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Odd news from around the world

Hope for older women: Scientists believe a CANCER drug could help their ovaries produce more eggs: “A major scientific breakthrough could pave the way for treatments that allow older women to have children. It has always been believed that women have a limited number of eggs that cannot be increased, but that theory could be debunked after it was revealed that ovaries may be able to grow new ones. According to The Guardian, a study was undertaken at the University of Edinburgh that showed women suffering from cancer and taking chemotherapy drug ABVD had a far greater density of eggs than healthy women with otherwise similar characteristics. Professor Evelyn Telfer, who led the study, said: ‘This was something remarkable and completely unexpected for us. The tissue appeared to have formed new eggs.

Oldster discovers bowl he had been using in his garden is really a 2,000-year-old precious Roman artefact: “A man in Alcester was in for a surprise when it was realised the bowl he had used for ten years as a bird bath, was really a precious Roman artefact. Ray Taylor had dug the bowl up in his garden when planting rhubarb, and used it to create a DIY bird bath. But a museum has now revealed that the bowl is one of the most complete Roman bowls discovered in the last 50 years. The ancient bowl-turned bird bath is a type of ceramic bowl which was used for grinding and serving herbs and spices. Mr Ray donated the Roman bowl to Warwickshire County Council’s Heritage and Culture Museum collections ten years after digging it up in his garden. Sara Wear, Curator of Human History at Warwickshire County Council, identified the bowl as an almost complete mortarium from the 2nd or 3rd century AD”

An Indian TEENAGER has had a 20 centimetre “tail” removed from his back: “The tail had started to grow on the back of the teenager just after his 14th birthday. But the condition was ignored by his parents. But over the past four years, as the boy turned 18, the tail had grown to 20cm long. The family, who were apprehensive about drawing a public attention to the condition of their son, finally decided to get the tail removed. But they refused to have their identity disclosed. Doctors say that the boy might have developed the tail in the womb as a result of a neural tube deformity but it appeared outside only after he grew up. A team of neurosurgeons at the government Super Specialty Hospital successfully removed the human tail, apparently the longest recorded so far. The surgery is not very demanding but it is done by a neurosurgeon as the growth of tail involves a part of the spinal cord.”

A Chinese Oktoberfest: “China’s answer to Oktoberfest makes Munich’s festivities look like a church fete. Roughly the size of 100 football pitches, the month-long Qingdao International Beer Festival, held in August, plays host to 4 million Chinese in lederhosen, enthusiastically swinging frothy steins. It’s quite a spectacle. And there’s more than just a thigh-slapping Oompah band. You can expect fire-breathing circus performers, funfair rides, luxury car exhibitions, an opera theatre and beer barrels the size of houses. I hadn’t heard of Qingdao — but it turns out to be a sprawling port city around an hour-and-a-half flight from Beijing. It’s famed for its brewery, which was founded by German settlers a century ago and makes a pilsner-style lager called Tsingtao, using rice and spring water from the nearby Mount Laoshan”

Pumpkin mania: “With just over three weeks to go until Halloween, expect to see a lot of pumpkins in the very near future. But however intricately-carved with ghoulish features they are, this record-breaking vegetable will take some beating for the amount of attention lavished on it. Twin brothers Stuart and Ian Paton spend up to five hours a day tending to their pumpkins, and set a new UK record with this 4ft-tall veg, which weighs a huge 161 stone [2250 lb]. The 55 year olds broke their previous record of 135 stone, which they set two years ago. And for good measure, two of their other entries at the Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Netley, Southampton, Hants, came in second and third, weighing 154 and 139 stone. Now the brothers, who spent up to five hours a day tending to the pumpkins, are delighted to have beaten their own record and enter the history books once again. Ian, who works with his brother at their family flower growing business at Pennington, in the New Forest, now plans to beat the 166 stone world record”

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