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Odd news from around the world

Heartbreaking picture of dog who won’t leave master’s coffin after Italy earthquake: “Thirty-four caskets lie side by side in a gym in Ascoli Piceno, a grim snapshot of Wednesday’s earthquake that rocked central Italy and left at least 281 people dead and thousands more homeless. Families grieve beside their departed loved ones, saying their final farewells before they are buried on Saturday. Beside one, a small blond cocker spaniel sits, devoted to the end, unable to leave his master even in death. Little is known of the victim, except that he came from Accumoli, one of the communities that bore the brunt of the devastating quake. The quake was so strong that the town sank by 20 cm, according to Italy’s geological institute. The funeral in the gym is to be celebrated by Bishop Giovanni D’Ercole for the victims of nearby Arquata del Tronto. To date 49 of the dead have come from the tiny town and its nearby hamlet Pescara del Tronto.

Please choose one – beef, pork or CHILD? Fancy wedding RSVP accidentally adds an unsavory third meal option: “A soon-to-be married couple accidentally offered their guests a child to eat at their wedding reception – all due to a poorly worded invitation. The invitation asks guests, as is customary, to tick a box to indicate whether or not they will attend. On the following line, guests have to pick one of two entrees – but an unexpected third option makes a surprise appearance. Right after ‘beef’ and ‘pork’, the card appears to give them the choice to pick ‘child (12 and under)’. A polite note adds: ‘Please let us know of any dietary restriction.’ Rather than an incitement towards cannibalism, the couple likely meant to ask their guests whether they wanted a child’s meal. Reddit users made fun of the situation in the comments, with one saying he’d had his main course ‘free roaming and gluten free’. Another decided: ‘I’ll have the Hansel and Gretel.’

Retired man, 78, with no musical ability comes round from a stroke to find he can suddenly play the piano: “A pensioner who survived a stroke was suddenly able to play the piano. He was amazed when he discovered his new artistic talent. ‘I played and I couldn’t believe it. It just came out naturally and I was in shock,’ he said. He said: ‘I had a heart bypass around 20 years ago and ever since, I’ve had problems with my heart. I’ve had countless strokes, but this was the first time anything was noticeably different afterwards.’ He discovered his new found talent after acquiring a piano from a late friend. ‘I sat down next to it to have a look. I just wanted to try and played it. ‘It was just as my friend’s son was walking into the room and he asked if I had ever played before and that he didn’t know I could play. I told him I couldn’t.’ He said he had not gained any other skills since his stroke”

Pub hits back with sign at neighbours who complain about ‘noisy patrons’: “MOST people usually want to maintain a good relationship with their neighbours. But it’s clear that’s not always the case — as one pub proved with an outrageous sign which has since become a viral hit online, reports The Sun. Hilariously, while most establishments would ask patrons to remember to keep it down when heading home, this anonymous pub landlord instead tells its regulars that it’s OK to make a bit of noise — after all, customers have been doing it for years. The sign reads: “When leaving the premises, please remind our neighbours that drunk people have been loudly leaving this establishment long before they decided to buy houses next door to it.” And the notice’s cheeky humour has captured the attention of like-minded internet users, who were quick to agree with the pub landlord’s sentiments”

This Mailman Does the Sweetest Thing for a Dog He Sees Everyday: “This darling canine in Brisbane, Australia, lives to fetch the mail from the postman, Martin Studer, and bring it back to her family. She loves doing this simple task so much that Martin has taken to writing her little letters on the days when there’s no mail for him to deliver. After all, he wouldn’t want to disappoint the old girl. Just look at those big, brown, imploring eyes. Martin posted the photos onto Facebook, where they quickly went viral, as a reminder that sometimes you don’t need to do a very much to make someone’s day.

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