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Odd news from around the world

Why you should NOT wash your hands: Less soap could be a GOOD thing for your health, allergy expert explains: “A battle is waging about how often and how carefully we should wash our hands. Many allergy experts say it is vital for our future health and that of our children to reduce hand washing and allow friendly microbes back into our mouths. Some authors go as far as urging us to eat dirt. But other experts, such as those working on infectious diseases, say this is highly irresponsible and dangerous advice because of the recent rise in cases of food poisoning and transmission of viruses. Allergies have been rising since the 1970s in all developed countries and problems caused by previously harmless pollen, house dust mites and various foods are reaching epidemic proportions. Originally, we were told to deal with allergies by eliminating or avoiding them – vacuuming, disinfecting, removing pets, restricting diets and staying indoors. But this has done nothing to stop rates rising.

Spag bol? That’s British, not Italian, says Carluccio: Restaurant chain’s founder pours scorn on the UK version of the dish: “For many, spaghetti bolognese is thought to be an Italian dinner table staple. However according to chef Antonio Carluccio nothing could be further from the truth. Yesterday the TV presenter and founder of restaurant chain Carluccio’s poured scorn on the British interpretation of an Italian classic which originated from the northern city of Bologna. He told an audience at Cheltenham Literature Festival he was confused when he first came to London and saw spaghetti Bolognese on menus – because it does not exist in Italy. He revealed the dish is made with tagliatelle, flat pasta noodles, not the round spaghetti used by so many Brits. He also said that the sauce was made using just pork and beef mince without the herbs that so many people associate with Italian cuisine’

‘Snake whisperer’ stares out deadly king cobra as he catches it with his bare hands: “Brave Puk Pinyo, 45, was called after Bunnita Patchana, 25, found the serpent in the garden after moving into a new house in Bangkok, Thailand. The expert handler – who refuses to wear protective gloves – found the killer snake hiding in a plant pot and prods it with a large stick before he slaps its tail. Pinyo smashes the pot to free the cobra before smacking its tail. As the serpent recoils and apparently prepares to strike, Pinyo calmly stares into its eyes, takes the creature in his bare hands and lifts it into a sack. Pinyo who has been a professional snake rescuer for 15 years, said it was ‘all in a day’s work’.

Wife’s hilarious necklace for husband on holiday: “Most wives would be a little concerned if their husband took a trip to Las Vegas with the boys, but Kim Gip took it to the next level. She made a hilarious lost-and-found necklace for her husband, Jim, which went viral after their son Brandon shared it on Twitter. The sign, attached to a lanyard, says: “My name is Jim” in bold, highlighted letters. “If I look lost, please call my wife … I’ve never been away from my wife who does everything for me.” Apparently Jim saw the funny side, later posting a picture of himself wearing the necklace.

The world’s longest railway line, 9289 km, is now 100 years old: “In 1891, Russia’s government led by Tsar Nicholas II, ordered that a railway be built between Moscow and Vladivostock, thousands of miles away on Russia’s eastern coast and a port in the Sea of Japan. The result was the Trans-Siberian railway, which traverses seven time zones and 9289 kilometres. It was finally completed in 1916, as the world was at war. 100 years later it remains the world’s longest railway line. The railway was built over more than two decades by up to 90,000 labourers including soldiers and convicts. Much of the line was completed by the early 20th century, but the route originally went through China finishing touches were not made until 1916. At 9289km, the Trans-Siberian Railway is the world’s largest single railway line. But if you take a detour through Mongolia, it can stretch to a stunning 11,024km. The whole journey takes around a week to complete, crossing mountains, arctic scenes and forests, and cost around £500.

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