Is this the happiest dog in the world?

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Celebrity pup beams with delight as she rides on swing. Six-year-old dog called Uni-Chan lives in Tokyo, Japan, with her owner. She is a Shiba Inu




Odd news from around the world

Female hiker found alive in a remote mountain chalet – where she had been living for an entire MONTH after her partner slipped down a cliff edge and died: “The Czech woman, aged in her 30s, and her male companion in his 20s had set out on the Routeburn Track in New Zealand’s snow-clad Southern Alps, about 60 kilometres from Queenstown on July 24. But two days later he died after falling down a cliff after becoming disoriented and she had to fend for herself. She spent three nights in the open in the high country, where temperatures frequently plunge below zero degrees in winter. Eventually she reached the Lake MacKenzie track warden’s hut where she broke through a window to gain access and waited for weeks for rescue. Her mental and physical state – including frostbite – and deep snow stopped her from leaving. The hut had four bunks, cooking and heating facilities and was stocked with food, according to reports.

British Keystone Kops blow up pesto sandwich after being called to investigate suspicious package: “A bomb squad blew up a pesto sandwich after being called to investigate a suspicious package at London Bridge. Officers closed off a busy high street on Sunday afternoon after a brown bag was discovered at a bus stop close to The Shard and London Bridge train station. After an investigation, police decided to execute a controlled explosion on the package, which splattered pesto and bread across shop windows. Eye witness Adam Smith had tried to walk through Borough High Street, south London, but was stopped at a police cordon. ‘Standing at the bus stop chuckling to myself as I keep seeing more evidence of the sandwich explosion. ‘There is pesto on the first floor windows.’

Locksmith designs and builds his own wooden aircraft to get to work (and he even parks it on the street outside): “Frantisek Hadrava is not your normal work commuter. For starters, when the Czech locksmith parks his ride to work in the car park next to his building, he has to use four parking spaces. The 45-year-old also felt driving to work for 14 minutes was too much. So he cut his travel time in half. You see Mr Hadrava, 45, of Zdikov in the Czech Republic, now travels to work in an ultralight wooden plane after spending two years designing and building the aircraft. The flight takes less than 7 minutes and he insists the plane is cheaper than if he were to travel by car. The commute is 15 km away from his home by road. Based on the U.S. design of light planes called Mini-Max, the Vampira aircraft cost him about 100,000 Czech Koruna (about 3700 Euros) to build. The plane has an open cockpit, propeller powered by a 3-cylinder engine made by Czech firm Verner. Mr Hadrava said that the aircraft, which is almost entirely made of wood, had a fuel consumption of 6 litres of petrol per hour and can reach a top speed of 91 miles/hr.

American Nazis at work: “A nine-year-old aspiring pilot with a pacemaker has spoken about the ‘terrible’ ordeal he suffered at the hands of TSA at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport. Chille Bergstrom was to travel home to Minnesota with his family on Saturday, but was denied an alternative screening process. He was then surrounded by armed police and agents, who told his mother they have stopped terrorists using children with pacemakers. The youngster, who was born with Godlen Hars Syndrome, has undergone 15 open heart surgeries in his short life – but still needs to have a pacemaker to survive with his four heart defects. Because of this, they are required to always request alternative screening as he cannot go through metal detectors – but in this case, the TSA refused. His mother Ali Bergstrom, of Wyoming, said she showed authorities the documentation proving Chille needs the alternative screening. A spokesman for TSA said the agency are reviewing the incident and in touch with the family”

George the dog who was left ‘depressed’ after his best friend died finds happiness with Donald the duck: “After a dog lost his best friend and fell into a depression, a duck came to the rescue. George, a pooch living in Tennessee, suffered the loss of his best friend, a Labrador named Blackie, two years ago. And, according to his owners, hasn’t quite been the same since. But last Thursday, George’s owner Jacquie Litton was surprised to discover that her beloved pup had gained himself a brand new friend, one that had taken to waddling after and cuddling up to grieving George. ‘We have no idea where this duck came from but he sure does love George,’ she wrote. ‘And since the duck has arrived George has not cried one time.’ George and Blackie had been together for 12 years, and his owner said that he ‘has been heart broken and has grieved with anxiety so bad that he has almost died twice.’

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