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Odd news from around the world

Chinese teapot sells for £2.6million: “A rare Chinese teapot from the Qianlong dynasty has been sold for £2.6million – ten times its expected price. More than ten bidders battled it out for the 18th century piece of china, which is one of just two known to exist. The work of art pays tribute to Emperor Qianlong’s love of tea and features a figure, possibly the Emperor, being served the drink while admiring a handscroll. It was sold in New York by Sotheby’s, with the auction house giving it a guide price of about £225,000. Bidding started at £190,000 and quickly passed £750,000 as bidders fought it out. The intricately detailed teapot was sold to an Asian buyer for £2.6million with the saleroom applauding the result. ‘The piece, having been enjoyed by an American collector for decades, was just one of a number of works that soared over pre-sale expectations after drawing bidding from determined collectors.’

‘Double bubble’ plane could take to the skies in 2027 after getting Nasa funding: “The design was initially developed by Aurora Flight Sciences and MIT in 2008, and now Nasa has awarded the company a $2.9 million (£2.19 million) contract to make a scale model of the aircraft. The ‘double bubble’ D8 Series future aircraft design concept came from a research team led by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is designed to be over 50 per cent more fuel efficient than current best-in-class aircraft. The D8 is designed to fly at 582 mph (936 km/h) with 180 passengers over a range of 3,500 miles (5,500 km). A subscale model is shown being tested in a wind tunnel at MIT. The design has the potential to cut fuel burn by 71 per cent, reduce noise and cut LTO NOx emissions by 87 per cent compared to a Boeing 737-800 narrow-body aircraft

One less moron to bother us. Sad about the toddler, though: “A driver trying to avoid a random breath test has killed himself and his two-year-old passenger after he pulled out of the line at an RBT and crashed into a pole. The 19-year-old man was stopped in the line of traffic on the Tasman Highway in Sorell in Hobart on Thursday at 9.10pm. Police said he made a U-turn in the Holden Vectra, lost control and smashed into a pole, causing the car to split into two, the ABC reported. The little girl and young man were killed on impact and a female passenger was taken to hospital in a stable condition. The driver and female passenger were thrown through the widescreen of the car and landed on the road from the impact. The car burst into flames and the toddler, who was sitting in the back seat, was unable to be saved. The female passenger was conveyed to the Royal Hobart Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.'”

LOL. Bus that exploded in flames on the Sydney Harbour Bridge was the 36th to catch fire THIS YEAR – but still the transport minister says the fleet is ‘safe’: “A blackened shell of twisted metal and melted plastic covered in ash is all that remains of a bus that erupted in flames on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The commuter bus was completely gutted by the inferno, which was believed to have started in the engine, that ripped through it on Thursday night. Despite the horrific destruction caused by the blaze, both the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance and State Transit Chief Executive Peter Rowley insist all Sydney buses are safe. All the windows were blown out, plastic seats melted into each other, and collapsed steel supports and hand rails from the ceiling strewn across them. The bus caught fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge causing traffic chaos at peak hour on Thursday night”

Lost onyx stone believed to be an ancient gem from the breastplate of the High Priest of Jerusalem is ‘found’ after being ‘missing for 1,000 years’: “The owner claims the stone was given to a distant ancestor as a reward from the High Priest in 1189 and has been passed from generation to generation of the family since. What makes this sardonyx so unique is it has a tiny Hebrew inscription, which is believed to be an ancient script that dates back to 1000 BC, burned or engraved in the heart of the stone. The letters in the stone appear to be similar to those found on archaeological finds dating from 1300 to 300 BC. The stone was first discovered in 2000 and was investigated in person by Professor Moshe Sharon, an ancient Hebrew expert at the University of Witwatersrand. On examining the stone Professor Sharon was baffled to find there are no markings on the stone’s surface to suggest it has been cut open to add the letters”

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