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Odd news from around the world

Chinese fishermen net a massive rare croaker ‘as precious as a panda’ and are selling it for £127,000: “A group of Chinese fishermen are expecting to sell a huge croaker they caught for 1.1 million yuan (£127,000). The men were surprised to spot the fish in the waters off Daishan near the city of Zhoushan, east China, on September 18, reported People’s Daily Online. Weighing 105 pounds and measuring 5ft 2in in length, the fish was so large it took four to five men to drag it onto the boat. The fish is reportedly a rare type of croaker, known to the local fishermen as the ‘Zhoushan big fish’. ‘The fish is as rare as panda,’ said Chen, relative of one of the trawlermen who caught the fish. Chen added: ‘I haven’t seen this fish for over 20 years. According to them, the fish’s swim bladder is especially valuable as it is believed to be a great source of protein and fat. The organ is frequently used by Chinese medicine practitioners to cure heart and lung ailments.

Time to tie the knot! Chinese bride and groom stuck in traffic jam get married in tunnel so they don’t miss the ‘auspicious moment’: “A couple in China, who were stuck in a traffic jam, held their wedding in a tunnel in order to marry at an auspicious moment. The pair had been planning to marry during a ceremony and banquet which was set to be held at 12pm, considered an auspicious time by the couple, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online. 40 relatives and friends stuck inside the tunnel in Ankang, Shaanxi province attended the wedding. According to reports, the grooms set out at 5am to escort the bride and then the couple drove to the wedding venue. However on their way to the wedding, there was a traffic accident and they became stuck in the tunnel. In some parts of China, especially in the north, people hold the belief that bride and groom who marry for the first time must wed at noon”

Russian marksman plays Beethoven classics (and even Old McDonald Had a Farm) on a pair of pistols : “A talented marksman uses his weapons to make music in this oddly satisfying video. Vitaly Kryuchin, head of the Russian Practical Shooting Federation, performed an Ode to Joy and other songs at a shooting range in Suomussalmi, eastern Finland, on Monday. Using two handguns Mr Kryuchin is seen firing off shots towards an ‘instrument’ made up of black and white metal plates. When the bullets hit the plates they make up a series of classic tunes. Backed by a small orchestra of two singers, a violinist and a keyboard player, Mr Kryuchin also takes on the nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had A Farm and the famous Russian song Murka. The violinist wears ear guards to protect from the load gunshot sounds. The video had to be filmed in several shots to give Mr Kryuchin time to reload his weapon and hundreds of bullets were used to make up the final performance.

Chinese students are smitten with ‘goddess lecturers’: “A number of university teachers have become a talking point in China for their ‘extremely good looks’. These female educators, from the Sichuan Normal University in south-west China, have been billed as ‘goddesses’ after their school uploaded pictures of them to a social media platform. Students at the university are studying harder and sitting in on extra classes because they want to meet these beautiful lectures, according to a teacher from the school. The Sichuan Normal University is located in Chengdu, a city known for its beautiful women. These teachers were selected by their school to represent a generation of young lectures to the public. A teacher surnamed Xu, who is charge of the school’s social media publicity, told MailOnline that the teachers were chosen based on their academic achievements, popularity as well as their appearances”

British students have uninhibited beginning to university life: “Thousands of teenage students took to the streets of Portsmouth as they celebrated the start of their university careers during Fresher’s Week. Drunken revellers were photographed lying on the pavement, while scantily-clad girls marched through the city centre. Some of the youngsters, living away from home for just a few days can be seen vomiting, screaming and collapsing on the street. One group of girls were spotted wearing a figure-hugging leotard printed with the legend: ‘Don’t Tell Daddy.’ The remains of kebabs were seen smeared all over the side of the pavement as the streets were strewn with rubbish generated during the debaucherous night out. Security guards, bouncers and police tried to keep the teenagers safe after many over-indulged the special offers available during their first week in college.

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