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Odd news from around the world

Antiques dealer makes 7500% profit after selling Bussha statue she bought for just £50 for £3,800: “A TV antiques expert made a killing on a trinket she bought on a daytime show after selling the ornament for 75 times what she paid for it. Anita Manning bought a bronze Buddha statue in a small shop in Sandwich, Kent after haggling the store’s owner down to a price of just £50. But when she put the item up for sale at an auction house full of wealthy foreign buyers, a bidding war ensued and it eventually sold for £3,800, 7500% the original price. The 68-year-old made the huge profit on the Antiques Road Trip, which returns for its 13th series on BBC One today. She said: ‘I was drawn to the bronze Buddha in my first shop of the day knowing that the Asian market is strong at the moment.

Man who picked the lock on a loo roll holder just to make the paper hang the ‘right’ way round is hailed as a legend: “A photo of a man picking the lock of a loo roll holder has been viewed two million times. It might seem baffling but the internet has spoken, with users hailing someone known only as ‘conecandy’, as the hero of the moment. The man posted the photo of himself fixing the problem with the somewhat modest caption, ‘Sometimes the world needs a hero’. His four-way composition shows the loo roll hanging the wrong way, the ripped paper from trying to take some paper off, him picking the lock, and the loo roll hanging the correct way. Conecandy picked the lock on the loo roll holder just to make the paper hang the right way. Conecandy said his actions are not illegal, and he should know because he says he is an attorney. For those who might be interested, he shared that he used a ‘Sparrow Mace + Expansion Pack [from Sparrow Lock Picking]. Small enough to keep comfortably in my wallet’ to pick the lock”

Missouri woman who has lived with a hypodermic needle lodged in her back for nearly seven years is awarded $507,000: “A Missouri woman who has lived with a hypodermic needle lodged in her back for nearly seven years has been awarded a $507,000 judgment in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Claudia Ball, of St. Louis County, sued Dr. Catherine Doty and the Allied Physicians Group LLC, which ran the now-closed Breakthrough Pain Relief Clinic in Chesterfield, in 2011. Ball accused the doctor of negligence for embedding an inch-and-a-half needle in her back during a 2009 injection treatment. Ball’s lawyer, Derek Rudman, says efforts to extract the needle have failed. The needle has now moved 6 inches closer to her buttocks and ‘may be overly burdensome to remove,’ Rudman told the St. Louis Dispatch. The victim, who was 62 at the time, was looking for treatment for bulging and degenerative discs”

Students go wild after teacher tells class he’ll give them an A on a quiz if someone sinks a long shot into a garbage bin – and one NAILS IT on the first throw: “A university professor made a bet with his chemistry class that if a student in the upper balconies could throw a paper ball into a bin, the whole class would get 100 per cent on a quiz. It was an impossible shot – but the professor might regret making that bet now. The unidentified student, seen in a clip posted to Reddit, throws the ball and incredibly it sails across the classroom and into a bin at the front of the lecture hall. The ball is launched toward the garbage bin, sails across the room and bounces off the wall before landing in the bin. The classroom of students goes wild as they realize they now will all get an A on their quiz. Users on Reddit claim the school is Ohio State University and the quiz was for an organic chemistry class. One user posted on the thread said they were in the class and the professor, Dr Christopher Callam, makes the bet with the class every year”

Sometimes size does matter: “For most men having a large penis is generally considered a blessing – but for this poor Kenyan man it is a heartbreaking curse that has left him unable to have sex. Sorence Owiti Opiyo’s member is ten times that of the average male’s, equating to roughly the same size as a baby. The 20-year-old has endured a life of tragedy, being taken in by his grandmother when both his parents died when he was aged just five. He also cannot work out and had to drop out of school because other kids were teasing him about it. He had a medical operation when he initially discovered the swelling at ten, which initially helped the problem, but it has since returned bigger and worse than ever. Not only is Mr Opiyo’s penis massively oversized, but it also is extremely disfigured towards the tip. It means that he cannot have sex”

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