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Odd news from around the world

Spaceage destroyer USS Zumwalt ‘boldly’ sets off for its maiden voyage: “The nation’s largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer is set to finally join the Navy with a crew that’s the smallest of any destroyer built since the 1930s – and a familiar sounding captain. The stealthy Zumwalt is heading to its commissioning ceremony with a crew of 147 officers and sailors that was praised by their skipper, Captain James Kirk for their preparation over the past three years to get the first-in-class warship ready for duty. The bridge also looks like something from ‘Star Trek’ with two chairs surrounded by nearly 360 degrees of video monitors, with inevitable comparisons of the Zumwalt to the Starship Enterprise and the skipper to the fictional Captain Kirk. The sleek warship will turn heads, no doubt. It features an angular shape to minimize its radar signature, an unconventional wave-piercing hull and a composite deckhouse that hides radar and other sensors.

Raid targets millionaire using food stamps: “He was born the son of an [Iranian] prince. He boasts that his companies developed multi-million dollar properties across the globe – from St. Lucia to Southern California to the Middle East. His sprawling, 8,000 square-foot home in Russell Township, complete with horses and an in-ground swimming pool, and the sports cars attest to the life-long success of Ali Pascal Mahvi. Yet there he was, waiting his turn, a prince becoming a pauper, asking for food stamps in little Geauga County. And, he got what he asked for. For himself, his wife, and their three adult children. For two years, the family was handed about $300 a month in government food stamps. They also wanted help to pay their gas and electric bills. And Medicaid. They needed – and got – Medicaid. Detectives are now looking at Mahvi’s myriad bank accounts, trying to piece together his family’s total worth as they investigate potential theft as well as Medicaid and welfare fraud charges”

The Lucapa Diamond Company, a small Australian mining company, has uncovered a rare large pink diamond in Africa: “The 38.6 carat pink diamond was recovered during alluvial mining operations at the Lulo Diamond Project in Angola. It’s the largest fancy coloured diamond recovered so far at Lulo. The previous biggest was a 28.5 carat light pink diamond included in the company’s most recent sale parcel. That parcel of 3,642 carats of Lulo diamonds sold for a combined of $US4.4 million ($A5.8 million), or an average of $US1,212 ($A1,606) per carat. Pink diamonds are rare with about 90% of the world’s supply produced at the Argyle mine in Western Australia. The Lucapa Diamond Company in February reported finding the largest diamond ever recovered in Angola, a 404.2 carat stone, weighing about 80 grams. The company is essentially finding diamonds as it digs trenches in search of the core of the diamond source, the kimberlite pipe, a type of rock deposit where diamonds form.

A rescue operation has freed 33 people who spent the night trapped in cable cars in the French alps: “The tourists were part of a larger group who were left suspended 3,800m above Mont Blanc when the cars’ cables became tangled and the cabins stopped moving on Thursday night. Mathieu Dechavanne, CEO of the Mont-Blanc Company which manages the machine, said the cables became tangled for “unexplained reasons” but speculated it was probably due to high winds. A team of engineers worked from dawn to untangle the wires and managed to restart the cable car early on Friday morning. 110 people were onboard when the cable car stopped, but 77 were rescued by helicopter before nightfall on Thursday, when poor visibility made it too dangerous for rescuers to continue. Water, energy bars and survival blankets were distributed to those who remained in the cars overnight. The cable car journey usually takes around 35 minutes and connects the Aiguille de Midi peak in France, at 3,842m (12,605ft), to Pointe Helbronner in Italy, at 3,462m (11,358ft)”

Car drives off ninth floor of a parking garage before wheel gets caught on wire – driver escapes without any injuries: “A car drove off a Texas parking garage and through a wire barrier, leaving the car dangling over the edge about 25 feet from the ground. The ordeal unfolded on Friday just before 2.40pm at the Littlefield Garage in downtown Austin after a man’s SUV drove off the parking garage, police said. The 2004 Toyota 4Runner then somehow got caught on one of the high tension wires that had wrapped around one of the vehicle’s wheels. The driver, a 24-year-old man whose name has not been released, is seen moments later miraculously escaping from the dangling car without injury, KXAN reported. The man told police, who arrived at the scene along with firefighters, that he was unable to stop the SUV as he was parking on the ninth floor of the garage”

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