A memorable election

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If Hilary Clinton wins the U.S. Presidential election, it will mark the first time in history that two U.S. Presidents have slept together.

If Donald Trump wins the U.S. Presidential election, it will mark the first time in history that a billionaire will move into public housing vacated by a black family.




Odd news from around the world

Man’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘EXPLODES’ in his hotel room causing $1800 worth of damage: “A mobile phone has caused $1800 in damages to a man’s hotel room after it exploded into flames as he slept. The Melbourne man, identified on Reddit as Crushader, says he nearly had a panic attack when his Samsung Galaxy Note 7 ‘fizzed and then popped open’ before bursting into flames and smoke as it charged on his Perth hotel bed. Samsung Australia recalled over 50,000 of the Galaxy Note7 smartphones after discovering batteries of some phones exploded while they were charging. The man said his phone has been left ‘completely fried’ after it burst into flames. ‘I can’t eject the sim tray to retrieved my sim or the SD card. I was using original charger and cable,’ he posted. ‘Charred the hotel room bed sheet and the carpet when I whacked it down to the floor, burnt one of my finger while doing that too.’

Russian women strip to their underwear and beg people for money to buy clothes… in bizarre bid to find themselves a HUSBAND: “These Russian girls had an unusual way of raising cash to go on a shopping exhibition – by stripping down to their underwear and asking motorists to give them money to buy clothes. It was all part of a locally organised workshop teaching young women about how to find a husband in which apparently stripping naked and asking for cash for clothing was one of the lessons. The bizarre incident took place at night in the city of Kazan in central Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan. One of the half-naked women said on the camera: ‘Do you have 100 roubles for a T-shirt. We are going to Nizhniy Novgorod. This is a quest. Please help us.’

Zookeepers celebrate the extremely rare birth of twin Red Panda cubs: “Zookeepers at Longleat are celebrating the birth of this gorgeous pair of fluffy red panda twins. It is only the second time the species, which is endangered in the wild in Asia, has bred successfully at the safari park in Wiltshire. Twin red panda births are extremely rare and so staff there were doubly delighted when the sisters were born seven weeks ago. Red pandas spend most of their time sleeping, even when they are grown up. Their fluffy tails come in handy, as they use them as a blanket to snooze on. In the wild, red pandas live in Nepal, Bhutan and China. The species, which isn’t related to the giant panda, as been recently re-classified as ‘endangered’ by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Could MANGOES solve the world’s chocolate crisis?: “It’s a worry for chocolate lovers everywhere: the world might not have enough cocoa to meet the increasing global demand as soon as 2020. But now British scientists believe they have found the solution. Wild mango butter can be used as an alternative to cocoa butter, according to researchers at Bangor University in Wales. The price of cocoa butter has more than doubled between 2005 and 2015 due to crop failure and disease, reports the BBC. But thanks to the British discovery, mango butter – which is extracted from the fruit’s kernel and is lower in fat – could be used instead as it has similar properties to cocoa butter. Sayma Akhter, senior author of the study published in the Scientific Reporter, said the wild mango was a ‘Cinderella’ species as it is currently relegated to obscurity despite being an appealing fruit to look at”

Welcome to ‘granite town’: The bizarre 65ft-tall rock formations just discovered in Siberia: “The rocks tower up above the ground, jostling together like granite skyscrapers as they keep watch over the vast Siberian landscape. These breathtaking images are among the first ever taken of the unusual rock formations in the Ulakhan-Sis mountain range – a natural wonder as yet undiscovered by the tourist market. The rocks were first snapped by biologist and photographer Alexander Krivoshapkin as he flew overhead in a helicopter whilst counting wild reindeer herds around Ulakhan-Sis in the north-east of Siberia, the Siberian Times reported. ‘There are buttes which we named that were like granite towns, and there were some that had such clearly defined and pronounced structure that you didn’t need fantasy to help you complete the image.”

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