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Odd news from around the world

Doctors hail new wonder lung cancer drug that ‘melts away the disease’ and is THREE TIMES more effective than chemotherapy: “A new lung cancer drug is three times more effective than chemotherapy without the side effects, according to clinical trails in a Sydney hospital. Doctors at Westmead Hospital in Sydney said the drug Keytruda ‘melted away’ cancer cells and had shrunk tumours on patients who were considered terminal. The drug is more effective without the unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy. The study used patients whose cancer had spread outside their lungs and they had high levels of a marker that indicated their cancer cells were ‘disguised’ as healthy cells. The drug takes away the ‘camouflage’ so the immune system can find and attack the cancerous cells. Professor Hui said stage four lung cancer patients with a specific marker who took Keytruda 70 per cent chance of living past 12 months without any need for chemotherapy”

Short-sighted people are brainier than those with 20/20 vision say scientists: “Glasses-wearers are smarter than those with perfect vision, according to researchers at Mainz University in Germany. According to The Times, scientists in the department of ophthalmology at the German university found that short-sighted people were more likely to be brighter and better educated than people who don’t need glasses. Researchers were investigating the increase in myopia across Europe, which is as high as 50 per cent in groups of professionals over the age of 40. The study looked at 3,452 people, giving them eye examinations and intelligence tests and recorded their age and level of investigation. But the research also drew the link between intelligence and time in education, which involves a lot of ‘near-work’ and can affect eye health

Creepy clown holding a baseball bat grets his just deserts: “A man dressed up as a clown was attacked by a group of men after they saw him walking down the street with a baseball bat. The men were driving home after a night out just before 2am on Sunday when they drove past the clown in Parramatta, Sydney’s west. Dashcam footage shows the driver performing a U-turn and telling one of the men to get out of the car and ‘bash him’. After seeing the vehicle pull over, the clown places the bat on the ground before the man runs over and appears to kick and punch him to the ground. ‘He’s backing down,’ one of the men in the car can be heard saying as the rest of the passengers laugh. The clown’s mask and wig falls off during the attack and he is seen crouching on the grass and holding his head. The men then speed off laughing”

‘Female staff must kiss boss’ each morning: “A Chinese company requires it’s female staff to give mandatory kisses to their employer each morning, in a bizarre move they say is being used to boost morale and maintain good employee relationships. The Tongzhou District company, responsible for creating home brewing machinery, argues that the practice helps to unite and enhance the company’s corporate culture. Each morning, the female staff, making up half of the business’s employees, must line up for half an hour at 9am in order to greet their boss. Most workers have adopted the practice, while two who refused have since resigned from their positions with the company. Social media went into meltdown after the video of the man kissing has staff was shared and it’s not hard to understand why.

Australian Prime Minister barred from wearing his Apple watch: “Malcolm Turnbull may be famed for his love of technology, which has even extended to checking his Apple Watch in the chamber of the House of Representatives. But the Prime Minister is obliged to take it off before cabinet meetings, a government spokesman has confirmed, adhering to a long-standing policy that no communication devices may be taken into the sensitive room. There are rising concern about the threat of device hacking by foreign intelligence agencies or political “hacktivists”, with British government ministers reportedly issued an edict not to wear Apple Watches to cabinet meetings because of fears they could be penetrated by Russian spies.”

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