A British conversation

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Person A: “So, how was your meal?”

Person B: “It was absolutely disgusting. The plates were cold, the cutlery was dirty, the vegetables were undercooked and the meat was on the turn. The whole thing was vile. I nearly said something.”

A female conversation

Woman 1: A man once got me into his bed and all he asked me to do was to sing the Faure “Sanctus”.

Woman 2: What a strange man!

Woman 1: Not at all. Faure’s “Sanctus” is that good

Woman 2 just stared

(You can check here to see if you agree)

Other unfortunate utterances:

‘Once at the zoo I asked the guide what animal it was in the enclosure. Turned out it was the janitor cleaning an empty cage.

She said: ‘I was having a sandwich at Subway. I was asked if I wanted the 12 inch. I told the guy I could only fit 6 inches inside me.’

One man took polite conversation to a new level. He said: ‘Getting a haircut, barber asked me what I do for a living. I said “Advertising, what about you?” He replied “I am a barber.”‘




Odd news from around the world

La Boschi is in the news again: “Italian politician Maria Elena Boschi has found herself at the centre of yet another sexism row after a newspaper published a racy cartoon of her with a caption that played on the Italian word for ‘thighs’. Since she was appointed as reforms minister in Prime Minister Matteo Renzi’s government the 35-year-old lawyer has drawn up a bill for major political reform in Italy. Yet, despite the gravity of her achievements, Boschi continues to be the focus of much tabloid criticism for her youth and photogenic looks as well as her figure-hugging business suits. When she wore an electric blue suit to Renzi’s swearing in ceremony in February 2014, one newspaper said she looked like ‘a Marvel superhero like Captain America’. Now the conservative press are unhappy with the dresses she’s wearing. She has surprised the stuffier corners of Italian politics in pushing through a complicated series of reforms to the country’s Senate”

Man captured on dashcam reading a grocery catalogue while DRIVING at 100km/h on a busy freeway: “A man has been caught driving 100km/h on a freeway in Perth while reading a grocery catalogue. The man was captured by another car’s dashcam travelling on the Mitchell Freeway on Wednesday afternoon, WA Today reported. The car is travelling in the centre lane, while the car that took the photo is seen approaching in the freeway lane to his right. The man, who is travelling in a small, dark-coloured car, is seen driving with the grocery catalogue clearly propped up flat against his steering wheel. His eyes are glued to the pages and he is not watching the road. The dashcam of the white car next to him recorded its speed as 99km per hour, and the man reading the magazine is in front, travelling faster.

The little car that could: Tiny hatchback rescues a 4WD bogged in mud: “A group of four-wheel drive enthusiasts were forced to call for help when their Toyota Pajero became bogged in mud. Video has captured the moment a tiny Daewoo Lanos attempted to rescue the truck after it became bogged on Kawana Way, on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The Pajero, with all four wheels stuck in the mud, is attached to the silver Daewoo hatchback with a tow strap. One of the men shouts ‘ready… GO’ as the driver of the Daewoo slams his foot on the accelerator and spins the wheels. When the rope loses slack the Daewoo stops in its tracks and it appears the rescue attempt might fail. But the wheels keep spinning and sure enough the Pajero is heaved out of its muddy mess. ‘YEAH LANOS,’ exclaims one of the men. A number of Facebook users have praised the unlikely hero. ‘I f***ing knew it! This is why everyone should have at least one Daewoo in their lives,’ wrote one user.”

Exploding pigs: “A group of men in Texas came up with a creative idea to effectively do their part in the fight against feral hogs ravaging the state. Having planted a Tannerite target and scattered food around it earlier, the men lay quietly in wait as the pigs migrate towards the food. ‘I tell you what, I think this is it,’ one of the hunters says. Seconds later, two shots are fired towards a white container near the feral hogs, and a huge explosion sends pig parts flying. Even the men seem shocked at the effectiveness of the explosion, as they swear and cheer. Tannerite is an exploding rifle target. When it is hit at high velocity, for instance with a bullet, a chemical reaction results in an explosion. Texas hunting laws state that feral pigs can be hunted year-round using any lethal device except poison. Hogs are an issue because of their destructive eating habits, potential to spread disease and booming population. Texas is home to the biggest feral hog population in the US. There are 2.6million swine scattered around the state – a number that is rapidly rising.

Gutsy buffalo chases two lions from a prime sunbathing spot: “This buffalo had no regard for the food chain or animal hierarchy when he chased two lions away from his prime spot on a mound of earth sprouting up from the dry savannah. The moment this gutsy buffalo asserted his authority was captured by amateur photographer Simon Beevers. He said: ‘The lions were enjoying the early morning sun on a mound of earth before the buffalo came and chased them off. ‘They didn’t put up a fight initially. Once they were off the mound they put up a little show but the buffalo was not at all intimidated. ‘They ran back past the buffalo and one of them managed to return to the mound. Buffalo are commonly hunted and eaten by lions in the savannah but the herbivore, with is tusks and thick set body, could have easily killed this seemingly young pair. ‘The rest of the pride were also close by so the buffalo could have perhaps been in danger too'”

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  1. Toyota Pajero?????

  2. A female conversation I think the guy must have been a queer to rather listen to music than be intimate with a woman

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