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Odd news from around the world

Dolphins really CAN talk?: “Scientists have finally recorded dolphins having a conversation for the time ever after decades of research. A pair of the marine mammals were observed using clicks and pulses to form distinct ‘words’, in theory constructing sentences to communicate with each other. The breakthrough was made after researchers developed an underwater microphone designed specifically to pick up on the exchanges. The two Black Sea bottlenose dolphins, Yasha and Yana, were observed waiting for the other to finish their ‘sentence’ before replying back. Scientists at the Karadag Nature Reserve, in Feodosia, Russia said that, like humans, dolphins are able to communicate certain emotions such as stress or happiness. ‘This language exhibits all the design features present in the human spoken language, this indicates a high level of intelligence and consciousness in dolphins. Dolphins have larger brains than many mammals”

Security fears over sale of £75 ‘mini’ phone that’s perfect for criminals: “Known as ‘The Fly’, the Zanco phone ranges in price from £25 online to £75 in the shops. They are the latest craze to hit the high street – mobile phones so small they fit in the palm of your hand. But security sources fear the new generation of micro mobiles could let extremists recruit and plan terror from behind bars. The Mail on Sunday has established that their astonishingly small size means growing numbers of the phones are already smuggled into jail and used by criminals and extremists. The devices can be easily be concealed inside or around a human body and, with minimal metal content, the phones can apparently evade scanners. The phones have been sold online for two years, but concerns have heightened because for the first time they are now available in high street stores.

Doggy beer: “For a mere $6.50, dogs can lap at the new specially-created craft beer, made exclusively for canines, or sip on a cool beer with their owners in the afternoon sun. And while the new doggy beer is strictly non-alcoholic, it is perfectly safe for animals, as it is made from a beef extract-based brew. Sold in a glass screw-top bottle, or stubbie, the ‘Beer Dog Bitter’ is designed to let pups lap up as much as they want from a nearby bowl supplied by the bar. The screw-top feature on the ‘Beer Dog Bitter’ also cleverly allows owners to take the rest of their pint home in a doggy bag if they think their pet would like leftovers later on. The ‘Beer Dog Bitter’ has been a hit both on social media and at Dogs Bar since it launched in Melbourne on Saturday”

An unusual chauffeur: “Guests of the Queen often expect to be chauffeured about – usually by a flunky. But Carole Middleton must have been a little surprised to find herself riding shotgun to Her Majesty on a visit to Balmoral. The 90-year-old monarch scotched rumours of a rift with the Duchess of Cambridge’s parents as she drove them about at the weekend. On the way back from a grouse shoot on Saturday, the Queen could be seen chatting amiably with Carole – peering over the steering wheel of her Range Rover and pointing out beauty spots. Yesterday the Queen, dressed in a casual sleeveless jacket, drove the Duchess of Cambridge – or the Countess of Strathearn as she is known north of the border – to a picnic lunch with Prince William in the hills above Loch Muick on the estate”

Australian army uniforms made in China: “The Department of Defence has sparked fury by awarding a $9million contract to a firm who will make military uniforms in China. Crossbench senator Nick Xenophon branded the decision to allow Australian Defence Apparel to make the dress uniforms overseas a ‘disgrace’. Defence officials claimed the multi-million dollar deal on non-combat clothing represented ‘best value for money’, but Xenophon said they had missed an opportunity to create jobs for Australians. ‘What’s really on parade here is a failure to support Australian jobs by people that seem to know the price of everything and the value of nothing,’ the South Australian senator said. Xenophon warned that the new contract, which was signed in April and will last for two years, ‘fails the pub test’. ‘If something is a little more expensive on the surface here in Australia but it means we’re going to get all sorts of flow on benefits in terms of jobs, in terms of economic activity and tax and other benefits then it’s a no-brainer,’ he told ABC.”

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