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Odd news from around the world

Minnesota Dog Walks Four Miles Every Day to See His Friends in Town: “For the past 12 years, a Chesapeake-Lab mix named Bruno has been regularly walking four miles (eight miles round trip) to downtown Longville from his country home to socialize, collect treats, and hang around. His almost daily commute has made Bruno a beloved town legend. “Everybody knows Bruno,” resident Sharon Rouse told KARE11 News. “[You] may not know the people, but you’ll know Bruno.” The pup belongs to Larry and Debbie LaVallee, who took Bruno in after he appeared in a box on their driveway over a decade ago. They tried to keep him tied up, but the dog’s desire to roam was too great, and he started making his way to town every day. Now, he’s somewhat of a celebrity, with regular stops at city hall, the ice cream shop, and the back door of a local grocery store, where employees help Bruno fuel up with deli counter scraps. People know and greet Bruno, sometimes to the surprise of the LaVallees, who only know a fraction of their dog’s many admirers”

Rare 1st century gold coin bearing the image of Roman Emperor Nero is found in Jerusalem: “Archaeologists in Jerusalem have uncovered a rare gold coin bearing the image of the Roman Emperor Nero. Coins of this type are extremely rare, and are usually only found in private collections where the origin is unknown. The image of Nero is significant because it shows the presence of the Romans in the area, 14 years before they destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD. Nero was born in 37 AD, and became emperor of the Roman Empire after the death of his adoptive father, the Emperor Claudius, in 54 AD. The coin was discovered by researchers from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, who were excavating on Mount Zion in Jerusalem”

Guggenheim’s 18-karat GOLD toilet set to open to the public: “Lucky visitors to the Guggenheim in New York will be able to use a toilet that’s created from 18-karat gold from Friday. While many people will work their entire lives and never see a gold fixture, the museum will allow people to ‘interact’ with the toilet for the price of the entrance feel, which is currently free to its members. The facilities are made available to members of the public as part of an exhibit by Italian artist and sculptor Maurizio Cattelan and are expected to be at the museum for an indefinite period. It’s currently installed in one of the Guggenheim’s one-person unisex bathrooms and according to the New Yorker, it’s an exact replica of the facilities that had previously been installed in the cubicle”

Inside the creepy abandoned Japanese park where more than 800 lifelike statues sit amidst the overgrown shrubs: “Visitors would be forgiven for thinking they’ve entered Medusa’s lair. Hundred of lifelike figures stare straight forwards, some dressed in suits and others imitating Buddhist deities. But the striking stone sculptures are in fact the work of a Japanese craftsman acting on the orders of an affluent local chairman called Mutsuo Furukawa. They stand near the town of Osawano in Japan in a village named Fureai Sekibutsu no Sato – which translates literally to ‘the village where you can meet Buddhist statues’. Furukawa paid a reported 6 billion yen (£44million) to a Chinese sculptor in 1989 for the figures and hoped to keep them with him for all eternity. Today more than 800 motionless grey statues stare out at the bus loads of tourists who come to visit the bizarre park.

Man enjoying a sex act from his girlfriend while he drove along country road needs surgery after he swerved to avoid a deer and lover bit his penis: “A motorist ended up in hospital with a lot of explaining to do after a deer forced him to swerve as he enjoyed a sex act while driving in Austria. The man’s girlfriend was pleasuring him orally from the passenger seat as they drove through the Waldviertel region in north-west Austria. But when a deer stepped out into the road near Krems the driver braked suddenly. The Local newspaper said the incident caused the girl to accidentally bite into his penis. An ambulance rushed to the scene and the couple were taken to hospital where the man, who was in agony, underwent a minor operation on his member. Surgeons assured the motorist his ‘joystick’ should soon be back in full working order, but they advised him against any more foreplay at the wheel.

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