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Odd news from around the world

Chinese web users swoon over squad of ‘impossibly handsome’ policemen: “Web users are swooning over a squad of ‘impossibly handsome’ policemen working in a Chinese city. Pictures of several different male officers claimed to be spotted in eastern China’s Hangzhou have gathered more than 10 million clicks on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter. A topic page, together with nine pictures of ‘handsome’ police officers, was posted on Weibo yesterday by an account named ‘Hangzhou Weibo Urban Affairs’. The post quickly drew thousands of comments, prompting web users to share photos of other good-looking officers they came across. The original post claimed the photos were taken when the officers were on duty. It read: ‘When did the Hangzhou police become so handsome?’ One of these officers is 21-year-old Luan Ling, who is a student at the Liaoning Police Academy. Luan told MailOnline: ‘Being called a handsome policeman is an honour given by the people. ‘It will prompt me to work harder in order to bring glory to my school.'”

Cops catch Florida fugitive after he makes his wanted poster his profile picture on social media: “A fugitive in Florida has been arrested for changing his Facebook profile picture to a wanted poster with his mug shot on it. Family members warned Mack Yearwood, 42, of Stuart, Florida, that officers use Facebook to find fugitives, but he didn’t heed their advice to take the photo down. On Tuesday, officers found and arrested Yearwood in Palm Beach County. Stuart police took a battery complaint and began investigating Yearwood as the suspect, according to WPBF-TV. While investigating detectives found Yearwood’s Facebook page and the Citrus County wanted poster he was using as his Facebook picture. The 42-year-old was arrested for the warrants from Citrus County and a marijuana possession charge.”

This cat REALLY doesn’t like Donald Trump!: “This cat – named Borat – hates the presidential candidate so much he loves to scratch his face and hiss wildly at him. Fortunately for Trump these actions are only acted out on a printed photo of the politician which his owner, takes great pleasure in holding out to him to see his reaction. In a hilarious clip an American woman performs a David Attenborough-worthy commentary as she moves a broom with a picture of Trump’s face stuck on it closer to the moggy. And then out of the corner of the frame emerges Donald Trump’s face on a broom, featuring one of his famous so-angry-he’s-spitting expressions. ‘Borat doesn’t like Donald Trump,’ the woman says and, right on cue, the cat lunges violently at the picture, ripping it with his sharp claws. The cat emits strange howls as the broom retreats slightly, his whole body clearly on full alert. His hatred for Trump is clear as he tries to destroy the photo”

It’s the new album that’s just for cats and the cellist behind it says his ‘feline-centric sounds’ will calm your pet: “If you’ve got a musical moggy, this pet project could be right up your street – a CD of songs specifically for cats. The album, Music For Cats, is the first of its kind to be released by a major record label. It was put together by musician David Teie, who says he applied ‘real, scientifically credible’ research into his compositions. According to publisher Universal Music, it will cater to ‘a largely untapped animal music market’. Teie, a cellist, said he started work on the record after realising that animals could benefit from music just as much as humans. He added: ‘I saw how music could calm human beings, so I thought, ‘Why not cats?’. His labour of love began in 2008 when he wrote two songs with Dr Charles Snowdon, of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a specialist in animal behaviour and the effect of music on their responses. The songs had positive reactions from 77 per cent of cats that heard them, after they showed virtually no interest in human music played to them”

Has the BBC been hacked by ISIS? Social media abuzz after millions receive breaking news alert in BENGALI: “A tweet from the BBC in a language some assumed to be Arabic led to panic this evening, as people thought the corporation had been hacked by ISIS. The message was posted by BBC Breaking, which has around 24million followers. Robert Peston, the former BBC economics editor, was among the first to notice, tweeting: ‘BBC has just pushed this breaking news alert to my phone. Anyone know what it means?’ The topic trended across the social media network, with one Twitter user writing: ‘OMG. It’s Arabic. ISIS have seized the BBC.’ However, it quickly emerged that the tweet was actually written in Bengali. The BBC said tonight that it had not been hacked – rather, a technical error had triggered a link to a report from its Bengali service”

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