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Odd news from around the world

Hairy baby: “Sporting bouffant hair at just nine weeks old, Junior Cox-Noon turns heads wherever he goes. His mother says it now takes her two hours to do the weekly supermarket shop instead of 40 minutes because so many people stop to say hello to him. But the strapping infant enjoys the fringe benefits of being the centre of attention – and cries if she tries to put a hat on him to speed things up. Junior, born at Brighton General Hospital weighing 10lb on July 30, has so much he has been nicknamed ‘Baby Bear’. Yesterday his mother Chelsea Noon, 32, a hairdresser, from Brighton, said: ‘He came out with loads of hair. I didn’t realise how much until he had his first bath. Her other sons, Mitchell, six, and Preston, four, did not share Junior’s hairiness at birth.”

Groom’s wedding ring flies off his finger and into a lake while he dances with his mother – just THREE HOURS after he and his bride say ‘I do’: “An unlucky groom may have broken the record for shortest time to lose a wedding ring after it fell into a lake just three hours after the ceremony. Jim Rekrut, 35, and his mom Michelle, 62, were performing a mother and son dance at the reception of his wedding to Brittney, 30, when the matrimonial mishap occurred. Jim’s sister Kate filmed the pair as they waltzed around the Earlyhouse in Louisa, Virginia, and the groom span his mother around. After the second spin, the wedding band is pushed off Jim’s hand bouncing off the bridge and into the lake below as the whole party look shell-shocked. Jim said: ‘I didn’t really realise anything happened until I saw my mum looking at the ground and saw something roll into the water. Sadly, Jim’s ring has still not yet been recovered.

Would you wear an INFLATABLE bike helmet? Airbag is six times better at absorbing impacts than foam: “Inflatable cycle helmets borrow their concept from the airbags used in cars. The airbag itself is rolled up inside a collar along with a canister of compressed air. A computer inside the collar uses an algorithm and motion detectors to work out when a cyclist moves in a sudden and unusual way that indicates an accident. The airbag is then inflated within a fraction of a second so that it envelopes the rider’s head. A team at Stanford University is crash testing the helmets to measure the level of protection they provide against standard foam helmets. They claim that inflatable helmets are up to six times more effective than the foam alternatives.

Meet the world’s biggest sailing superyacht! It’s got three massive masts and needs a tug to get out of port/a>: “It was virtually impossible to miss the world’s largest sailing superyacht as it took to the sea for a test run today – thanks in large part to its three mammoth 300ft masts which stand taller than Big Ben’s tower. The 468ft-long vessel, owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich Melnichenko, was reportedly pulled out of the German Naval Yard in Kiel, north of Hamburg, by a tugboat and eventually built up a speed of 20 knots. But the superyacht, worth an estimated $450million (£313million), was not able to realise its full potential because the three huge sails have not yet been unveiled. They are expected to be tested at some point in the next week. Sailing Yacht A boasts eight floors – with a helicopter pad on one of the decks – and an underwater observation room”

College student gains viral fame after fooling peers by wearing a SHOELACE in place of a choker: “An Oklahoma student is becoming an online sensation after tricking people into thinking she was sporting a fashionable choker, when it was actually a shoelace. Katie Rosebrook is one of many women who love the look of a good choker, but are less than willing to fork over the cash for one. So, after joking around with some friends on the topic, the crafty college student decided to get creative and make her own. Grabbing a set of shoelaces out of her Nike shoes, Katie took one and wrapped it around her neck twice before tying the ends in a bow. Reckoning that she was pulling off the unique look fairly well, Katie took it out for a spin on a night out to several bars. To her surprise, and amusement, the slapdash accessory was a big hit. And what was even more startling is that only one person seemed to notice that she was just wearing a plain black shoelace”

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