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Odd news from around the world

Man woke up after a drunken night partying and found he had bought a BUS: “A DJ woke up to discover that he had bought a £30,000 coach online while out partying in Ibiza. Dave Little, from County Durham, went out to the island at the beginning of the week to enjoy the massive super clubs and bars with girlfriend Lucy Maria, 23. With tickets to clubs sometimes costing more than £100 each, it was far from a budget holiday, but he didn’t expect the expense he woke up to on Wednesday. Mr Little, a part-time DJ, found a notification on his phone informing him that he had bought a Scania Irizar Century Coach for £28,500 on eBay when he left the club. It was a shock for Mr Little, who posted the news on Facebook with the caption: ‘Still can’t believe what I did last night in Ibiza.’ He says he has absolutely no need for a bus and doesn’t even have a licence to drive one. ‘I messaged eBay straight away to explain I had bought the bus by accident and I am waiting to hear back from them.”

Prospector finds 4.1kg gold nugget in Australian bushland that is set to sell for $250,000: “A hobby prospector who has scoured bushland for over a decade struck gold twice in a week, with his latest find valued over $250,000. The man said he initially thought he had found a horseshoe when he stumbled upon the 4.1 kilogram nugget dubbed ‘Friday’s Joy’ around thirty centimetres under the ground in Victoria’s ‘Golden Triangle’, north west of Melbourne, last Friday. ‘I was in total disbelief as I didn’t think nuggets of this size were still around.’ The prospector, who wanted to remain anonymous, said he was motivated to search the area after finding a tennis-ball sized 0.2 kilogram nugget only a day earlier”

Mathematician solves the puzzle of the perfect parking lot – and says leaving your car at an angle is key: “A professor has revealed the math behind a perfect parking lot, including the angle of the spaces, direction of traffic flow, and even the shape of the building. Based on his analysis, the expert says designs should favour one-way traffic and a diagonal space layout rather than a grid to optimize efficiency. When building from scratch, he points out that a helical design, a spiral shaped garage, is best. ‘With a rectangular layout, you need to change your direction of travel by 90 degrees, which requires a substantial lane width to accommodate your turning circle,’ Percy wrote. ‘But for a diagonal layout, the bays on both sides are inclined towards you. ‘These require less course adjustment and the access lane can be narrower, so we can fit more parking bays into the same space.

Up to his neck in work… literally!: “One utility worker has left the internet stunned after he literally dived into his work while trying to fix a leaking pipe. Jimmie Cox, from Granbury, Texas, was photographed face down in a puddle of muddy water by homeowner Andrea Adams on Tuesday. Adams said she called Acton Municipal Utility District on Tuesday to report a leak coming from a pipe running under her front lawn. Cox showed up, before digging down through the turf in order to locate a one inch pipe that had burst below ground. Adams said she walked into her house as Cox was working, and when she came back out she saw him submerged as he reached down through five feet of dirty water in order to clamp the line. Cox is equally astounded by the attention the image is garnering, though says diving into flooded lawns is nothing new in his line of work. Eventually he managed to stop the leak”

Crazy prankster screams in pain after bathing himself (and dunking his head) in 1,250 bottles of hot chilli sauce: “Fired up UK YouTuber Cemre Candar decided it would be entertaining for his viewers to watch him bathing in 1,250 bottle of hot chilli sauce. At the beginning of the video Cemre fills up his bathtub with several gallons of the liquid, and adds a few spicy chilli peppers in on top. The nutty prankster then hops in, topless. ‘Oh my God, it’s in my b***’ he shouts immediately in great pain. Amazingly, Cemre manages to stay in the tub for around one-minute-and-a-half. After submerging his entire body in the stinging red sauce he screams ‘It’s in my eyes. ‘Get me a towel,’ he shouts to his friend, ‘that’s it I’m done,’ he adds. ‘Very painful hours later’, Cemre records himself in a calmer state, although still sore from the challenge. He says: ‘What’s up guys. It’s been a couple of hours and I feel like I’ve been through hell and come back.

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