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Odd news from around the world

Melania puts Slovenia on the map: “When Melanija Knavs drove around Ljubljana in a fluffy skirt on a metallic blue Vespa with her boyfriend in the late 1980s, the Slovenian capital was a sleepy town that offered little excitement to rare visitors. Over the past two decades since she left her native Slovenia, became a model known as Melania Knauss and married American billionaire Donald Trump, Ljubljana has turned from a gray and drab place with almost no nightlife, into a lively and picturesque city filled with restaurants, cafes and nightclubs packed with foreigners. Slovenia has often been confused in the past with another small central European state, Slovakia. But since Donald Trump joined the presidential race in the U.S., his wife and potential first lady have come into public limelight, along with the country where she was born and raised”

Is Forest Bathing the New Yoga?: “Fitness trends cycle through their popularity so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. Does Soul Cycle still reign supreme? Is hot yoga in or out? Could the Olympics inspire a competitive badminton fad? But one recent craze captured my fancy: forest bathing. Despite its name, forest bathing has nothing to do with water. Rather, it’s an immersion in nature, often coupled with guided meditation. Originally known as shinrin-yoku, which translates to “taking in the forest atmosphere,” forest bathing began in Japan in the 1980s, and has been been linked to health benefits ranging from reduced blood pressure and stress levels to boosted immunity. The practice has been gaining popularity in the States, with luxury hotels like Blackberry Farm and the Mayflower Grace in Connecticut featuring it as a wellness experience”

‘Flying motorbike’ can hit 112mph on land AND in the air: “Maxim magazine recently selected PAL-V as the most likely company to deliver a ‘real’ flying car. ‘Clearly it is impressive that a magazine with a readership of close to 9 million people would recognize the work we have done to create a flying car that actually conforms to existing regulations and is safe to fly,’ said Robert Dingemanse, the firm’s CEO. He promises ‘significant updates’ in the next several months as the firm begins manufacturing of the PAL-V Limited Edition model. The firm says its design is ‘The ultimate vehicle to go wherever and whenever you want to, easily overcoming all sorts of barriers. ‘Now you can leave home and fly-drive to almost any destination! Avoid traffic jams and cross lakes, fjords, rivers or mountain ranges like an eagle. ‘Land on the other side and drive in your own vehicle to your final destination.'”

Suffering from wrist pain? A spoonful of sugar could help the healing process: “A sugar jab could be a new way to ease the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, which affects over 1.5 million people in the UK. Researchers from Taiwan believe when the sugary mixture is injected into the hand, it will reduce inflammation and stimulate the tissue to heal. In a new study, doctors will treat 60 patients with carpal tunnel syndrome with a solution containing water and 5 per cent dextrose, a form of sugar derived from corn. Previous research has suggested dextrose injections can help reduce inflammation in patients with osteoarthritis, and animal studies have shown that the treatment can improve some tissue damage caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. The condition is very common and occurs when a nerve that runs into the hand becomes trapped or compressed at the wrist, as it passes through the carpal tunnel — a narrow passage in the wrist”

Will the Voynich manuscript finally be cracked? Publisher to create clones of ‘the world’s most mysterious book’: “It is a centuries-old manuscript written in an coded language that no one – not even the best cryptographers – has cracked. Scholars have spent their lives puzzling over the Voynich manuscript, whose intriguing mix of elegant writing and drawings of strange plants and naked women has some believing it holds magical powers. Now after a ten-year quest for access, Siloe, a small publishing house nestled deep in northern Spain, has secured the right to clone the document. Some suggest it was the work of Leonardo da Vinci as a boy, or secret Cathars, or the lost tribe of Israel, or most recently Aztecs. The weathered book is locked away in a vault at Yale University’s Beinecke Library, emerging only occasionally”

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