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Odd news from around the world

Man who left his wife to marry his own MOTHER-IN-LAW says he has made a mistake: “A man in India who fell in love with his mother-in-law and ended up marrying her has now realised the folly of his ways and filed for divorce. Suraj Mahto, 22, hit the headlines in June when he abandoned his wife Lalita and married her mother, 42-year-old Asha Devi. The unusual affair began when Mrs Devi came to stay with the couple in the village of Puraini in the impoverished state of Bihar last year. She looked after Mr Mahto when he became ill and they fell in forbidden love. Eventually, despite the objections of villagers, the couple eloped and married on June 1 this year in nearby Dhamdaha. Two months on the couple have both realised they have made a crazy mistake. The Gulf News reported that Mr Mahto said: ‘I have come to realise my folly now. I admit I have committed the mistake but will never repeat in future”

Village turned into a sea of ginger as 1,000 people take part in speed dating and carrot tossing at Ireland’s annual Redhead Convention: “An Irish village turned into a sea of red today as more than 1,000 people arrived for a festival to celebrate their ginger hair. Crosshaven in County Cork is the setting for the seventh annual Irish Redhead Convention. Advertised as a ‘fun filled weekend of freckles and frolics’, the event includes ginger speed dating and a carrot tossing championship. The festival began as a joke between two siblings, but has turned into a major event run by 50 volunteers. Organiser Joleen Cronin, who thought up the idea in the pub with her brother, Denis, described the weekend as an ’empowering and life-changing experience’. Ireland has the second highest proportion of natural gingers in the world, at 10 per cent, just behind Scotland at 13 per cent”

Man ‘high on meth’ rushed his friend to hospital completely unaware that he had been dead for over a day: “A man who had been dead for over a day was taken to the emergency department of a Perth hospital by his friend, who was ‘high on meth’ at the time. The drug-affected man drove his truck through the main entrance of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital on July 8, completely unaware of his friend’s deceased state. Witnesses told Perth Now that hospital staff attempted to keep the tragic news from the intoxicated man, who was already acting agitated and confused. Western Australia police said that the death of the 44-year-old man, from Cannington in Perth, was ‘sudden’ and ‘non-suspicious’.

Owners shocked to discover their six-month-old puppy swallowed 20cm steak knife when they took her to the vet when she started vomiting: “A puppy has swallowed a 20cm-long steak knife and endured almost one hour of surgery after it became lodged next to her heart. Lexie, a six-month-old Staffy, was believed to have had an upset tummy when she was taken to the vet after repeatedly vomiting. But a shocking X-ray revealed Lexie had swallowed a serrated knife, and was rushed to see specialists for life-saving surgery at Animal Referral Hospital (ARH) in Homebush in Sydney’s west. She appeared to have luckily swallowed the knife handle-first. ‘I thought she was going to die,’ Lexie’s owner said, according to video posted to the ARH Facebook page. Lexie underwent 45 minutes of surgery to have the knife delicately pulled back up her oesophagus. The owner could not explain how Lexie managed to swallow the knife”

Strict parents ‘turn children into liars’: “Strict parents are more likely turn their children into ‘very skilled and effective liars’ academics claimed yesterday. Psychotherapist Philippa Perry said that parents who are too strict create an atmosphere ‘whereby the child does not feel safe telling the truth’. Controversially she said all lies are co-created and by not allowing a situation where children can tell the truth, parents can only blame themselves if they find out they have been deceived. Her comments are supported by research from Canadian psychologist Victoria Talwar who developed an experiment to measure children’s lies”

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