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Odd news from around the world

A policeman has been given points on his licence after speeding in a Lamborghini he and colleague wrongly seized from a car hire firm: “Firm boss Erwyn Mackee, who strongly disputed any problem with the insurance, was left doubly furious after he got the car back and its tracker showed it having done more than 60mph in a 30mph zone. The Met Police have now admitted one of their officers has got penalty points on his licence over the incident and another has faced internal action. Mr Mackee told officers his insurance had recently been renewed and its details were not yet on the Motor Insurance Database. He emailed the documents to police there and then. But officers insisted the documents could be fakes and seized the luxury vehicle, which was later returned to the company after police admitted their mistake. Mr Mackee accused the police of ‘joyriding’ in his car, adding: ‘They must have not had much to do last night and just wanted to look at the car.’

Incredible moment Ryanair passenger jumped off boarding bridge and ran across tarmac to flag down his plane – before it stopped to let him get on: “The Ryanair passenger who ran onto the tarmac at Madrid’s main international airport is a Bolivian national who is now facing a hefty fine. Amazing footage published today showed the mystery traveller jumping off the jet bridge with two bags in his hands and sprinting across the edge of the runway to try to board the plane. And this afternoon it emerged initial reports claiming he had missed his budget flight were wrong and he had managed against all odds to get on the plane and reach his destination. A Civil Guard spokesman in his sunshine destination – Gran Canaria – said he was stopped when he reached the holiday island and identified so he could be reported for an airport security infraction. ‘The pilot presumably agreed to let him on board because he had a boarding pass but he was lucky not to have been stopped in Madrid”

Cat lovers ARE more likely to be single, but get invited out more: “There has long been an unspoken rivalry between ‘dog people’ and ‘cat people.’ Now, Facebook has examined the behavior of 160,000 pet lovers from the US to put the stereotypes to rest once and for all. The social media giant gathered samples from users who posted pictures of cats or dogs and found that 30 percent who shared cat photos were single, compared to the 24 percent who posted images of dogs. And although the key findings reveal cat lovers are more likely to be single, the longstanding myth of a cat-lady spinster has been debunked – those who are single cat lovers were not limited to a gender or any age. However, although cat people are more likely to say they’re tired, they are invited to more events than dog people”

Miss BumBum 2016 contestants bring traffic to a standstill as they flash their best assets in thong bikinis in Brazil: “The 27 women competing to be win the title of best bottom in Brazil got into the Olympic spirit yesterday by running in their own 100-metre sprint – in nothing but skimpy bikinis. Hopefuls in the annual Miss Bumbum contest, Brazil’s most popular beauty pageant, brought traffic to a standstill as they ran down the famous Avenida Paulista, the main street of the country’s biggest city Sao Paulo. The raunchy race marked the start of the seventh year of the competition, in which the women, each representing a Brazilian state, are whittled down to 15 who then battle it out in a live final. Each of the entrants wore nothing more than a skimpy orange bikini and a sash with the name of the state they their representing emblazoned on it. In a country obsessed with the female backside, winners of the hotly-disputed contest become overnight celebrities and often go on to earn millions in modelling contracts and endorsements.”

The crumbling giants of the seas: Eerie images of the abandoned coastal forts built 70 years ago to protect London during the Second World War : “These haunting photographs have captured the ruins of the sea forts designed to protect London against Nazi attacks during World War II. The Red Sands Sea Forts were built in the Thames Estuary in 1943 and still tower above the waves just seven miles off the coast of Whitstable, in Kent. The huge metal Maunsell gun towers, which were constructed to help gunners shoot down opposition aircraft, have been abandoned since they were decommissioned in 1956”

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