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Odd news from around the world

Female Chinese soldier is hailed as the ‘prettiest bodyguard’: “A soldier working during the G20 summit in China has been hailed as the ‘prettiest bodyguard’ on China’s social media sites. As the world leaders met to discuss important issues in Hangzhou, China’s social media was more focused on a bodyguard that had caught a lot of people’s attention. The woman has been identified as Shu Xin from southern China’s Guiyang city, reports the People’s Daily Online. Shu Xin is a soldier in the People’s Liberation Army and is said to be in her 20s. Shu shot to fame after a picture of her working at the summit was released by Xinahua News Agency in an article called ‘Who is the most powerful bodyguard for leaders at G20’. Chinese media says that she loves to sing and dance in her spare time and once won second prize in the Yancheng singing contest”

Video shows ‘billions of moths’ invading a Chinese county before dropping dead: “A stomach-churning video has emerged showing a Chinese city being invaded by massive swarms of moths. The scenes were filmed in the Nan county in central China’s Hunan Province last week and witnesses claimed there were ‘billions of moths’, reported the People’s Daily Online. More mysteriously, all of these insects reportedly dropped dead the next day, leaving the streets covered with their bodies. A witness told a reporter from China News: ‘Moths had filled the skies. They flew into my faces. They hit the cars. It sounds just like popcorn popping.’ Shops and food stalls in Nan county were forced to close and turn off their lights in a bid to repel the insets. The unusual phenomenon sparked fear among the residents in the county, with many believing it to be a sign of an imminent earthquake. An official from the local agricultural bureau identified the insects to be mayflies”

Photographer working in Siberia reveals eye-watering number of mosquitoes feasting on his feet: “A photojournalist on assignment in Arctic Siberia is responsible for thousands of watering eyes this week, thanks to a picture he posted online of his feet covered in a swarm of mosquitoes. Amos Chapple, from New Zealand, captured the image after a day spent trekking through the Russian wilderness, and it has now been viewed more than 40,000 times. The insects had proved problematic throughout his trip, but the issue escalated during a brief pit stop he made to dry out a pair of socks he was wearing. ‘After I fell in a river I pulled off my socks to squeeze the water out and this started to happen. ‘I kept my feet out for about a minute before taking the photo. [A] little vision of hell.'”

A Russian driver received a fine because of his car’s shadow: “The driver was fined for allegedly crossing a full-line on the Moscow Ring Road on 25 August. However, photos taken by traffic cameras show only his car’s shadow had crossed the line. “Cameras want us to pay fines even if car shadows violate traffic rules,” the man wrote on the website He submitted a complaint to the traffic police and they promised to annul the fine, explaining that it was the result of a technical malfunction. Another driver had a similar issue in the past, when he was fined because the glare of his headlights on the wet road crossed the line. “Traffic police are reviewing his complaint and he will get a reply in the near future,” a police source told TASS”

Mystery blonde walked through a town centre NAKED: “This is the moment a woman casually took a stroll through Doncaster town centre in broad daylight, completely naked. The mysterious blonde nudist was photographed just yards away from the police station in the South Yorkshire town. She left passers by stunned and told one man – who tried to cover her up – that she had ‘love in her heart’. A picture of the barefoot and tattooed woman was later posted on Facebook with the caption: ‘Beautiful day for a stroll down chequer road’. The photo appears to have been taken near the Beechfield Garage – which is just a short walk from Doncaster Police station, Doncaster Baptist Church and the town’s Museum and Art Gallery. Garage worker Darren Rafferty approached the woman and offered her his top to try to help hide her modesty. ‘She seemed oblivious to the fact that she was in the middle of the street with nothing on but she looked happy and was happy with herself. ‘She said, ‘I’ve got love in my heart’.’ Mr Rafferty said the woman had spoken in broken English, possibly with an Eastern European accent, and was eventually picked up by a police car just a few moments after he saw her”

Striking gold! Prospector finds steak-sized nugget worth $70,000 in a small California town: “A California prospector found a rare gold nugget that could be worth more than $70,000. Oscar Espinoza, of Modesto, told Gold Prospecting Adventures he’d been searching in nearby Woodscreek when he found the t-bone steak-sized nugget, according to KPIX. Espinoza found the 18-ounce nugget on Tuesday in Jamestown, California, which is now expecting a modern day gold rush. His friend and hotel owner, Charlie Morgan, told the station that he believes Espinoza could get $70,000 for it. Espinoza is keeping a low profile but asked Morgan to keep it in a safe until he finds a buyer. Morgan said ‘nobody knows where it is’ because he isn’t keeping it at the hotel.

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