Almost beautiful: A cross-section of an undersea cable

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Odd news from around the world

Mysterious ice cave with 25ft-long icicles that only freezes over in the SUMMER : “Ice is normally associated with winter – but not so for this puzzling geographic anomaly. The Coudersport Ice Mine in Pennsylvania has been baffling visitors for years with its ability to only ever produce ice in the summer. At the bottom of the 40ft deep chasm lies a layer of ice and from the sides of the pit hang icicles as long as 25ft long and 3ft thick… but come the colder months it all melts away into nothing. Unlike other natural ice mines, at Coudersport the hotter the weather the more ice is produced. The phenomenon largely remains a mystery but the prevailing theory credits it to the air flow within the pit. Originally the natural freezer was used to store food and other materials but became a popular tourist attraction from the early 20th century. Originally the natural freezer was used to store food and other materials but became a popular tourist attraction from the early 20th century.

Elon Musk unveils radical ‘megashuttle’ that will take man to Mars in 80 days: “SpaceX chief Elon Musk has unveiled his most ambitious project yet – an ‘interplanetary transport system’ to take man to Mars in 80 days and build a sustainable human colony of a million people there. ‘What I want to achieve is make Mars seem possible, to show that we can do it in our lifetimes, and you could go,’ he said at the International Astronautical Congress in Mexico. However, he warned the trip was likely to be dangerous – and said candidates for the first missions ‘must be prepared to die’. The Interplanetary Transport System will use a giant shuttle capable of carrying 100 passenger to the Red Planet at a time, and Musk hopes to take a million people to set up a sustainable city there. It will launch from Earth on a giant version of SpaceX’s reusable rocket booster, unfurling solar sails to power its journey to the red planet.

Student develops a protein that ‘rips apart’ and destroys antibiotic-resistant SUPERBUGS: “A PhD student from the University of Melbourne has developed a molecule that may help destroy mutated bacteria known as ‘superbugs’. Malaysian student Shu Lam, 25, and her colleagues at the University of Melbourne, believe they are a step closer to winning the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria after discovering it can be destroyed by a new protein. The star-shaped proteins tear down the cell walls in their attempt to overcome mutated bugs. Experts believe the proteins could be developed as a replacement for treating bacterial infections that don’t respond to available antibiotics anymore. Genetically engineered, the molecules kill bacteria in different ways than most antibiotics which are designed to halt growth. Other microscopic images released by the scientists show the moment the bacteria appears to explode as it is attacked.”

Meet the world’s first ‘three-parent baby’: Boy carries a tiny piece of genetic code from a third donor ‘parent’ to avoid inheriting a disease from his mother : “The world’s first child has been born using a revolutionary technique that combines the genes of three parents. Like all humans, the five-month-old boy carries DNA from both his parents. But he also has a tiny piece of genetic code from a donor. It means he has avoided inheriting a genetic condition from his Jordanian mother, known only as IS, that could kill him. The controversial technique has only been legally approved in the UK. However, the first baby was engineered by a US medical team who treated IS and her husband in Mexico, where there are no laws to block the procedure. And embryologists believe this birth should fast-forward progress around the world, offering hope to millions who face the prospect of delivering terminally ill children”

Domino’s customer discovers $5,000 in cash in her delivery box : “A woman in San Jose, California is getting free pizza for a year after she turned in the $5,000 that was accidentally delivered to her in a Domino’s box. Selena Avalos was working at her job at a wireless company last Tuesday when she ordered chicken wings from a nearby Domino’s. When she got the order, she looked inside and found $5,000 instead of her lunch. Immediately, Avalos called the store back and left a message saying she found the money, which she believes was a bank deposit. But after several days, the store didn’t call back so she got in contact with corporate. Eventually, the store’s manager called Avalos and the money was returned – but not before the chain could thank Avalos for her good work. The chain is giving her free pizza for a year for the good deed.

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