Wisdom from the East

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Odd news from around the world

ISIS test flying anti-aircraft mines made out of PLASTIC BAGS to blow up western fighter jets: “ISIS are trying to use floating plastic bag bombs to down jets and create no-fly zones above parts of Iraq and Syria under the terror group’s control. The group have launched a how to guide for fellow terrorists, explaining how flying mines can be made from the bags, hydrogen and bullets. If hit by an allied fighter jet, the bullets could be sucked into the engine and explode, downing the aircraft – which have been used to bomb ISIS-held areas – it claims. The guide – called Dropping Fighter Jets in the Lands of the Islamic State – also explains how to make 300litres of hydrogen from household chemicals. Once the bags are filled, they can be weighted to float at different levels, and ISIS intends to use them to create no-fly zones in the area, it is believed”

Psychic sends firm broke: “The head of a stockbroking firm that collapsed owing $61 million to its clients took financial advice from a psychic who claimed she could ‘manipulate electromagnetic energy’ to create ‘better outcomes’ for the company. Former BBY executive chairman Glenn Rosewall took advice on major business decisions, including budget forecasts, from ‘professional intuitive and energy healer’ Nevine Rottinger before the firm went bust in May 2015. Ms Rottinger told Sydney’s New South Wales Supreme Court that she had no financial training, but would use chakras, incantations, astrology and ‘intuition’ to determine share prices, the Sydney Morning Herald reported. Mr Rosewall had wanted to try a ‘mind over matter approach’ and sought Ms Rottinger’s counsel during a ‘messy lunch’ in December 2014. Mr Rosewall and his father, former tennis great Ken Rosewell, own the majority share of the firm, formerly Burdett Buckeridge Young Limited”

Britain’s chief Leftist nut does it again: “Jeremy Corbyn has been ridiculed for saying he doesn’t eat biscuits because he is ‘anti-sugar’ – even though he is famous for his love of jam. The Labour leader ended up in a tangle after decrying biscuits on ‘health grounds’ during a question and answer session on Mumsnet. Mr Corbyn wrote today: ‘I’m totally anti-sugar on health grounds, so eat very few biscuits, but if forced to accept one, it’s always a pleasure to have a shortbread.’ But users quickly pointed out that his hatred of sugar seemed to contradict his jam-making hobby. The veteran left-winger apparently could not be reached by aides recently during the ‘traingate’ row because he was busy making jam.

A Fisherman caught an object in Siberia and was about to throw it away when he saw a face on it: “A figurine of a pagan god pulled out of a Siberian river by an angler has been confirmed as being ‘unique’ and around 4,200 years old. One theory is that with its ferocious face the ancient object – from the Okunev culture – might have been a children’s toy or rattle to ward off evil spirits. Fisherman Nikolay Tarasov, 55, made the remarkable Bronze Age ‘catch’ when he dipped his net in the Dudet River near his home in Tisul, Kemerovo region. He expected to pull out a tench or carp but instead netted the fossilised figurine originally carved from antler. It has almond-shaped eyes, a large mouth with full lips, and a ferocious facial expression. On the back is ‘plaited hair with wave like lines. Below the plait there are lines looking like fish scales. The amazing catch is now on display at Kisul Historical Museum.

Pigeons can be taught to READ (sort of): “Pigeons may be smarter than previously thought as they have the ability to ‘read’, according to a new study. The feathered creatures can learn to distinguish real words from non-words by looking at their letter combinations, says the surprising research. The study is said to be the first to prove than a non-primate species has ‘orthographic abilities’ – which is the ability to recognise a three-dimensional object represented in two dimensions, such as a word. The team added words one by one with the four pigeons in the study building up vocabularies ranging from 26 to 58 words and more than 8,000 non-words. To establish whether the pigeons were leaning to actually distinguish words from non-words rather than merely memorising them, the researchers introduced words that the birds had never seen before. Somewhat surprisingly, the pigeons were able to identify the new words as words, at a significant rate”

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