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Odd news from around the world

The naughtiest dog ever: “Murphy is a very well-bred bull terrier — Dad is a champion from England and Mum is a prize-winning show dog in Australia. His long list of offences, according to long-suffering owner Leigh Pride, from Carrum Downs, includes destroying the fridge. “Murphy used to walk in and flick open the fridge door with his paw, then eat the dog food that was stored in there,” Leigh says. “One day there was no food, so he got mad and ate the fridge!” “Murphy has also eaten the mower, live power leads and the power source of our central heating unit, and pulled up the underground sprinkler system and caused general havoc inside our house and out,” says Leigh. “Murphy also unfortunately dug up our dog who had died two weeks earlier and had to be rushed to the emergency vet and stay in overnight. “He had eaten the towel we wrapped her in and the sheet also — but he didn’t eat her”

Russians fear nuclear doomsday as giant mushroom cloud appears over skies in Siberia: “An enormous mushroom-shaped cloud rises ominously above a Siberian town – sparking fears among witnesses that doomsday has arrived. The terrifying sight could be seen for miles around and was captured on video from the city of Kemerovo, in Russia’s Kemerovo Oblast region. Emergency services were inundated with calls from worried onlookers that a nuclear bomb had been dropped and that annihilation was imminent. Others feared there had been an explosion at the coal mines in the nearby Kuzbass region. In fact, the terrifying-looking spectacle was in reality a rather beautiful, naturally occurring thunderstorm cloud. The anvil-shaped cumulo-nimbus often appears after a heavy thunderstorm, meteorologists told news agency Sputnik”

Burglar rumbled because his low-slung trousers revealed his distinctive burger-and-fries-themed underwear: “A burglar who broke into a woman’s house was caught by police after she recognised his distinctive hamburger-and-fries-patterned underwear. Darren Machon, 39, was wearing boxer shorts with hotdogs, chips, doughnuts, and hamburgers printed on when he broke into the property in Bridgend, South Wales. His trousers had fallen low around his waist and his colourful food-themed underwear was on show. It meant his victim was able to use his distinctive underwear to describe him to police after she caught him rummaging through her downstairs cupboards. He was later arrested by police for a different offence and, as he was getting changed in his prison cell, an officer noticed his distinctive boxer shorts matched those described by the burglary victim”

Alsatian is set free after being trapped in a SEWER for four days: “A terrified Alsatian is finally set free after being stuck in a sewer for four days. Rescuers helped the dog out after it had managed to survive with its head and paws sticking out by the road. The rescue occurred in the city of Bahia Blanca, in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires. A short film shows a police officer crouching over a small drain hole trying to keep the dog calm. A worker widens the hole with a hammer before officers are able to push the mutt’s head out from where it was wedged. Finally they free the exhausted dog and pull it up onto the pavement. Local authorities were called out after residents spotted the pooch and raised the alarm. They had kept it in good health by providing it with food and water while it was trapped.

Black doctor, 55, ‘caught with extreme pornography on his mobile phone including a video of a man having sex with a SNAKE’: “A doctor was caught with a stash of ‘extreme’ pornography, including a video of a man having sex with a snake, a court heard. Cyprian Okoro, 55, allegedly stored the images on his Samsung mobile phone having received them via mobile messaging app WhatsApp, the Old Bailey heard. They included three videos of a woman having sex with a dog, one of a man having sex with a snake and one of a woman having sex with a horse, jurors were told. The defendant is on trial charged with five counts of possessing pornography of a ‘grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise obscene character’. Okoro is also accused of one charge of possessing indecent images of a child relating to a video of a two-year-old boy.

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