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Odd news from around the world

Husband divorces his wife days after marrying her because he saw her without make-up for the first time: “A husband has divorced his wife just days after they tied the knot because he saw her without make-up for the first time. The Arab bride, 28, was given the elbow by her former husband accused of deceiving him by using so many cosmetics and fake eyelashes. The unidentified newlyweds went for a leisurely swim in the sea at Al Mamzar Beach in Dubai, but when the water washed away her make-up the 34-year-old man was said to have not been able to recognise her. ‘The groom immediately divorced his bride and refused any attempt to reunite them again,’ he told Gulf News. The couple had been engaged for six months before the wedding, and the doctor said the husband did not think his wife looked as pretty as before their special day.

A palace on wheels: One-of-a-kind vintage Rolls-Royce: “An art-filled Rolls-Royce regarded as a palace on wheels and one of the finest British cars ever made is expected to sell for £700,000 at auction. The one-of-a-kind Phantom I was commissioned in 1926 by Woolworths’ financial director Clarence Gasque as a surprise gift for his wife, Maude, and was inspired by Marie Antoinette. And to ensure she was suitably impressed, Mr Gasque set out on a no-expense-spared project which resulted in the rear seats costing more than the average home. The ten-month project resulted in a car described by experts as being ‘nothing less than magnificently palatial’. Mr Gasque, a London-based American, bought the chassis and drivetrain from Rolls-Royce for £1,600. He gave it to Wolverhampton coachbuilder Charles Clark of Wolverhampton, headed up at the time by a Mr Barnett, with the demand the car’s design must be French”

Six-foot-long snake shocks Florida man by slithering out from under his hood while he drives on freeway: “A man got the fright of his life when he was driving down the freeway in Florida and saw the beady eyes of a snake staring back at him from his car hood. Tim Mokwa, 37, of Denedin, was in rush hour traffic on Monday on US 19 when he saw a small green head emerge in the corner of the windshield on his 2015 Sonata, according to News12. Mokwa managed to keep his cool and pulled over into a Walmart parking lot to film. The snake was about six feet long, taking up the entire length of the hood. On Facebook, Mokwa identified the snake as a black indigo. After he took several seconds of video of the slippery creature, it suddenly veered back under his hood. He drove home and parked his car, and hasn’t seen the critter since, though he doesn’t know if perhaps it might still be curled up under his engine

700-year-old Chinese bank note to be auctioned off in Sydney after being found in a Buddhist sculpture: “A rare Chinese Ming Dynasty bank note has been discovered inside a wooden bust at an art auction house in Melbourne. The note was found in the head cavity of a 13th-14th century wooden Buddhist sculpture of a Luohan by art specialists from Mossgreen. A Luohan is a Chinese word for a person who has completed the four stages of Enlightenment and reached the state of Nirvana. Ms Kenning said the specialists discovered a folded piece of paper inside the head, translated it and discovered it was a banknote. The bank note is stamped with three official seals and dated the third year of the Ming Dynasty, the Hong Wu period from 1368-1398′

Percival the peacock protects his flock of chickens from predators: “When it comes to protecting livestock, most farmers might opt for a dog or a gun. But not Mark Burgunder, a chicken farmer from Queensland, Australia, who has instead employed the services of a rather protective peacock. Mark said he bought Percival, known as Percy among friends, three years ago as nothing more than a pet. However, Percy soon found other ways to make himself useful around the farm. Mark said that Percy – as he is known to his friends – was initially useful in keeping snakes away from his flock of breeding hens. But soon Mark noticed that attacks from birds of prey had also dropped, and he theorizes it is because they don’t want to take on a large bird like a peacock. Mark added that Percy is unusually friendly for a peacock, and will often eat out of his hand, provided you catch him at the right time of day”

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