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Odd news from around the world

Woman’s co-workers make her a hilarious ‘going-away’ cake after she is laid off from work: “One woman was given the best send off when her colleagues made her a cake with the words ‘F**k this place’ written on it. The picture was posted to Imgur and Reddit two days ago and has already been viewed over one million times – with many applauding her friends for her leaving gift. Anonymous Reddit user llamaface9603 posted the picture with the caption ‘Got laid off – my work friends nailed my going away cake… my entire department was eliminated and they decided to do our job at the corporate office. ‘After we unknowingly trained them to do our jobs for a month.’ Obviously bitter about the dismissal, she was able to see the funnier side and admitted that the colleagues made a ‘really good chocolate cake.’ ‘They also took me out to lunch. They are good people.'”

China completes the ‘world’s highest bridge’ standing 1,850 feet above the ground: “Chinese engineers have completed an impressive mountain overpass branded as the highest bridge in the world. The enormous Beipanjiang Bridge, which is built at over 1,850 feet high, links two of China most remote provinces, Yunnan and Guizhou, according to People’s Daily Online. Engineers joined the last set of decks on September 10, marking the completion of the structure which has cost three years and 780 million RMB (£88 million) to build. Beipanjiang Bridge stands at a whopping 565 metres above the ground (1,854 feet), which is nearly twice the height of the 95-storey skyscraper, The Shard in London. Named after Beipan River, the waterway it crosses, the incredible structure has a 720-metre-wide span (2,363 feet) and is a part of the Hangrui Highway, a 3,405-kilometre-long (2,115 miles) national motorway linking Hangzhou city in southern China with Ruili city on the China-Myanmar border”

Green snake slithers out of a car’s engine and clings to the windscreen at high speed: “Amazing footage has shown a snake emerging from a car engine and crawling up to the car driver’s window despite it getting battered around because of the high speed that the vehicle’s going. The YouTube video was taken by Gaby McCloskey, from Australia, and shows a man and a woman in a car driving down the highway when a snake pops up from under the bonnet of their car going at 100km/h. But despite the snake being whipped from side to side, because of the speed that the car is going, it still incredibly continues to crawl up the car’s windscreen as the vehicle’s occupants shout and laugh in the background. But the laughter soon turns to fear as the snake struggles its way up the windscreen and looks to be trying to get inside the car. It’s persistence seems to have paid off in the end though as it lived to tell the tale. The snake was off and went happily back into nature”

Hot dog cooled down: “A big fluffy dog, who had spent six years in a filthy barn stall, got the makeover of a lifetime after a groomer shaved 35 pounds of matted fur off him. The Great Pyrenees, named Lazarus, was recently rescued from the ‘poop-filled barn stall’ Sunday, according to Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey with the Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in Tennessee. Several layers of Lazarus’ fur was matted and clumped together as the poor animal was neglected by his owners. Groomer Candice Skelton rescued Lazarus and shaved 35 pounds of hair off of him, according to Yahoo News. She said Lazarus is still timid and ‘still has a way to go’, noting that adoption isn’t even a possibility yet. In several posts, Charsha-Lindsey responded to negative comments about the dog’s owners who she said became ‘terminally ill'”

Oxford priest gets his sight back after world-first eye surgery with a ROBOT to repair hole in his retina: “A priest said he felt ‘completely relaxed’ as surgeons performed revolutionary surgery inside his eye with the aid of a robot. The patient, Father William Beaver, 70, an associate priest at St Mary the Virgin Church in Oxford, said his eyesight was returning following the operation, having previously experienced distorted vision similar to ‘looking in a hall of mirrors at a fairground’. The procedure – the world’s first robotic operation – was carried out by surgeons at Oxford’s John Radcliffe Hospital, who welcomed its success and said it could revolutionise the way such conditions are treated. ‘Because, you see, the key is the precision. The pulse coursing through the hand of the surgeon could have ruined it, could have given me a haemorrhage and this just made it, well, simple.’ Fr. Beaver said his eyesight is returning after the operation”

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