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Odd news from around the world

Topless bike ride does not end well: “For reasons unclear the semi-nude cyclist is pedalling along the road with her female friend, who also rides bra-less. A man on a motorcycle films the daring rider in what is thought to be a street in Italy. He focuses in on the nearly naked riders, but they don’t seem to mind. The cyclist at the front even throws her arms in the air and shakes around to show off her slender figure. But getting a little too into her showboating she veers off the road and onto the dirt verge. Unable to control her ride the woman is flung head over heels and face plants the tarmac. Instead of stopping and making himself the saviour of the fallen woman, the rider appears to simply drive off. One user wrote: ‘Definitely no gentleman.'”

Australia’s biggest dog costs $200 of food weekly: “The 113kg English mastiff may be a gentle giant, but images of him crushing his owner Mark York under his hulking frame show the affectionate hound lacks a great deal of spatial awareness. The 6’6′ Sydney pooch is set to start visiting schools and hospitals as a therapy dog – and he’s yet to stop growing. ‘He will start his training soon. He is a very laid back dog, gets on with everyone and all kinds of other animals,’ York told Daily Telegraph. Baron will continue growing until he is four, making him a contender for the world’s heaviest dog – a title currently claimed by a 127.5kg US mastiff. York said he forks out an eye-watering $200 a week feeding the insatiable beast a mountain of food. Baron snared the best junior dog award at the Royal Melbourne and first place at the Sydney Royal Easter Show”

Mother wants her daughter’s dangly bits cut off: “A woman who thought her 15-year-old daughter’s vagina was untidy fought with doctors so she could have surgery. Alana, whose name has been changed for legal reasons, shrugged and agreed when doctors asked her if she wanted to have plastic surgery on her genitals as her mother had demanded. The mother had told doctors that the girl’s genitals were not as neat as that of other women, according to ‘She will never be able to have sex looking like that,’ the mother said. Alana did not need the surgery for health reasons, and even when a doctor assured her mother that labia come in all shapes and sizes she pushed on. ‘Having your mum say a man wouldn’t want to make love with you because you’re untidy is not particularly helpful parenting,’ Prof Robson said.”

Vaccine to banish thrush could be available by the end of the decade, say scientists: “A vaccine that would end thrush could be ready by 2020 according to scientists. Clinical trials for a vaccine against the yeast infection have shown ‘strong results’ according to the Times. Selinda Orr, a researcher at Cardiff University who specialises in the study of immune responses to fungal infections, said that hope could soon be at hand for many of these women. Speaking at the British Science Festival in Swansea, Dr Orr pointed to two vaccines that could be used to inoculate people against thrush. NovaDigm Therapeutics, a biotechnology company in North Dakota, is working on the NDV-3 vaccine, which is a transgenic form of one of the proteins found on the surface of the Candida albicans fungus that causes the condition. According to the newspaper, a clinical trial involving 188 patients showed that the vaccine was safe and had the potential to become the first powerful drug against chronic thrush.

Kindhearted builder returns woman’s wallet – that he found in a roof 11 years after it was stolen: “A woman has been reunited with a wallet which was stolen from her 11 years ago after a builder found it in a roof and dropped it off to police. Kathy O’Donnell from Adelaide was working in a Pirie Street office in 2005 when the Annapelle purse was stolen from her bag under her desk – just metres away from where she was sitting. There was cash, cards and vouchers in the bag when it was stolen The Advertiser reports. To Ms O’Donnell’s surprise a $130 David Jones voucher was still inside. And the company has committed to honouring it. m ‘It is wonderful to think that after all those years the police would still find and call me,’ Ms O’Donnell said. The brazen daylight robbery made the office worker nervous at the time. ‘After that we got a chime for the door which made a sound whenever it was opened,’ she said”

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