What will she be like when she is 60?

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A woman’s breasts tend to enlarge as she gets older




Odd news from around the world

Golfer struggles to hole out as he is harassed by two angry birds who think his ball is one of THEIR eggs: “Of all the distractions one might face on a golf course, a couple of angry birds isn’t typically one of them. But for a man trying to hole out at Singapore’s Orchid Country Club, that’s exactly what happened, as two agitated birds refused to stop harassing him. It appears the two had become confused and mistaken the golf ball for one of their eggs, and were suddenly very protective of it. Video taken by a friend that appeared on the website Live Leak this week shows the frustrated golfer try to gently shoo the birds away with his club. However they are not having any of it. The birds can be seen circling the ball and trying to protect it, and lash out at the man as the tries to approach. By the time the one-minute clip finishes, the man is no closer to getting that ball in the hole”

War on cakes in Britain: “Restaurants, pubs and cafés face being ‘named and shamed’ if they offer indulgent puddings, under government plans to tackle obesity. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has told companies they must be part of efforts to reduce the nation’s waistline because eating out ‘is no longer a treat’. But the idea has proved hard to digest for many members of the public – with complaints that Mr Hunt may try to impose a ‘tax on sunsets’ next. Mr Hunt wants to encourage chain restaurants, takeaways and fast food retailers, to cut sugar and reduce the size of desserts, cakes and pastries. Consumers will be able to check the companies’ efforts on a website, so they can see which ones are putting their waistlines at risk. It comes as food producers are being asked to cut sugar in key products by 20 per cent over the next five years. In a private meeting Mr Hunt told 100 food companies that ‘doing nothing was not an option’, according to The Times”

Senior cit, 79, spends three years building an exact replica of an 1870s steam engine from just one surviving photo of the original : “A 5,000-hour workload would probably be enough to deter most from a past time – but a 79-year-old train fanatic has gone full steam ahead with constructing an exact replica of an 1870s locomotive. David Young spent three years painstakingly recreating steam engine Samson with the help of just one surviving photo. The train, which is based on the original 1874 narrow gauge engine, was built at Beamish Museum, in County Durham. Mr Young, a retired safety engineer of Fatfield, near Sunderland, said: ‘I was never a hands-on mechanic, I was more an engineer sat behind a desk. This is basically a hobby gone mad. ‘I’m from a generation where if you wanted things you had to make it.’ The steam locomotive worked on the tramway to Cornish Hush mine in Weardale. It was responsible for transporting lead ore from the lead mine to the crushing plant where it was processed.

Big bird steals shade from beach goers in Australia: “A cassowary bird has been photographed sitting under a beach umbrella and blanket, forcing beach goers to give up their prime position. The pictures, captured by Jennifer Rinaldo, show the endangered bird casually taking over the picnic site at Etty Bay beach, in far North Queensland. Two young mothers had set up the beach blanket and umbrella with their small children. When the women noticed the bird approaching the quickly grabbed their kids and moved out of his way. The cassowary ended up taking over their set up, enjoying their picnic and the beautiful view. Ms Rinaldo said: ‘cassowaries are an endangered species that should be respected and protected by locals and tourists.’

Woman sues clinic after finding a ‘huge’ surgical instrument stuck inside her: “A California woman who was left with a ‘huge’ surgical instrument stuck inside her is suing the clinic who carried out the operation. Michelle Doig-Collins, from Rancho Santa Margarita, near Los Angeles, has filed a lawsuit against The Surgery Center after surgeons allegedly left the probe in her vagina during a routine procedure in April. She had been suffering from a lot of pain before the operation but she was surprised that after the surgery she actually started feeling worse. Mrs Doig-Collins took antibiotics but nothing helped and matters came to a head on July 3 when she collapsed in agony on the floor of the restroom. Her husband Eddie rushed her to the emergency room and an X-ray finally gave an explanation for the pain. Mrs Doig-Collins, who has three children, said: ‘I had this thing in me for 11 weeks.’ Her attorney Jeff Greenman, who is an expert in medical malpractice, told CBS: ‘How did no one see this?

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