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Odd news from around the world

Thieves caught stealing HONEY that sells for $80 a jar: “Sydney chemists, beauty salons and supermarkets have noticed a spike in crime for a specific type of honey – and the sticky bandits are swarming on the unsuspecting stores. The bizarre new crime wave has seen thieves working like busy bees aiming to swipe the expensive manuka honey, selling for $80 per jar, and subsequently dispensing it on the black market. Manuka honey is said to have powerful anti-bacterial qualities and some anecdotal reports from stores across Sydney revealed small businesses are losing thousands of dollars worth of stock, according to The Daily Telegraph. David Gates, Acting Crime Manager for Sydney City Police Detective Inspector, said there was no doubt stores were being stung for manuka honey by individual gangs. ‘We have seen a spike in the past year of honey theft,’ he said”

Poor doggie: “The internet is in uproar after a man in Brazil posted a picture of his dog, apparently sporting five tattoos. There have been calls for the man to be charged with animal cruelty after the tattooed dog appeared online. The bull terrier appears to have tattoos of an anchor, a knuckleduster and a diamond on its nose. It also has star tattoos just underneath its eyes and the logo of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team on both ears. The dog’s owner, a tattoo artist from Poços de Caldas in Brazil, deleted the images when he realised he was about to become the target of an online campaign. The man, identified as Emerson Damasceno, then claimed they had only been put there because he believed they would protect the animal from cancer, but veterinary experts said what appeared to have been done to the dog had no obvious benefits, and indeed it even might cause problems”

Is this the world’s smallest museum? Yorkshire village opens a tiny attraction in a disused PHONE BOX: “A Yorkshire village has created what could be the world’s smallest museum by transforming a disused phone box. The attraction in Warley, near Halifax, only has enough room for one visitor at a time. But despite the limitations of space, it features etched glass, old photographs and a selection of personal items that tell the history of the village. The phone box was revamped by members of Warley Community Association (WCA), who ‘adopted’ it from BT. The theme is currently local history, but the group plans to make changes every three months. Eliana Bailey, WCA chairwoman, said: ‘We’ve had a phenomenal response. People thought it was amazing, when they saw inside they could not believe it.

What that little pocket in your jeans is really for: “Jean pockets come as pretty standard across the genders – two back pockets, two front pockets and that odd little rectangular pocket in one of the front pockets. But what is it used for? It’s certainly too small for coins and was around before the age of smart phones. User Renata Janoskova cited Levi Strauss, iconic American jeans brand, as having the answer to the mystery pocket. According to a blog post on their website, the pocket is a “watch pocket”, small enough to keep a pocket watch. Ms Janoskova expanded on this, explaining that Levis introduced the pockets to cater for cowboys pocket watches. “Back in the 1800s, cowboys used to wear their watches on chains and kept them in their waistcosts. To keep them from getting broken, Levis introduced this small pocket where they could keep their watch.”

The Most Exclusive Resort You’ve Never Heard Of: “It’s the most exclusive beach resort in Europe, but it’s on a slice of land so small, with an entrance so unassuming, that anyone not in the know could easily miss Il San Pietro di Positano amid the glitz of the Amalfi Coast. But for a rarefied group of travelers who come back year after year and stay for long periods of time, this hotel on a hidden rocky outcropping outside the town of Positano generates a nearly religious devotion. “The hotel has a cult following and it’s spreading to a younger set,” said Sylvana Durrett, 35, a Vogue contributor who heads the annual Costume Institute Gala. She visited Il San Pietro with her husband for the second time this summer. Durrett describes the service as being “incredibly hands-on and friendly without being invasive.” Many guests view the destination as their second home and become so attached to the rooms that they book year after year”

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