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Odd news from around the world

Maine governor’s wife starts a waitress job to pay off a car: “The waterfront restaurant is slammed for lunch, and the oldest waitress — by far — is buzzing around with iced tea, fried haddock, Bloody Marys, and Asian chicken salad. And so it has gone this summer for three double-shifts a week for Maine’s first lady, who said she took the first waitressing job of her life — and a perpetual-motion one at that — to save enough money to pay off a car. If this is a publicity stunt to soften the image of a controversial governor, it’s hard and hectic duty. Co-workers, mostly college age, shake their heads as Ann LePage bustles about the restaurant, order book in hand, craning her neck to check on her tables. LePage said she is saving her earnings to pay off a Toyota RAV4 that belonged to her mother, who lived with the LePages during a terminal illness and died in October. Paul LePage, a fiscally conservative Republican and former businessman, is the lowest-paid governor in the country at $70,000 a year”

Elusive Arabian sand cat spotted after 10 years’ disappearance: “The sand cat is a shy and secretive animal only seen in the desert at night. It’s a nocturnal hunter perfectly adapted to its desert home. It doesn’t need to drink water as it can get all it needs from the small birds, reptiles and mammals that are its prey. Special hairs in its ears and on its paws keep the sand out. Despite its wide distribution across the deserts of North Africa, Arabia and Central Asia, little is known about this elusive species. Sand cats are listed as “near threatened” on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) red list and as endangered in the United Arab Emirates”

Aggressive feminist jockey finds that her feminist abuse makes her unpopular: “Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne has vented her fury after it was revealed she has been denied the chance to repeat her historic win on Prince of Penzance. Payne took to social media to pen a since deleted Tweet lashing out at the owners of the racehorse, after they dashed her hopes of riding the horse for his return run at Caulfield. Her father Paddy has thrown support behind her and said the decision was ill-advised, reports Yahoo. ‘I’m a bit surprised they’ve taken it off her.’ Said her father Paddy. ‘She’s keen, she’s riding, she’s working very hard.’ Part Prince of Penzance-owner John Richards said they were concerned she had not fully recovered from her fall in May and urged her to consider retiring. Prince of Penzance is scheduled to have his first run back from a spell on September 10 and the ownership team are believed to have been enquiring about a new rider.

Armed gunmen who raided store and tied up workers are arrested after manager watched robbery on his live feed at home and rang 911: “The smarts of a store manager at a marijuana dispensary in Seattle lead two armed robbers right into the arms of the police on Sunday night. The incident happened around 10:30 pm at the Have a Heart pot shop in North Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. The workers were closing for the night when two masked gunmen barged their way in, using zip ties to tie up two female employees. The bandits then raided the store – a cash-only business – and the safe, unaware that their every move was being watched by the manager, who was at home monitoring a live feed. Seattle Police Department quickly arrived at the store and established a perimeter. As the robbers came out, they were confronted by a group of cops with their weapons drawn. The men immediately surrendered. The two men were booked into the King County Jail. Police say they recovered a handgun and two duffle bags from the alleged suspects.

Thief goes to an extraordinary length to steal a bicycle by sawing down the entire TREE it is locked to: “A thief went to extraordinary lengths to nab himself a bicycle – by chopping down the entire tree it was tied to. CCTV footage posted by People’s Daily shows the man pulling up alongside the bike by the side of a road in Changsha city, China before getting off his scooter and briefly checking it out. The video shows him lifting his saw to the tree trunk before chopping away at it like a cartoon character. After a while the tree gave way and hit the ground, enabling the man to get to the bike. After a few seconds, in which the branches of the tree shake violently, the man re-emerges with the bike in his hands. Without skipping a beat he then props it onto the back of his scooter and quickly leaves the area.

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