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Odd news from around the world

Blind hoarder ‘unaware’ son was dead in house for 20 years: “The elderly Brooklyn woman found this month living with the skeletal remains of her son, possibly for as long as 20 years, is a legally blind hoarder who may not have even known he was there, NYPD sources said. The chilling discovery of the skeleton was made on September 15 when a relative showed up at Rita Wolfensohn’s home to fetch her belongings and take them to her in the hospital. In a debris-choked second-floor bedroom, sister-in-law Josette Buchman found a “completely intact” skeleton, dressed in jeans, socks and a shirt, lying on its back on a thin mattress on the floor, police sources told The New York Post. But investigators now believe Wolfensohn may not have known she was living with the corpse of her son. Cobwebs and garbage filled the room where the body was found. When police questioned the ailing woman, she spoke about her son as if he had simply moved out”

Marvellous Malta: “Boasting crystal clear waters and oozing with history, Malta has been revealed as the top ‘secret’ destination to visit by the adventure experts at Lonely Planet. The sunny archipelago, located in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast, beat 24 other destinations to the top spot. Abigail Blasi, a guidebook author and specialist on the country, said people shouldn’t dispel it for being a hot spot with ‘elderly tour groups’ as the there has been an emergence of new architecture, restaurant launches and hotel openings over recent years. She added: ‘The face of the city is evolving… Meanwhile, Malta’s smaller sibling Gozo – an island of steep cliffs and quiet inlets over the water (left) – is home to some of Europe’s best scuba diving.'”

Gigantic WASPS’ NEST once containing 10,000 of the insects: “Pest controllers were called in to deal with a gigantic wasp nest the size of a barrel in the attic of a house. The nest was once home to 10,000 of the insects who had even built a 5ft tunnel to the outside world. It was discovered at a property which had been empty for two years in the village of Pipewell, in Northamptonshire. Thankfully for the pest controllers who were asked to investigate the giant structure, the 10,000 insects who called the barrel-sized nest home had moved out around a year ago. ‘Although you wouldn’t want it in your own loft, you have to say it’s a very impressive and in its own way a very beautiful thing.’ They were able to build such a large home for themselves as the loft had been empty for several years. He said the structure was made from paper-like material the insects had stripped from fences and tree bark”

Tradie gets bitten on his penis by a spider for the second time: “A 21-YEAR-OLD tradie has been branded “the unluckiest man in the world” after he was bitten on the penis by a spider for a second time. The apprentice, known only as Jordan, was bitten on his old fella by a redback spider on a worksite in Sydney’s south back in April. Yesterday, almost five months later exactly, his tackle was bitten again in a portaloo on a worksite. “This is the first time I’ve used one [portaloo] since then,” Jordan revealed to Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM this morning. The tradie claims he did try to check the toilet seat before he sat down to use it but didn’t notice the spider. Jordan said the spider bit him in “pretty much the same spot” as last time, although he’s not sure what type of spider it was on this occasion. “This is one is a bit sorer,” Jordan said, “it seems like it got a better shot at it this time”. The tradie was released from hospital last night and will return to work tomorrow once the swelling has gone down.

Ancient Roman coins found buried under ruins of Japanese castle leave archaeologists baffled: “Archaeologists were left baffled by the “strange” discovery of ancient Roman coins buried in the ruins of a castle in Japan. The four copper coins were retrieved from soil beneath Katsuren Castle on Okinawa Island, and were originally thought to be a hoax before their true provenance was revealed. The designs on the coins are difficult to decipher as they have been eroded over time, but x-ray analysis revealed several of the relics bore the image of Emperor Constantine I. Since excavation on the site began in 2013, researchers have also found a further six coins which may be dated back to the Ottoman Empire in the late 17th century. The Roman coins appear to be much older, dating back to at least 400AD according to estimates”

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