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Odd news from around the world

Icelandic politician breastfeeds six-week-old baby while speaking in parliament: “Icelandic Member of Parliament Unnur Brá Konráðsdóttir had a choice to make this week when she was asked a question in parliament. She could either put down her newborn daughter and stop breastfeeding while she addressed her fellow politicians, or she could do both. Konráðsdóttir did both. Explaining that she was unexpectedly asked a question to defend a bill while feeding her daughter , Konráðsdóttir took to the podium and continued to nurse her child as she spoke about a proposal she had made. “[My child] was hungry, and I wasn’t expecting to speak, so I started feeding her,” Konráðsdóttir said. “Then a representative asked a question about a proposal I had put forward, which I had to answer”

A moonbow!: “On first glance it could be an ordinary rainbow, were it not for the dark night sky. Shining across the Yorkshire Dales, this spectacular phenomenon was actually caused by the moon. The ‘blood moon’ shone above the moors in Skipton, North Yorkshire, giving lunar rainbows due to light from the moon. Lunar rainbows, or moon bows, are formed when moonlight, is refracted by moisture in the atmosphere, whereas direct sunlight refracts moisture to create the rainbow. The blood moon, also known as a Hunter’s Moon, lit up the skies of the UK on Sunday night, but there could be more to come in the next few months. drew Fazekas wrote in the National Geographic: ‘The full moons of November and December will also be super moons. ‘Next month’s super moon promises to be the most impressive, as it will be the largest full moon visible in our skies so far this century.’

A cat that LIKES water: “The brown cat starts by pawing water onto his fur during the pampering session in the bathroom sink. He then dunks his head under the flow and stays there for several seconds for a satisfying soak. He stares contently at the tap, apparently transfixed by the flow of water, before dunking his head back under again. The 40 second clip is certainly unusual, but it is not as rare as you might think. Earlier this year, another video emerged showing a delighted cat having a three minute pampering session courtesy of her owner.

Man who tried to eat world’s hottest pepper burned a HOLE in his throat – and now relies on a feeding tube: “The 47-year-old American ate a burger smothered in a puree made of Bhut jolokia – luminous orange chillies that grow in India, also known as ghost peppers. Within seconds, the man began to vomit. His vomiting continued so violently that he eventually tore a hole in his esophagus. It was not until he began reeling on the floor in pain that he was taken to the emergency room. Doctors performed an abdomen and pelvic scan that revealed a build up of air, fluid and food inside his body. Eventually he was wheeled into the operated room where surgeons discovered a 2.5cm tear in the left side of his throat. According to the Journal of Emergency Medicine, the man was given a tube to aid his breathing for 14 days as he recovered. He then spent another nine days in hospital before he was eventually discharged – with a feeding tube in place”

Meet the 54-year-old who doesn’t look a day over 21: “With glowing skin, thick hair and not a wrinkle in sight, it is little wonder this 54-year-old passes for a woman half her age. Pamela Jay looks so young she is even mistaken for her 22-year-old son’s girlfriend. And the single mother-of-one is happy to share her beauty secrets, revealing daily yoga, a healthy diet and a £15 tub of coconut oil are behind her youthful glow. ‘I’m not sure I look like I’m in my 20s – although people do say that to me – but I feel like I could pass for mid to late 30s, and that’s how I feel energy-wise. ‘My son and I went to view a property recently and were asked if we were a couple. When I said he was my son, the estate agent went bright red and looked really embarrassed.

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