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Odd news from around the world

Eight-year-old boy is hit by a van and sent flying onto the road before he gets up and RUNS away: “Dashcam footage has captured the heart-stopping moment a van smashed into an eight-year-old boy and sent him tumbling down the road after he dashed in front of it without any warning. The youngster was quick to get up and run away after the shocking incident, and only suffered bruising. The video shows the boy, holding a yo-yo, rushing out from behind a lorry without checking if the road was clear, near a school in Manchester. The van driver has no time to slow down and ploughs into the boy travelling at 20mph. ‘The van driver was obviously very badly shaken after the accident but also highly relieved that the boy was unhurt,’ they added.

‘Batman’ takes on council rangers over a fine … AND WINS!: “HOLY No Stopping sign, Batman! Sydney’s very own Dark Knight has won his biggest battle yet — overturning a fine a joker of a parking ranger placed on his Batmobile. Make-A-Wish Foundation ambassador and professional Batman actor Zac Mihajlovic was showing his Batmobile to a group of children outside a Campbelltown school in May when a parking ranger slapped him with a fine. The council worker didn’t even have the guts to approach Batman and simply took photos of the charity worker from a distance before sending him a fine in the mail. Mr Mihajlovic, who spends his free time dressing as the masked vigilante to cheer up terminally ill children, fought the fine in Campbeltown Local Court yesterday and won. He told the Daily Telegraph the magistrate “laughed at the fine” before dismissing the charge. “I didn’t even leave the vehicle,” Mr Mihajilociv said”

Retired British woman, 65, claims to be Britain’s oldest glamour model: “A 65-year-old who regularly strips off for outrageous bikini shoots claims that she is Britain’s oldest glamour model. Suzy Monty, from Cornwall, who makes frequent appearances in naturist publications, says thanks to her ageless physique she attracts men as young as in their 20s. The 5ft 7in size 10 pensioner says that her youthful admirers love that she’s an ‘old lady with a young body’. Suzy originally worked as a model throughout her 20s and 30s before giving it up after suffering from glandular fever. However, she returned to the profession in her 40s and has been working ever since. And Suzy, who is a devoted owner of a rescue puppy called Venus, says her appearance is all natural. She told FEMAIL: ‘I don’t get any salon beauty treatments nor do I dye my hair. And I’ve had no plastic surgery”

American student who was declared dead in 2004 ‘was kidnapped in China, made Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor, and now lives in North Korea with a wife and two children’: “A US student who supposedly died in China in 2004 has reportedly turned up alive in North Korea after being kidnapped to serve as Kim Jong Un’s personal tutor. David Sneddon of Brigham Young University disappeared in Yunnan Province aged 24, in what Chinese police said was probably a hiking accident. But the reality, according to Choi Sung-yong, head of South Korea’s Abductees’ Family Union, is that he was kidnapped to be an English tutor to the then-heir to North Korea Yahoo News Japan reported Wednesday. Sneddon is now living in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang, where he teaches English to children and has a wife and two children, Choi said. Sneddon’s parents believe their son was targeted because of his fluency in Korean, which he used while serving on a Mormon mission in South Korea”

Good-looking boys get better marks at university and school because teachers are biased: “Academics claimed grading bias among markets in all levels of education could give students with ‘unfavourable characteristics’ up to five per cent less. These include being unattractive, belonging to a certain ethnic group or gender, being labelled with a learning disability, or poor past results (a ‘halo effect’). Teachers may also give higher marks to better-looking students, those of the same race, or those they know to be hardworking or ‘gifted’. In a study published in the Australian Journal of Education, University of New England associate professors John Malouff and Einar Thorsteinsson conducted a meta analysis of 20 studies on grading biases involving 1,935 markers. They found the biases were consistent across the studies and resulted in students with supposed negative traits receiving four to five fewer marks – which could be the difference between passing and failing. Dr Malouff said teachers did not wanted to be biased and it was likely to be unconscious”

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