel-skin-lined room at the top of a grand City steakhouse, is where Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna was seen during the Election campaign, after long days spent persuading voters to embrace Labour’s work and welfare policies. Former DJ Chuka has been to the M Den so often of late he has been given one of 50 coveted electronic entry keys, according to the club’s manager. This key gains entry to the club through a disguised door on the upper floor of the restaurant, called M, which opened last November with a 90-minute show by rap star Tinie Tempah. Inside, is a louche world of wealth and networking most of Chuka’s constituents in Streatham could only dream of accessing.”

A real idealist: “Robert, 48, is a very hands-on farmer. He and four full-time employees look after his 550 pastoral and arable acres of the Sussex Low Weald, as well as a parcel of indigenous forestry nearby — some of its timber has been used for restorations at Hampton Court Palace. Moreover, Robert has proved he would defend his home, land and livelihood, and preserve the quality and character of the countryside around him, at any cost. For he has rejected the chance to pocket £275 million — a windfall that would elevate him into the ranks of the world’s super rich — from developers who want to buy his farm and build on it. Mayfield Market Towns plan a sprawling new town of 10,000 homes, an academy, primary schools and shops, which would house 25,000 people. They have offered Robert 100 times the market value of his farm to build on it. His land, at the centre of the proposed new town, would comprise only a seventh of the scheme, which would obliterate vast swathes of beautiful countryside, clog the roads and swallow up a cluster of nearby country towns and villages.”

NY Starbucks manager goes crazy: “A Starbucks manager has been sacked after footage emerged of her screaming at a customer and accusing her of stealing an edible straw worth 99 cents. The employee, identified only as Melissa, was filmed lashing out at customer Ruby Chen as she opened the Starbucks reward app on her phone to buy a Frappuccino and a cookie straw in Queens, New York, on Tuesday. Snatching back the straw, Melissa yells: ‘You’re not going to be served here. Bye! Bye! Bye!’ while gesturing angrily towards the door and threatening to call the police. On Saturday it emerged Melissa has been fired. ‘As soon as we learned of the situation, the partner was suspended and now no longer works for the company,’ a company spokesman said. The unedifying exchange, which took place on Tuesday, was filmed by another customer and sent to Chen. At one point in the video, Chen asks to speak to the manager, only to be told: ‘You’re talking to the manager – get out!’ Chen posted the clip to Starbucks’ Facebook page, which led to Melissa getting fired.”

What IS this strange sound from the sky? Noise heard across the globe for nearly a DECADE – but nobody has an explanation: “A mysterious noise from the sky is continuing to baffle people all over the world – as well as giving those who hear it sleepless nights. Sounding like a trumpet or a collective from a brass section of an orchestra, a selection of videos shot from the Canada to Ukraine, via the U.S., Germany and Belarus show strange goings on above us. And the eerie sounds have been continuously heard at all different times and locations for almost a decade. The first video posted on YouTube recording the unusual, unearthly sounds, was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky from Homel, in Belarus. That same year another anonymous user shared the ‘ear-deafening’ sounds that they insisted ‘were not a hoax,’ from a quiet neighbourhood believed to be in the U.S. Kimberly Wookey from Terrace, British Columbia in Canada first captured the alien sound in June 2013, and since then she has managed to capture several recordings of the noise with her most recent being on May 7 this year. ‘It was in the news with the investigation with specialists and scientists, but there is still no exact explanation.'”

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Physician heal thyself

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Odd news from around the world

Chinese traffic warden snaps and attacks pedestrian with a HAMMER as she screams ‘I won’t let you run the red light’: “A Chinese traffic warden violently attacked a pedestrian with a hammer because she crossed the road when the light was red. The patrol officer, who has not been named, hit the pedestrian repeatedly over the head with an iron hammer, after the woman ignored her command to not cross the road at 6pm on Tuesday in eastern Shandong province. People on the scene said the warden had been involved with a number of arguments with the woman in the past because she frequently ignored the traffic signals, reported the People’s Daily Online. The warden, whose uniform indicated she was a volunteer, waited until the signal turned green before running over to the woman, who was at this point already half way across the road. As she attacked the pedestrian, the warden reportedly shouted: ‘I won’t let you run the red light’. The victim, who was left lying unconscious in the middle of the road, was rushed to hospital.”

Wildflowers? Garlic actually: “The sight is enough to make you gasp with wonder: a living carpet of white flowers stretching as far as the eye can see, deep into Dorset woodland. It is as if the copse has been decorated for a wedding but this smells like no florist’s shop. The walker nearly up to her knees in the pale petals will be enveloped in the heady scent of garlic. This is wild garlic and its edible leaves are known as ramsons. It is an ‘allium,’ a relative of the garlic bulbs we use in cooking, as well as chives and onions and those allium with spectacular purple flowers that we plant in our borders. Wild garlic, which is blossoming in wooded areas and shaded verges all over England, has collected many names over the centuries: stink bombs, stinking nanny, buckram, bear’s garlic (the last name alluding to the story that it was a favourite of the European brown bear). It has been used to treat diseases from leprosy to the plague and was used in abundance during World War I as an antiseptic and in dressings to prevent gangrene. In the past few years it has crept on to the menus of top restaurants and into celebrity cookbooks”.

Researchers find the first warm blooded fish: “Move over, mammals and birds, and make room for a fish called the opah in the warm-blooded club. Researchers said the deepwater denizen is the first fish known to be fully warm-blooded, circulating heated blood throughout its body, enabling it to be a vigorous predator in frigid ocean depths. Tuna and certain sharks can warm specific regions of their body such as swimming muscles, brain and eyes in order to forage in chilly depths but must return to the surface to protect vital organs such as the heart from the effects of the cold. The opah, also called the moonfish, internally generates heat through constant flapping of wing-like pectoral fins, with an average muscle temperature about 7 degrees to 9 degrees Fahrenheit (4-5 degrees Celsius) above the surrounding water temperature at the time. The opah boasts a unique structure that prevents this heat from being lost to the environment.”

Buy a house in the gorgeous Italian countryside for just £1: “It sounds too good to be true: a historic home in one of Italy’s gorgeous villages on sale for an unbelievable one euro – less than the cost of an espresso. But the price tag is genuine, part of a plan to attract people to three towns which are at dire risk of dying out if they don’t expand their population. Some properties are even being offered for free. As always, there is one catch: you’ll need a spare £18,000 (€25,000) to spend transforming what could be little more than a pile of stones into your dream home. Because those who snap up these bargains shouldn’t expect castles of Renaissance villas. These are crumbling, fascinating houses set in superb locations which have been abandoned and are now at risk of crashing to the ground.

The latest food magic: “Drinking orange juice every day could help improve the brain power of elderly people, researchers claim. And it takes less than two months to show marked improvements in memory, speech and reaction times, according to a study. Scientists think the results are down to chemicals called flavonoids – a natural substance which occurs in high levels in oranges. Research has suggested that flavonoids may improve memory through the activation of signalling pathways in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that is associated with learning and storing information. A research team from Reading University asked 37 healthy volunteers to drink 500ml – nearly a pint – of orange juice every day for eight weeks. The participants – 24 women and 13 men aged 60 to 81 – saw significant improvements in their brain function, the researchers found.”

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A mother feeds her baby avocado for the first time

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Watch the baby’s face




Odd news from around the world

New mother claims Arab doctor left his MOBILE PHONE inside her after delivering her baby: “A Jordanian woman claims a doctor left his mobile phone in her abdomen after delivering her baby by Caesarean section. Hanan Mahmoud Abdul Karim, 36, was admitted to a private hospital in Amman, Jordan, for the operation on April 24th this year. Her mother, Majeda Abdul Hamid, told local media that her daughter gave birth to a 4.8kg boy (10.5 lbs) and as all appeared to be well, she was sent home from hospital. But later, she claims her family noticed her stomach vibrating and she began suffering terrible pain. Hanan was then allegedly rushed to the casualty department of Al Bashir public hospital, where X-rays revealed there was a foreign object in her abdomen. She claims surgeons quickly operated to remove the phone. Her case was brought up in the Jordanian parliament, where parliament member Salim Al Bataynah called on the Jordanian government to resign as a result of the scandal.”

How to make a train arrive on time: “Rail bosses have found the perfect solution to make the least punctual train service in Britain run on time – miss out a station and add three minutes to the timetable. Southern Rail’s 7.29am Brighton to London Victoria service was dubbed the ‘worst train service in Britain’ after it failed to arrive on time at all last year – despite commuters paying £5,000 for a season ticket. But angry passengers have accused the company of ‘moving the goalposts’ and simply ‘massaging’ their statistics by extending the timetable of the perpetually late train in a desperate bid to ‘improve performance statistics’ and make it look as if it is arriving on time. Some suspected it was a move to avoid paying daily penalties for poor punctuality. So now, instead of arriving in London at 8.35am, the firm’s new summer timetable which will be introduced this Sunday has it arriving three minutes later. In addition, it will no longer stop at Wivelsfield near Haywards Heath, East Sussex. Southern Rail was ridiculed when it was emerged one of the nation’s busiest commuter services failed to arrive on schedule for any of its 240 journeys in 2014.”

Can having a short penis ruin your chances of reproduction? “Size really does matter when it comes to sex – at least in seed bugs. These creatures have a bizarre, coiled penis that is 70 per cent their body length – or 7mm long. In a painful sounding experiment, scientists have found that cutting off the bug’s penis to make it shorter affects their chances of having progeny. It may sound obvious, but the scientists insist their results aren’t as self-evident as they may seem because the bug is so well-endowed. In most species, cutting the penis would result in a catastrophic loss of function, but the seed bug’s penis is different. It is a pipe-like structure that has no nerves, muscles and blood vessels and appears to be far longer than the female organ can accommodate. Researchers at St Andrews University shortened the creature’s organ and then used X-ray scanning to create high-resolution 3D models of the bugs having sex. They discovered that the shorter the penis was cut, the less successful the bugs were at reproduction.

2,800 year old Japanese figurine valued at £70,000 sells for £1million at auction: “A rare and ancient Japanese figurine valued at £70,000 has smashed its auction estimate after it sold for £1million. The ceramic female figure was thought to have been made in the northern Tohoku region of Japan’s main island of Honshu almost 3,000 years ago. Known as a ‘dogu’, it featured a ‘beautifully plump, almost Rubenesque, female form’ with sloping shoulders which was unusual for this period. Auctioneers said that the ‘goggle-eyed’ figurine was so rare that one had never been sold like it before – making it difficult to put an accurate price on it. At some stage, the 2,800-year-old dogu had broken and at 19.5cm was only half the size it should have been. But that did not to deter potential buyers from the UK and Japan when it was sold at Sotheby’s ‘The Soul of Japanese Aesthetics’ sale in London. Auctioneers who had valued it at around £70,000 watched in shock as a fierce bidding war broke out to get the antique. The purpose of the Dogū remains unknown although theories abound. Some experts believe they are linked with fertility rituals and shamanistic rites.

Rolls-Royce announces ‘Dawn': £250,000 luxury convertible: “For more than ten years luxury car manufacturer Rolls Royce has stuck with a single theme when it comes to naming new models of car – Phantom, Ghost and Wraith. But their latest offering breaks the tradition of naming their cars after supernatural beings with a throwback to a favourite from the 1950s. The name of their new model, ‘Dawn’, is reminiscent of their 1952 Silver Dawn convertible. ‘Dawn is a beautiful new open-top motor car with a name that suggests the fresh opportunities that every new day holds – an awakening, an opening up of one’s senses and a burst of sunshine. The new model will go on sale early next year, Autocar reported, and the mechanical make up of the car is expected to be almost identical to the Wraith model. Dawn is expected to have a price tag approaching £250,000.

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Inside one of Google’s data centers

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Odd news from around the world

Government waste: Feds Award $20 Million to Teach Guatemalan Mothers To Spot a Baby’s ‘Hunger Cues’: “The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has given $20 million in funding to two organizations that are teaching new mothers in Guatemala about hunger and breastfeeding, using such tools as flip charts and guidance on spotting on hunger “cues.” Food for the Hungry (FH) and the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute announced the partnership and funding in a Mother’s Day press release that describes the “groundbreaking breastfeeding training program.” “The training program teaches mothers that newborns begin to communicate their needs immediately upon delivery,” the training materials state. “Over time, babies will be able to communicate more.” “Our job as caretakers is to listen to what our babies are trying to tell us, to recognize what need or feeling they are expressing, and to respond to our babies’ needs and feelings with love,” the training materials state.

A forgotten Bugatti! “An extremely rare classic car that has languished untouched in a French barn for 40 years has gone on sale in Paris for £180,000. The 1925 Bugatti Brescia is one of just 12 surviving examples of the model and has been in the hands of the same owner, who has not restored or modified the car in any way, since 1953. The 90-year-old vehicle was one of four Bugattis once in the hands of the current owner Bernard Terrillon, who sold the other three in the 1970s. The Brescia remained mysteriously unsold, however, and was forgotten about until being rediscovered in the barn by family members earlier this year. The Bugatti was found in the barn with a flat tyre but the bodywork remains in incredible condition considering it has sat untreated in a barn for more than 40 years. The car’s original body, made by little-known coachbuilder Maron Pot et Cie of Levallois-Perret, sits on the short wheelbase chassis and is fitted with a dual-ignition engine. By the early 1930s Bugatti had established an unrivalled reputation for building cars with outstanding performance on road or track.”

The world’s most expensive model boat: “An extraordinarily detailed 12-foot replica of the sister ship to the ill-fated Lusitania has sold for a record £162,000. The beautifully-crafted 1:64 scale model of the luxury British liner RMS Mauretania was made to celebrate the actual ship’s launch in 1906. The wooden model was loaned by Swan Hunter, the company that build both ships for Cunard, to the Science Museum in London in 1938. It is still owned by Newcastle-based Swan Hunter but yesterday it sold at auction for a world-record amount for a model boat. It was bought by the Pullman Gallery, a London-based dealer of high-end artefacts, for a hammer price of £135,000. With fees added on the overall price paid was £162,000.

The great pyramid of Loch Lomond: “It looks as if a section of a Scandinavian newbuild property has been dumped among the trees and bushes of one of Scotland’s best-known beauty spots. But this unusual wooden pyramid is part of a project that gives visitors stunning views across several areas of Scotland. The structure called An Ceann Mor – Gaelic for large headland – is a new viewing platform on the banks of Loch Lomond. It’s the fourth and final installation in a project for Scottish Scenic Routes, an initiative that encourages visitors travelling along tourist routes to stop and see much-loved views in a new way. The 26ft pyramid at Inveruglas, Argyll, offers panoramic views across the loch and of Ben Lomond and the Arrochar Alps. Made from sustainable timber, the viewing platform is expected to fade from light brown to grey over time to help it to blend in with the landscape. Unmissable sights along the road include mountain ranges, Ben Hope and Suilven, the fairytale grand castle, Dunrobin, the Ardvreck castle ruins and the breathtaking Achmelvich and Dornoch beaches.”

‘Wheelchair-bound’ defendant leaps from his chair and sprints out of court: “An investigation is under way after a defendant escaped from court by leaping from his wheelchair. climbing a glass dock and sprinting out of the building. Robert Conn, who claimed to have two broken ankles, was wheeled into the dock at Crawley Magistrates’ Court in West Sussex charged with assaulting a police officer. But as he was being pushed back to the cells in the adjoining police station, he jumped out of his wheelchair and made a ‘mad dash’ through the court looking for an exit. The builder, whose case was heard on May 1, ran upstairs to another court room, climbed over the glass screen in the dock, through a door and out of the court’s front door. Conn then ran nearly 400ft from the court’s front door before being taken down by six security guards. It was only when he leapt from his chair as he was being wheeled back out of the dock en route to the police cells that officers realised they’d been duped.”

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Psychiatrist vs Bartender

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I told a Psychiatrist, Every time I go to bed I think there’s somebody under it. I think I’m going crazy.

Just put yourself in my hands for one year, said the shrink. Come talk to me three times a week and we should be able to get rid of those fears.

How much do you charge? Eighty dollars per visit, replied the doctor.

Six months later the doctor met me on the street.

Why didn’t you come to see me about those fears you were having? He asked.

Well, Eighty bucks a visit, three times a week for a year, is $12,480.00. A bartender cured me for $5.90. I was so happy to have saved all that money that I went and bought me a new pickup truck.

Is that so? With a bit of an attitude he said, and how, may I ask, did a bartender cure you?

He told me to cut the legs off the bed. Ain’t nobody gonna be under there from now on.





Odd news from around the world

Born fat: “If you find it virtually impossible to lose weight no matter how hard you try, it seems you really can blame your slow metabolism. Scientists have shown that some people’s biological make-up genuinely makes it harder for them to lose weight. A slower metabolism means they shed fewer pounds than others – despite following the same diet. The finding, from US government researchers, will be welcomed by the millions of slimmers who have failed to reach their target weight, despite carefully counting calories. The scientists, from the National Institutes of Health, measured the metabolism of 12 obese people before and after a day of fasting. They were described as having a ‘thrifty’ metabolism because their bodies were carefully holding on to calories, rather than ‘spending’ them. They said their study was the first to find laboratory evidence supporting the commonly held belief that people with certain physiologies lose less weight than others by dieting.

‘Mad Max’ tank speeds over bumps at 70mph: “This week, cinemagoers will be able to race across a post-apocalyptic wasteland when Mad Max: Fury Road is released. Now two brothers have revealed how they built a lightweight tank for the film, which has a top speed of 70mph (113km/h). They tested the Peacemaker tank over bumps and sand dunes to check it was up to the film’s impressive chase scenes, which see a road warrior, played by Tom Hardy, cross the Australian desert. The Peacemaker has 1,000 horsepower and was created by Howe and Howe Technologies, a specialist company owned by twins Mike and Geoff Howe. The 40-year-old twins from Maine, make vehicles for the military, private companies, the emergency services and Hollywood films. Unlike military tanks, the Peacemaker is not clad in a metal shell, but instead, its insides are laid bare, revealing its structural bars.

‘Human Barbie’grows muscle: “Real-life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova has stepped back into the public eye after a six-month hiatus with a racy new photo shoot. The 29-year-old Ukrainian model, who appears to have developed a new set of tiny but sharply defined abs, announced the photos were in honour of the arrival of spring. Last year, Valeria claimed she no longer liked her thin frame, and decided instead that she wanted to build ‘muscle’ so as to emulate an Amazonian female warrior. Posing suggestively for the cameras, Valeria said: ‘The spring is late this year, but it has finally come. It has inspired me to do a photo shoot. Valeria, who insists her looks are entirely natural, except for her breasts, seems to be back in good spirits following her shock ordeal last November. According to her own account, she was the victim of a random attack close to her home in Ukraine, during which she was ‘punched and strangled’ by two men on Halloween night, and later hospitalised for her facial wounds..

Secluded hotspring pool: “There is having a swim, and then there is having a dip in a deserted pool nestled in one of Iceland’s most picturesque valleys. The hidden pool of Seljavallalaug is one of Iceland’s best kept secrets, and is filled with hot spring water which trickles down from Eyjafjallajökull, which consists of a volcano completely covered by an ice cap. Built at the beginning of the 20th century to teach locals how to swim, the tranquil pool is now a protected site, and is free for adventurers to find and experience. To find this mysterious pool, swimmers have to weave through the mountains down an uneven track that appears to lead to nowhere. However at the base of the valley, near Seljavellir, visitors will stumble upon the 82ft pool, which comes complete with its own changing facilities. The turquoise haven varies in colour throughout the year, and a dedicated team of volunteers are on hand to keep it clean from volcanic ash, and to clear ice from the surface after winter. Most visitors claim that the waters are not only safe to swim in, but are actually really good for the skin too.

The Caribbean cure for stress? On tiny island of Nevis: “Trailing vines and creepers brush my face as I scramble over tangled roots and fallen logs. The rainforest is hot and steamy, and the only sound is the shrill cries and hoots of birds calling to each other high up in the treetops. Suddenly I hear a rustle of leaves and look up to spot black faces peering down at us. Vervet monkeys are checking us out before they leap off through the branches and disappear into the dense vegetation. Earla is leading me along a nature trail at Stonyhill on the tiny Caribbean island of Nevis. Some 3,000ft above us, the summit of the dormant volcano, Nevis Peak, is lost in cloud. Nevis itself is quiet and unspoilt but is easily accessible with direct British Airways flights to St Kitts, its larger sister, followed by a five-minute speedboat transfer. The only traffic jams here are caused by herds of sheep and goats.”

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10 conversations you’ll have with your mom on Mother’s Day

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To help you prepare for the big day, I’ve compiled the 10 conversations you will have with your mom at family lunch

1. “You can’t say that, Mum!”

Mums are the most accidentally, politically incorrect people on earth. Their innocence provides no filter when delivering some juicy local gossip.

They never mean harm but sometimes don’t realise their choice of words can sound a tad racist.

Mum: The Asians who run the newsagents have moved house.

You: That sounds racist, mum!

Mum: I’m not being racist, Nathan! They are Asian aren’t they?!

And I won’t forget this little nugget from my mum not long ago:

Mum: She has two daughters — one is a teacher, the other one is a lesbian.

Me: Mum, lesbian isn’t an occupation.

2. “Guess who’s dead?”

Mothers love a good death don’t they? Morbid to say — but it’s the truth.

Is my mum the only one who reads the death notices in the paper scouring for a name they recognise? It’s done with the best intentions “I better make the family a casserole”

Have you noticed when someone in your family dies, mysterious casseroles appear at the front door? You have mums who read death notices to thank for that!

3. “I need your help with my iPhone, your father won’t help me”

It has been a 3-year commitment from my siblings and I to try and teach mum how to use her iPhone. Your mother will ask you at one point how to use a certain feature, how to take a photo, or how to answer it when it rings.

Mums seem incapable of comprehending how to swipe the screen right to answer the iPhone — they’d be awful at Tinder.

But be patient when teaching her. If you lose your temper you’ll get “you sound your father!” thrown at you.

4. “That’s not my name”

My mum (after her third Mimosa) often forgets my name (you know, the one given to me by her at birth). My mother has 6 brothers and I am often exhaustively called each of them before she finally arrives correctly at my name.

5. Facebook

Almost all mums have jumped on Facebook now. Hijacking statuses, commenting on your friend’s photos and embarrassing you with FDOA (Facebook Displays of Affection). We all have to deal with it.

This mothers day I plan to teach mum how to stop posting her CandyCrush scores on her newsfeed. Wish me luck!

6. The Live Bachelor Episode

My close single girlfriends have donated this one. They have told me their mums will always make a point of (not so) subtly pointing out single and available men around.

Mum: Helen’s eldest son has opened his own taxation firm, he’s single too, do you remember him from high school?

You: Brad? Mum, Brad’s gay!

Mum: Oh he is not! He’s always dressed very well. Anyway, give him a call.

7. Impromptu Charades

Your mum will be keen to share with you her thoughts on the latest film release she’s seen. The issue is, she will never know the name of the movie and the game of trying to guess which one she’s talking about is excruciating.

Mum: I saw that movie.

You: Which movie?

Mum: You know the one!

You: Which one?

Mum: The one with that actress!

You: Mum, that could be any movie

Mum: You know the one that I like! She was in that other movie with thingo … that actor … what’s his name?

(This goes on for another 14 minutes)

8. Royal Baby

Fact: All Mums are monarchists.

So the latest royal baby is one of the highlights of the year for your mother!

Get your head around the basic royal baby news because she’s gonna wanna talk about it — the delivery, how Kate’s looking, and there may even be a few tears for Princess Diana.

Mum: “Diana would have loved a granddaughter” *starts tearing up.

Memorise everything in this picture. You’ll need it as a conversation topic this Mother’s

Memorise everything in this picture. You’ll need it as a conversation topic this Mother’s Day. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, File) Source: AP

9. Awkward medical check.

Catching up with Mum always means free medical advice, bulk billed of course.

The questions are personal and awkward.

“Have you had a prostate check lately, Nathan?”

“I hope your self checking your testicles for lumps when you shower, you have to stay on top of these things, Nathan!”

10. The “gift” lie

Each year, your mum lies to you about presents.

“All I want is a nice meal with my family.” or “Seeing you is present enough.”

Oh shut up! We don’t buy that for a second. Everyone wants presents. Go grab that new Human Nature CD or a Soap and Hand Cream pack from the Body Shop and shower your Mum with gifts.

She deserves it.

Original story here




Odd news from around the world

Garden designer sells lingerie made from fresh flowers!: “Forget a bouquet of roses, men who want to show they care can now buy their loved one an underwear set made entirely of flowers. Garden designer Lucy Summers has created a range of lingerie which feature fresh blooms that will wilt and die in just two days. And the decorative undies, created specifically for each woman, are being snapped up by City high fliers who aren’t daunted by the £675 price tag. Lucy decided to create knickers and bras made of real blooms to create the ‘mega expensive range’. The designer said ‘wealthy brokers’ were her top clients for the bespoke range. The award-winning Chelsea Flower Show gardener, said the ‘fresh flower lingerie’ was a ‘ultimate luxury gift’ and that each set, which costs £675, is ‘hand-crafted to individual specifications’. Among the flowers used are rose buds, orchids and waxflowers – which are stitched together with thread and twine to create ‘a unique, romantic and ultimate floral gift’. According to her firm, Lucy Summers Living, the lingerie is delivered in ‘cool boxes’ by couriers because the blooms ‘only last 48 hours’ before wilting and dying.”

Picasso painting sells for $179MILLION: “A vibrant, multi-hued painting from Pablo Picasso set a world record for artwork sold at auction, bringing in $179million on Monday night. ‘Women of Algiers (Version O)’, or ‘Les femmes d’Alger’, was part of a sale at Christie’s auction house that sold 34 pieces of art for a staggering total of $706 million. The sale also featured Alberto Giacometti’s life-size sculpture ‘Pointing Man,’ which was poised to set a record as the most expensive sculpture sold at auction with a $141million price tag. They were among two dozen masterpieces from the 20th century Christie’s offered in a curated sale titled ‘Looking Forward to the Past.’ The Picasso price, $179,365,000, and the Giacometti price, $141,285,000, included the auction house’s premium. The buyers and the sellers of both artworks elected to remain anonymous.”

Huge ancient book: “The Codex Gigas is the largest surviving medieval manuscript in the world. At nearly nine inches (22cm) thick and 36 inches (92cm) tall, the book is so large that it is said to have required more than 160 animal skins to complete. Inside is a menacing full-page colour image of the Devil, leading many to believe the pages themselves are cursed. It is thought to have been created in the early 13th century in the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in Bohemia, which today is the Czech Republic. The book begins with the Old Testament, and it is followed by two works by Flavius Josephus who lived in the first century AD. It ends with the New Testament and the last of the long works is a Chronicle of Bohemia by Cosmas from Prague. The text requires at least two people to lift its 165lbs (74kg) of leather binding and vellum pages. But how it was created is still unknown. According to a report by National Geographic several years ago, handwriting analysis by palaeographer Michael Gullick at the National Library of Sweden indicated that one scribe did compose the entire manuscript.”

But would YOU walk over it? Bridge has no glue, bolts or fixings and is made out of 22,000 sheets of PAPER: “It has no glue, bolts or any other fixings to hold it up and is made entirely of 22,000 sheets of paper. But this unique red bridge, found over the top of a valley in the Lake District, has become a hit with dog walkers and cyclists eager to test whether it will hold their weight. PaperBridge is a temporary piece of artwork located over a beck at the top of the Grisedale Valley, under the shadow of Helvellyn, Cumbria. The striking construction relies on authentic architectural principles as used in the dry-stone walls and the original packhorse bridges that are found in the Lake District to hold it up. Environmental artist Steve Messam, from Teesdale, spent three years developing the fully-functioning bridge, which was commissioned by Lakes Culture as part of its Lakes Ignite 2015 programme. He said the structure was sturdy enough to support the weight of walkers because the 4.5 tonnes of paper made it twice as strong as oak.”

How ridiculous: “Women are constantly asking men to walk a mile in their shoes, but would they ask the same of their underwear? An Australian company specialising in ‘elegant lingerie’ for men is having to expand online just to keep up with increased demand for the unorthodox undergarments. Some of HommeMystere’s risqué designs feature pink lace teddy’s, silk lined bralettes and sexy red G-strings. But would many women be happy with their other halves dressing up – or down – in the bedroom? Launched back in 2008, the Brisbane-based company started designing men’s lingerie when co-creators Brent and Lara Krause realised there were very few options for men who wanted to buck the ‘tighty-whitey’ cotton jock trend which has long-dominated the male market. HommeMystere said it wanted to give men, who were previously forced to shop in women’s stores, an option to buy sexy underwear that is designed to actually conform to the male shape.” [Meant for the homosexual market, maybe?]

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After six decades, Margaret Dunning still breezes down the road in her creamy 740 Packard roadster

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The most competent 101 year old I have ever come across. A marvellous old lady with a marvellous old car




Odd news from around the world

New Scottish hospital has trick elevators: “The futuristic new 14-storey South Glasgow University Hospital opened to patients last month featuring robots, a children’s cinema and lifts [elevators] without buttons to try and bring ‘healthcare into the 21st century.’ But it appears the ultra-modern facility appears to be ultra-confusing for many staff and patients who claim they have spent ‘what seems like days’ trapped in the speeding elevators. One hospital worker said: ‘It’s an amazing building but I’ve spent the majority of my time in the lift so far – as have a lot of people. ‘You can easily get sucked into them for what seems an interminable age. ‘If you jump in without thinking, or if you’re chatting and not concentrating, you can find yourself – for what seems like hours – zooming from floor to floor.”

With blood still smeared across her face after a fresh kill a huge female great white shark surfaces right next to a cameraman’s arm: “It’s not every day that you can say you have been up and close and personal with a great white shark – but an Australian filmmaker experienced just this – and it was far from traumatic. The 4.5 metre shark surfaced only a metre away from a photographer who was dangling his camera in the water, with its razor sharp teeth on full display and blood smeared across its face. Instead of being terrified by the surreal moment which occurred off Port Lincoln in South Australia, filmmaker Dave Riggs was in complete awe of the large female predator who had appeared to suss out the situation. ‘It was a female great white. She was around four and a half meters in length, and extremely inquisitive of what we were and what we were doing.'”

Dolphins galore: “Dolphins are regarded as some of the most graceful swimmers in the sea, but that elegance devolves into pure mayhem when it’s time to fill their bellies. Photographers have captured the spectacular moment hundreds of the marine animals swarmed schools of fish off the coast of South Africa. The mesmerising photos show the pod of at least 800 dolphins soaring above the water and diving into the depths to hunt and catch their prey. The frantic scenes were captured by photographers Rainier and Silke Schimpf, from Port Elizabeth. Their images reveal the speed at which the common dolphins pursue the fish as the water churns on the surface and streams of bubbles are left in their wake. Rainier said: ‘Each muscle and every drop of Indian Ocean saltwater is visible on these streamlined creatures. ‘They can swim at speeds of more than 25 knots per hour and travel vast distances of more than 150 kilometres per day. ‘They were not irritated nor harmed by our ship, they accepted us next to them and we watched closely as they gathered fish up to the surface and ate them. ‘They eat fish including mackerel and sardines. If they can out-swim them they will herd them together and feed on their prey.”

Runner drank own breast milk to survive: “A FUN runner who lost her way in an off-road trail race survived a night in the bush by drinking her own breast milk. It should have taken Susan O’Brien just two hours to complete the 20km XTERRA trail run course west of Wellington, New Zealand, on Sunday. But exactly 24 hours after she was due to cross the finish line, the 29-year-old was finally reunited with worried friends and family after going missing in the Rimutaka Forest Park. The mum of two, who got lost part-way into the event, dug a hole, covered herself in dirt to keep warm and drank her own milk to keep hydrated, local media have reported. “I definitely thought I was going to die,” Ms O’Brien, a personal trainer, told this morning after being rescued. Ms O’Brien is mum to a breastfeeding baby and a 2-year-old. Police believe Ms O’Brien took a wrong turn during the event and got lost trying to find her way back on to the course. She was spotted by a member of the public near a hut way off course on Sunday afternoon.” Police said the weather was mild and Ms O’Brien was wearing appropriate clothing for the conditions.

A Hipster cop!: “Hundreds of police lined the streets yesterday as English Defence League members clashed with anti-fascist protesters as they marched through one of London’s most diverse towns. But there was one officer who was – unwittingly – doing his part to break the tension. The hashtag #Hipstercop began trending after one of the members of the force was seen sporting a typical ‘hipster’ waxed moustache and beard. Photojournalist, Guy Smallman, who was covering yesterday’s protest, tweeted a picture of the officer which went viral almost immediately. Since then hundreds have re-tweeted the photograph with hilarious jokes making fun of the notoriously pretentious subculture. The identity of Hipster cop is not yet known but he was one of the police officers who flanked the far-right EDL group as they paraded through Walthamstow, east London. Witnesses said there were ‘hundreds’ of police with vans, horses and dogs escorting a the EDL turnout of between 30-80.”

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Bagger 288, the largest land vehicle in the world

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Bagger 288, built by the German company Krupp for the energy and mining firm Rheinbraun, is a bucket-wheel excavator or mobile strip mining machine




Odd news from around the world

Diabetic? One quick trip to the optician’s could save your…leg: “It’s the place you’d expect to find short and long-sighted people milling around trying on new glasses. But the High Street optician could soon be the go-to place for diabetics, for a quick test to diagnose a condition that puts them at risk of losing a limb – and even early death. The two-minute test, which uses a probe with a camera attached to scan the eye for early signs of nerve damage, can also reveal if the patient has suffered similar damage in the hands or feet. Diabetics are at high risk of nerve damage, known as neuropathy, if they have persistently high blood sugar levels. They suffer damage to nerves that transmit impulses to and from the brain and spinal cord, muscles, skin, blood vessels and other organs. This can lead to amputations if not caught early enough. There is also a risk of early death if the nerves in the heart are affected. Researchers now hope the opticians’ test will become part of the annual diabetic eye check and help drive down an estimated 100 diabetes-related amputations that occur in the UK every week.”

Remarkable tongue: “Adrianne Lewis, from Michigan, says her tongue is an unbelievable four inches long, giving her the unique ability to not only lick her nose, chin and elbow but also – shockingly – her eye. Her reptile-like appendage has gained global recognition after a photo of it went viral online. She is currently in talks with Guinness World Records and waiting to see find out if she has defeated the current record holder Nick Stoeberl, whose tongue reaches just 3.9 inches. Adrianne said: ‘I feel as though I may have inherited it but I think with time and me sticking out my tongue a lot as a kid could have stretched it. ‘My mum, grandmother and my great grandfather all had very long tongues. ‘In elementary school I was made fun of a lot – I would just flick my tongue in bullies’ faces and freak them out.’ Adrianne, from Twin Lake, always knew she had a long tongue but decided to submit herself to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not franchise when she was 13 years old.”

British Keystone Kops found student’s stolen £4,000 motorbike – then auctioned it off by mistake: “Police have been forced to pay £4,000 compensation after they mistakenly sold a student’s stolen motorbike to a new owner because they wrote down the wrong ID number when logging the crime. Niall McLeod’s green Kawasaki trail bike was stolen in September 2013 from Dalry, Edinburgh, and he reported the theft to police – but they didn’t take the vehicle registration number (VRN) down correctly. This meant that when it was found in nearby West Pilton two weeks later, they couldn’t match it with the details that Mr McLeod provided. As the months went on, he lost hope if it ever being returned, despite the fact police had already found it. The police ended up selling the bike at an auction for unclaimed vehicles. The police tried to fob Mr McLeod off with £1,000 but he refused it as the bike was worth up to £3,200 and he was eventually awarded £4,000, with the extra awarded for ‘inconvenience’. They couldn’t get the bike back because the buyer, from Galashiels, Borders, had bought it legitimately.”

Handgun found in prisoner’s ‘butt cheeks’ during jail search: “A gun was found in a prisoner’s ‘butt cheeks’ during a cavity search, police have revealed. Darquan R. Lee, 21, was being booked into Cumberland County Jail in Bridgeton, New Jersey, on a contempt of court warrant when the weapon was discovered. When he arrived at a police station he asked to use the bathroom, but when officers said he would be patted down and searched beforehand, he quickly decided he didn’t need to go. Jailers were warned Lee could be hiding contraband, but during a search they found the .25-caliber automatic handgun ‘shoved’ between his butt cheeks. The weapon had been reported stolen by Alabama police. After the handgun was recovered, Lee was also charged with possession of a weapon; unlawful possession of a weapon; certain persons not to have a weapon and receiving stolen property. He is currently being held in the Cumberland County Jail without bail.

Chinese billionaire takes 6,400 staff on holiday to Paris and Cote d’Azur: “A Chinese billionaire has taken 6,400 of his staff on a four day holiday to France which finished with a world-record breaking human chain in the Cote D’Azur. Tiens Group Company Chairman Li Jinyuan booked up 140 hotels in Paris where the group visited the Louvre and various cultural sites in one of the world’s most famous and revered cities. The huge group of tourists then made their way to the glamorous Cote D’Azur, where Li Jinyuan booked 4,760 rooms in 79 four-and five-star hotels in Cannes and Monaco. It took 147 buses to take the tourists from their hotels to the Promenade des Anglais in Nice, where Guinness World Record officials where on hand to validate the world’s biggest ever human chain. The 6,400 employees arranged themselves to spell out the phrase ‘Tiens’ dream is Nice in the Cote d’Azur’, to celebrate 20 years of partnership between the Chinese company and the French region. France is expected to be 33million Euros better off thanks to the all-expenses-paid staff trip.”

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A lesson learned?

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Odd news from around the world

Foolish woman opens herself to a big defamation claim: “A MAN who innocently took a selfie at Westfield Knox has found himself labelled a creep by people on Facebook. The man had been in the Target store yesterday and took a selfie near some Star Wars merchandise located in the children’s section. A Knox woman mistakenly believed he was taking photos of her children and took her complaint to security before snapping a picture of the man and then sharing it on her Facebook page. Her post was shared several hundred times. However inquires to Knox Police by the Leader revealed that the alleged incident was a misunderstanding and the man had been wrongly labelled a “creep” and a “pedo” by Facebook users. Facebookers responded swiftly to a post from Knox Leader to tell them the man was innocent, when it was shared more than 400 times in an hour. “Lesson learnt. Deleted straight away. Apologies to the man himself,” wrote one woman”.

Now there’s a DOUGHNUT burger!: “At first glance, it looks like any other conventional burger; beef patty, bacon and cheese – all smothered in BBQ sauce. However, a closer look reveals that there is one big difference with the latest offering from burger joint Ed’s Easy Diner. Instead of being encased in a traditional bun, the meat in this burger is sandwiched by a sweet doughnut. The 826-calorie creation is the latest offering from the retro-American diner chain, who recently launched a pizza burger, which put a beef patty in between two mini pizzas and is on their menu until 31 May. This isn’t the first time a restaurant has created a sweet-savoury hybrid. Last year, a 2,000-calorie fat, salt and sugar-laden burger went on sale and was promptly described by its critics as a ‘heart attack on a plate’.The Double Donut Burger was served by UK pub-restaurant chain Hungry Horse and consisted of two beef burgers topped with melted cheese, four rashers of smoked streaky bacon and barbecue sauce, all served between two sugar-glazed ring doughnuts.”

A distressing decision: “A climber fell to his death after his friend had to make the agonising decision to cut a safety rope to save himself. Malcolm Hall, 51, had abseiled half-way down a dangerous cliff face as the pair searched for gemstones when disaster struck. The experienced climber got into difficulties with his ropes and was left dangling precariously 180ft above the rocky shoreline. His panic-stricken friend Joseph Faichney, an inexperienced climber who was on the clifftop, was left struggling desperately to cling on. But faced with the ‘impossible situation’ of whether to be dragged into the sea with his companion or attempt to save his own life, Mr Faichney had no option but to sever the rope. An inquest heard that Mr Hall was the ‘author of his own misfortune’ for not taking appropriate safety measures. After cutting his friend loose, Mr Faichney was arrested on suspicion of manslaughter. He was released without charge when the Crown Prosecution Service decided he took the only reasonable course open to him by deciding to save his own life.”

US court rules twins have different fathers in bizarre paternity case: “A PATERNITY suit filed by a man contesting child support payments for a set of twins took an unexpected turn after the results of a court-ordered DNA test came in. They revealed that the man, identified only by his initials, AS, for legal reasons, was “almost certainly” the father of one of the twins — but not the other. New Jersey Superior Court Judge Sohail Mohammad ruled that the babies had been fathered by two different men in a case he described as rare but not without precedents. The mother, known as TM, gave birth to twin girls in January 2013 and named AS as the father when she applied for public assistance. A legal battle began after AS disputed the claim on the grounds that their sexual relationship had not been exclusive. After TM admitted she slept with another man in the same week she had sex with AS, social services ordered a DNA test. Judge Mohammad ordered A.S, who represented himself in court, to pay $28 a week in child support payments to his half of the twins.”

Pirate treasure found off Madagascar: A TEAM of American explorers claimed to have discovered silver treasure from the infamous 17th-century Scottish pirate William Kidd in a shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar. Marine archaeologist Barry Clifford told reporters he had found a 50-kilogram silver bar in the wreck of Kidd’s ship the Adventure Gallery, close to the small island of Sainte Marie. But UNESCO, the United Nations’ cultural body, immediately criticised Clifford’s methods and said he may have damaged a precious archaeological site in his hunt for treasure. Captain Kidd, who was born in Scotland in about 1645, was first employed by British authorities to hunt pirates, before he himself turned into a ruthless criminal of the high seas. October Films, the British production team behind the project, struck a more cautious note, saying that the silver ingot was of the correct date and appeared similar to other ingots linked to Kidd. Archaeologist John de Bry, who attended the ceremony, said the shipwreck and silver bar were “irrefutable proof that this is indeed the treasure of the ‘Adventure Gallery’.”

And don’t forget to catch up with all the Strange Justice before you go.

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