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Odd news from around the world

Wicked verdict in rape case: “In the case of Judge John McKeon, as of early morning Wednesday, almost 20,000 people had signed a petition calling for his impeachment for the 60-day sentence he gave a Glasgow, Mont., man who pleaded guilty to repeatedly raping his prepubescent daughter. “It’s time to start punishing the judges who let these monsters walk our streets,” read the petition. Prosecutors had recommended a mandatory 25-year sentence, 100 years with 75 suspended, which is what state law calls for. Instead, though, Judge McKeon handed down a far lighter sentence: a 30-year suspended prison sentence, which means the man will only serve it if he fails to meet the conditions of his probation. In addition, the man will serve 60 days in jail, but McKeon gave him credit for the 17 days he already served, meaning he’ll only spend another 43 days in jail. McKeon, who has served as a Montana state judge for 22 years, is retiring next month.”

Man hides a window blind in his trousers: “Police have released an image of a man suspected of stealing a Venetian blind by stuffing it down one trouser leg and up the back of his jacket. The alleged theft took place between 2pm and 2.25pm on 16 October at the Dunelm Mill store in Northampton’s St James Mill Road. Staff spotted him leaving the store – apparently without paying – and followed him up a nearby canal path where he dropped the blind and ran off. Police want to speak to the man about the alleged theft”

Idiot McDonald’s manager pulled down a customer’s trousers exposing her bottom: “A McDonald’s manager who pulled down a woman’s baggy tracksuit pants exposing her bottom in front of customers ‘for a joke’ has been jailed. Stuart Hubbard, 26, manager of a Nottingham branch of the fast food chain, yanked down the tracksuit trousers in front of five members of staff and 12 customers. The victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said she was ‘totally humiliated’ by the ordeal and ‘haunted’ at the prospect of bumping into anyone in the street who saw the incident. Hubbard, from Stapleford, in Nottinghamshire, pleaded guilty to common assault following the incident at 1am on February 18. He was jailed for 28 days by Judge Stuart Rafferty. Martin Smith, defending, said his client carried out the act ‘in a moment of madness’. Hubbard was also ordered to pay his victim £500 in compensation”

Girl, 4, speaks SEVEN languages including Chinese and Arabic in front of stunned judges on reality TV show: “A four-year-old girl literally stunned audiences when she spoke seven languages fluently on a TV show. The video of Bella Devyatkina is now wowing people all over the world after she easily switched languages. After easily reading an English question and answering it she then had a conversation in German. Besides her native Russian, Bella also speaks English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese and Arabic – that includes the six official United Nations languages with the addition of German. The most incredible part is that Bella is actually able to communicate in these languages, as her knowledge exceeds the vocabulary of simple ‘small talk’. During the show she managed to answer questions based on a school curriculum in all these languages.

Chilled-out feline curls up on soldier as he blasts a RIFLE at a military range: “Meet a combat cat who is no scaredy cat at all! An incredible video shared on YouTube and LiveLeak shows a ‘Mog’ look-a-like cat, lying on the back of a soldier’s legs whilst he practicing his shooting on a military range that is believed to be in Russia. The cat’s ears can be seen flinching at every shot fired, but in opposition to those who are worried the cat is going to be deaf, others point out the cat looks happy and relaxed and is even massaging the soldier’s legs”

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