A dog, a cat and a FOX?

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Odd news from around the world

Boy who ate himself blind: “Kerry Moore had tried ophthalmologists and pediatricians, a children’s hospital and an adult hospital, light tests, genetic tests and various vision tests in trying to find the cause of her son’s encroaching blindness. Nobody had an answer. Then Ms Moore’s parents saw a television program discussing a cutting-edge treatment for people with similar symptoms, and in desperation she booked a flight from Perth and an appointment with Sydney ophthalmologist Stephanie Watson to see if it would be suitable for Cian. But when Professor Watson examined Cian, she diagnosed him with vitamin A deficiency. Since he was five or six, Cian’s fussy eating habits – nothing except chicken, potatoes, dry bread and Coke – had left him so malnourished he was going blind. Cian, now 16, took heavy doses of Vitamin A for a few days and started drinking vitamin shakes regularly. The vision in his right eye has almost completely recovered, but the damage to his left eye is permanent”

British Army tests portable water cannon which can kill terrorists at close range: “The British Army tested a giant water pistol that can kill terrorists at close range during a recent NATO exercise in Belgium. The NNTEX-16L exercise was hosted at the Elsenborn military camp where the British and Belgian troops were joined by colleagues from the Netherlands and the United States. The watercannon -which looks similar to a Second World War-era flame thrower – has a backpack which can hold ten rounds of ammunition. At ranges less than three metres, the impact of the high-power water jet is likely to be fatal. Between three and six metres, the jet will knock down an enemy. According to details which have emerged from the NNTEX-16L exercise, the jet gun, which was developed in Germany, can be used in situations where firing live ammunition could lead to civilian casualties”

Stunned miners unearth world’s most valuable piece of jade worth £140MILLION: “Stunned miners have unearthed the world’s most valuable piece of jade – an 18ft monster worth £140million. Workers were excavating rare gems at a remote mine in Kachin State, Burma, when they stumbled across the huge jadeite rock. The remarkable stone weighs a staggering 175 tonnes, measures 9ft high, 18ft long and 18ft wide. The rock – which will appear its distinctive green once cleaned – is second only in size to the a carved statue at the Jade Buddha Palace in China which weighs 260 tonnes. Miner Sao Min, 44, said: ‘We thought we had won the lottery. But this belongs to the country. It is in honour of our leaders.’ Burma – or Myanmar – is the world’s largest producer of jadeite – and the 50 billion dollar a year industry represents half of the country’s GDP. Jade is a durable stone that has been fashioned into items ranging from arrowheads to necklaces for centuries”

Weird bike: “The Bird of Prey bike replaces the standard bike seat with a new hip rest, putting the cyclist in a leaning forward position, and preventing them from flipping over the handlebars. The rider’s body on the Bird of Prey is in a lay out position as if the rider was swimming in water. This allows the rider to push and pull on the pedals as if he/she were running with legs fully extended. The rider’s body is supported on the hips placing the body in a position that allows the rider to push and pull on the pedals in a fast spinning action. Rather than sitting in a seat, cyclists lean forward with their weight resting on their hips and arms. The Bird of Prey claims to be the fastest racing bike in the world, because of its low centre of gravity, high speed gears, and ability to overcome wind resistance.

Woman, 23, wins the right to use her DEAD boyfriend’s sperm to start their family because ‘it’s what he would have wanted’: “A 23-year-old woman has won the right to harvest her dead boyfriend’s sperm so she can start the family ‘he always wanted’ on her own. Ayla Cresswell from Toowoomba in southern Queensland lost her partner Joshua Davies, 23, in August and immediately went to court to make sure his sperm would be kept viable. On Friday her dream to have a family with Mr Davies was given the green light by Supreme Court Justice Martin Burns, The Courier Mail reports. Ms Cresswell told the court the couple wanted ‘three children’ and were planning to get married. Ms Cresswell’s application came with the full support of Joshua’s parents John and Iona. The couple had been in a relationship for two years before Joshua’s death”

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