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Odd news from around the world

Man chased by bees, hit by car, dies: “A Fort Campbell soldier, hit and killed by three cars as he ran onto a federal highway at night, was being chased, as he told his girlfriend in a telephone call, officials said. But the aggressors in the Sunday night incident were bees, Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove said Monday. The 21-year-old man was walking home from a party “very intoxicated, or on drugs,” Breedlove said. He had tried to break into a landscaping company when something fell on him, trapping him. A toxicology report has not yet been released. The man, whose name was not released, called his girlfriend and then called 911 to say he was being chased, the sheriff said. He ran onto U.S. 41A, and a car struck him. Then two other cars also hit him in the dark. “He got into a beehive,” Breedlove said. “That’s what our investigation shows, that it’s bees that were chasing him and stinging him.”

The most entertaining menu translation fails from around the world: “From the delectable sounding ‘mutton and the smell of urine’ to the delicious ‘ice cream in the a**’, these meals might just leave customers feeling nauseous rather than starving. One menu’s translation, ‘Eel steams the salt meat’ jostled for attention alongside the similarly appetising sounding ‘Hairtail’ and ‘The oil explodes the Screw.’ Keeping customers guessing, the final description simply read: ‘Hairy’. Any diners looking for a nice hearty meal could enjoy ‘boil broken sea lampshade’ at this establishment . Another Chinese menu described one of their signature dishes as ‘Not ordinary gold groping’. But slightly further down lay another gem of comedy gold – as a dish was described as ‘rice wine tender ginger aggradation duck.'”

Two divers are found dead 300 feet underwater in the ‘Mount Everest of cave systems’ that has killed eight other adventurers: “Two divers have drowned while inside a deadly cave system described as the ‘Mount Everest’ for underwater explorers. Patrick Peacock and Chris Rittenmeyer were in the Eagle’s Nest diver area in Weeki Wachee, Florida, with a friend, Justin Blakely, on Saturday. They were missing for about three hours before Blakely called police to report the incident. The dive site is about 50 miles north of Tampa, and the trio was there for a three-day trip, according to WFLA. Peacock and Rittenmeyer were experienced divers, and they decided to tackle the incredibly dangerous caves – ignoring severe warning signs.

French civil servant who hasn’t worked for 10 years after he fell out with his mayor is still paid more than £3,000 PER MONTH: “A French civil servant who left his job a decade ago because of a ‘disagreement’ with his boss has nevertheless pocketed more than £450,000 in that time – despite not doing a day’s work. Bosko Herman continued to pick up a salary of 3,700 Euros (£3,327) per month – and is entitled to do so until he reaches retirement age in 2023. French rules dating back to 1984 stipulate that whenever a director moves on from a municipality, their former employer has to pay part of their salary until they find an equivalent job. It means the Saint-Savine authority has been paying 75 per cent of his salary for 10 years. And Mr Herman, now 55, did not miss out on the other 25 per cent, as this was paid by a civil service management centre which has been unsuccessfully trying to help him find a job.

British parent shares bizarre note from his child’s Italian school telling children to bring their own loo roll after funds ran dry: “One school in Milan is so short on funds it has started asking pupils to supply four rolls of toilet paper, according to a note shared by a bemused British parent. William Hardy, whose child goes to Scuola Primaria Casati, a state primary school in the centre of the city, the wealthiest in Italy, was also asked to bring paper and cups. It read: ‘We’ve run out of toilet paper. So that this great friendship can continue we have to bring one packet of four rolls of toilet paper (each)!’ At the bottom was an image of a smiling poo and toilet roll. Unfortunately, such desperate measures are not particularly uncommon among schools in Italy. Marilena Lombardi, whose child goes to an elementary school in Campania, in the south of the country, was told to bring paper towels and soap”

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