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Odd news from around the world

Astonishing video shows how Australian $5 bill can be used to play vinyl records: “The new Australian $5 dollar note has a unexpected feature that’s guaranteed to knock your socks off. An imaginative Melbourne record shop has showed the note doubles up as a vinyl needle, posting footage of the note playing music on a turntable. The vision, uploaded by Northside Records, has been met with surprise on social media, where commenters begged to know what made them think of using the note as a stylus. The notes, rolled out last month, were inspired by the determination of blind Sydney teen Connor McLeod, who launched an online petition calling for the changes. The note’s tactile markings make it easily recognisable by the vision impaired. However the note has caused some hiccups, with reports some self-service supermarket registers, pokie machines and TABs have been spitting out the bills”

Museum in Estonia invites visitors to SMASH an image of the Virgin Mary to pieces: “A new exhibit at the National Museum of Estonia which invites visitors to desecrate an image of the Virgin Mary has sparked outrage in some quarters of the Christian community. The virtual image is projected on a screen in a glass case – and remains intact until a ‘smash’ zone is kicked at the base of the installation. This causes the sacred statue to shatter and is replaced by the word, ‘Reformation’ – after which the exhibit resets itself. It is intended to celebrate the Protestant Reformation in the historically Lutheran nation. Although two-thirds of the nation declares no religious affiliation – making it one of the least religious countries in the world – there has been an outcry over the museum’s exhibit”

‘Are you God!?’ Crazed man’s bizarre screaming rant at a women on a train – and her response is anything but holy: “The shocking footage shows the man, who appears to be mentally unstable, repeatedly yelling at a woman: ‘Are you God?’ Remaining surprisingly calm, the woman tries to find out what the man is screaming about, but her attempts fail and the confrontation ends in a scuffle. The incident, which appears to have taken place on a train in Australia, shows the man jabbing his finger at the commuter as he continually asks her if she is a deity. At this point the woman loses her temper, asking: ‘Who the f*** are you man? What the f*** are you screaming for?’ This only causes the man to ask her whether she is God again, leading another man to step in and push him away.

A real-life cyborg has revealed how he can hack security doors with just a wave of his hand after having chips implanted under his skin: “Footage taken in Szekesfehervar, Hungary, shows a man having the device inserted in his hand before showing how it can expose flaws in everyday security systems. In one scene, Gabor Heims waves his hand at a sensor which then opens a locked gate – giving him access to a restricted area at his work place. The 31-year-old ‘ethical hacker’ from Gardony repeats the trick with a security barrier simply by pressing his hand up against the card reader. ‘I built an IT security project to raise awareness and show the vulnerabilities in physical access control with the help of an RFID implant,’ he said. ‘I wanted to highlight with my project how easy it is to forge employee access cards when wrong or obsolete technology is used”

Old model does well: “Unlike most models, who make their foray into fashion in their late teens, Nicky Griffin, 56, from Nottingham, only started modelling three years ago after being scouted in her local bank. The mother-of-two’s twin daughters left home in the same week that she was scouted to lend her looks to the White Hot Hair company; a shampoo brand for grey and white hair. Since then, she has landed some major modelling gigs including the latest Swimsexy campaign for swimsuitsforall, which was shot by Victoria’s Secret snapper, Russell James. The campaign also featured in this year’s Sports Illustrated, which made her the oldest model to ever appear in it. So what are the secrets behind her model good looks? ‘Drinking water, clean living, and exercise,’ she said.”

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