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Odd news from around the world

Man has his big TOE sewn onto his hand after losing his thumb: “A man who heard every bone in his hands break when they were crushed in a roller during a life-changing accident at work has replaced his thumb with his big toe. Western Australian Dean Reid lost both his ring fingers and had his big toe replace his right thumb after a horrific accident at work, which resulted in multiple surgeries in an attempt to restore function to his hands. Mr Reid said he could feel every bone in his hands break during the sickening accident that occurred when Mr Reid was working as a trainee line operator in May last year. ‘One second, everything was normal and the next, my hands were getting sucked into the rollers,’ he told WAtoday. ‘I could feel every bone break, every finger getting crushed and I couldn’t get my hands out. ‘It was terrifying. I knew straight away how bad it was,’ Mr Reid said. The incident is now subject to a Workplace Health and Safety investigation after Ms James revealed the safety features of the roller were not working”

‘I am a model. FULL STOP’: Model hits out at fashion houses who insist on calling her ‘plus size’: “Australian model who made headlines for asking fashion houses to stop labelling models ‘plus size’ continues to find herself fighting against being labelled by her size. Stefania Ferrario, from Melbourne, found herself taking a stance last year when she posted an image of herself with the statement ‘I am a model.’ written across her abdomen. The 23-year-old who is the front woman of #DropThePlus movement says those who claim certain models are ‘plus size’ imply they are ‘bigger than normal,’ reported Broadly. The young model also noted that although some people in her industry might find the word empowering she believes it’s the meaning expressed to the public that needs to be changed. ‘I think certain labels do have a negative impact and it’s easier to completely get rid of a word than to try to change its connotational meaning,’ Ferrario said.

Women are selling their ‘lovingly used’ lingerie online – for up to $5000 for a single pair: “Women are selling their used underwear to male customers for thousands of pounds online. The market may seem niche but it has proven to be very lucrative with women earning up to $5,000 (£3,850) for a single pair. Alex Matthews Co-founder of the company says told the Independent that a buyer did once pay the top price for a pair of pants that were worn for three weeks straight. Sofia Gray may be an American site but the trend is seeing interest in the UK too with students opting to sell their used pants online to raise extra cash. Speaking on condition of anonymity, a 21-year-old from Hampshire told Save the Student that she signed up to an underwear trading website, which had a £15 monthly fee. The young woman said that she managed to make £100 a month by selling just one or two items a week. With sending such intimate items in the post, the girl said she was always careful to never include any personal information”

Rainbow in the red centre: Tourguide captures rare phenomenon of glorious double arcs over Uluru: “A tour guide who braved heavy rains to behold a sunset in Uluru was treated to a breathtaking double rainbow over the towering landmark. Stunning snapshots from Thomas Nixon show the glorious double arcs soaring high above the 1,142-foot high sacred site. Mr Nixon, who works as a tour guide in Australia’s red-centre, said: ‘the moment was a pretty special one.’ Uluru – also known as Ayers Rock – is pivotal to aboriginal culture and an icon of central Australia. Double rainbows are a rare phenomenon caused by a double reflection of sunlight inside the raindrops. The colours of the second, fainter rainbow are inverted, with blue on the outside and red on the inside. The second rainbow is fainter than the primary because more light escapes from two reflections and because the rainbow itself is spread over a greater area of the sky”

in Dubai: “After months of anticipation, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus were finally unveiled at the beginning of September. While many people couldn’t wait to get their hands on the phone to try out the new dual-lens camera, or test the waterproof function, one man had another idea in mind. A YouTube vlogger has thrown his £719 ($749) iPhone Plus off the Burj Khalifa – the world’s tallest building – in Dubai, and unsurprisingly, it didn’t survive. Tech Rax, a Ukrainian YouTuber, ‘specializes in smashing technology for your pleasure’, according to his Twitter bio. Having thrown the phone, TechRax then used the ‘Find my iPhone’ function to try to locate his device. Unsurprisingly, the phone appears to be offline – presumably because the fall completely destroyed it”

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