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Odd news from around the world

Women are programmed to have affairs so they have a ‘back-up plan’ in case their relationship fails, say scientists: “What drives women to cheat is a subject that has been long debated over the years. And now scientists are suggesting women have been programmed by evolution to pursue affairs in case they decide to leave their partners. New research claims this ‘mate switching hypothesis’ particularly applies to childless women whose loved one can affect their ability to raise offspring. David Buss, Cari Goetz and their team told the Sunday Times: ‘Lifelong monogamy does not characterise the primary mating pattern of humans. ‘Breaking up with one partner and re-mating with another – mate switching – may more accurately characterise the common, perhaps the primary, mating strategy of humans.’ Scientists claim people would pick partners with the highest chance of survival, but have someone in reserve in case that person died”

Australia’s largest black truffle worth $3,000 and weighing 1.5kg is discovered near Melbourne: “A truffle farmer has dug up what could be Australia’s biggest truffle, weighing more than 1.5 kilograms. Stuart Dunbar, owner of the Yarra Valley Truffles farm in Victoria, and his Lagotto Romagnolo dog Lani found the earthy fungi under a tree root last Thursday. Mr Dunbar told Daily Mail Australia that he spotted it under a tree before the season, marked it and checked its growth regularly. ‘It took 45 minutes to carefully get it out from under a large tree root,’ he said. Weighing in at a hefty 1511.10 grams, the giant black winter truffle could fetch him $3,000. In previous seasons, he has harvested truffles in the 100-200 gram range, which he sells at $2 per gram. He said he has had a particularly good season this year, finding truffles ranging from 600-800 grams. He said that harvesting truffles can be a delicate process, adding that he has broken a few of the prized fungi this season”

Monster crocodile leaps into the air to try and catch a DRONE: “A five-metre long ‘monster’ crocodile in Australia’s remote outback was recently captured on video leaping out of shallow water in an attempt to snatch a drone out of the sky. Footage of the amazing moment, taken by a fisherman in the Kununurra region of Western Australia, shows the sheer power possessed by a man-eater of that size. Lying among reeds in shallow water, the massive animal is careful not to move, seemingly hoping to remain hidden from the drone it has sensed hovering overhead. After capturing a few seconds of footage of the reptile, the drone begins to fly off to see more of the stunning Australian landscape. But then, without any warning, the crocodile strikes. Leaping out of the water, the powerful reptile attempts to use its jaws to snatch the drone from the sky. Fortunately, the drone narrowly escaped the attack”

Treasure hunter accidentally finds one of the largest hauls of Roman coins in the UK: “A metal detectorist has revealed he managed to find the largest Roman coin hoard in the north of England because he was craving a bacon sandwich. David Blakey, 57, from Hartlepool, spent years searching for a significant haul of treasure in fields up and down the country. But it was only when he was about to give in and go for lunch during an early morning session in Wold Newton, East Yorkshire, he found the hoard of a lifetime in 2014. Experts believe the coins date back to the time of Constantine the Great, who resided in York during the 3rd Century. The coins are on display at the Yorkshire Museum until October, but the staff are hoping to raise the funds to keep the collection there permanently. A tired and hungry Mr Blakely was on his way back to his van for a bacon sandwich when his metal detector suddenly alerted him to what was a vast haul of Roman coins”

Egyptian man is jailed in Saudi Arabia after being accused of using a SORCERER to bewitch his employer: “An Egyptian man has reportedly been sentenced to six years in prison on charges of attempting to disturb public order, violating the kingdom’s labour laws and communicating with a sorcerer to bewitch his employer. The Egyptian, who was unnamed in a report by Saudi newspaper Okaz, was accused of acquiring a secret military document that listed the movements and names of Saudi troops and of emailing this document to the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. Saudi Arabia and Iran are regional rivals. The kingdom has long-accused Iran of meddling in its affairs and trying to destabilise the region”

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