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Odd news from around the world

Chinese tourist ends up living in a German refugee home for 12 days after trying to report his lost wallet to police and being mistaken for an asylum seeker: “A 31-year-old Chinese tourist was forced to spend 12 days in a refugee home after he was mistaken for an asylum seeker when he reported his lost wallet to police. The backpacker, who didn’t speak a word of German or English, attempted to inform officers that he had misplaced his wallet in Stuttgart, south west Germany. But he ended up at a different municipal office which then handed him an application for asylum. The tourist, who was not identified, unwittingly signed the request and was swiftly placed in a shelter 260 miles north in Dortmund. His passport was taken from him after he got tangled up in the red tape of Germany’s migrant influx by mistake. But staff eventually noticed that the man was unusually well-dressed for an asylum seeker and when the likelihood of a mistake dawned on them, sought help at a local Chinese restaurant. The owners suggested Schluetermann try using a Mandarin smartphone translation app and it soon became clear that the man didn’t want asylum but to continue his European tour”

Council paints parking bays on either side of narrow street – which don’t leave enough room for a car to drive down the middle: “A council has been branded ‘bonkers’ after painting parking bays on either side of a street – and not leaving enough room for a car to drive in the middle of the road. The roadside parking areas on the city street are wide enough for a motorbike to pass – but too narrow for a car. The residential road in Plymouth, Devon, has long parking bays stretching down either side of the street, next to the pavement. The parking scheme in Cross Park Avenue means the centre of the road is just a few feet wide, leaving the road totally unusable if the bays are filled. Plymouth City Council said the zones on both sides of the road were introduced more than ten years ago but had been re-painted over the years following fading or resurfacing.

85-year-old woman DEADLIFTS 215lbs as excited crowd cheer her on “If you see old age as a time to embrace living in slippers and sitting in front of the television – think again. Incredible footage from America shows an 85-year-old woman – only known as Lois – deadlifting 215lbs off the floor. The impressively strong woman is cheered on by all around her as the camera focuses on her amazing feat. Slowly but surely the old woman lifts the weight off the floor and stands proud before placing it calmly back on the ground. The octogenarian is dressed in full athletic garb and seems to hardly struggle as she bends down to pick up the 215lb barbell off the ground. The crowd cheer and clap in amazement.

Thailand votes to AXE democracy: Thais decide they’ve had enough of corrupt politicians and back military junta in shock referendum “Thailand has voted to axe democracy after backing a military junta in a shock referendum amid widespread anger over corruption in politics. The bitterly divided kingdom has been ruled by a junta for two years since Yingluck Shinawatra’s government was booted from office. The majority ‘yes’ vote in support of the charter was the first test of public opinion since the 2014 coup, although independent campaigning and open debate was stifled ahead of the polls. The draft was heavily criticised in the poll run-up for clauses that embed military power and straitjacket the role of elected officials. But Sunday’s vote lends legitimacy to a junta that says it alone can stabilise Thailand and detoxify politics after a decade of turmoil”

The genius things you can do with your dishwasher that will change your life (including scrubbing potatoes, cooking salmon and washing SHOES): “It may be most commonly used to clean your plates but the humble dishwasher has many more uses than that. Indeed, from toothbrushes to wellington boots, the clever machine can be used to wash much more than your pots and pans. In fact, you can even cook a turkey or salmon fillet in there. As gross as it may sound, your dishwasher will give you squeaky clean shoes. Flip flops can also be given a wash in the machine – just hook them over the top rack. As long as your hairbrush or comb is made from plastic, it can be popped in the dishwasher. Just be sure to remove all hair first! Got the whole family over for Sunday roast but can’t be bothered to meticulously scrub every single potato? Simply line them all up on the top rack and pop on a rinse-only cycle – without detergent. It’s Christmas morning, everything is ready to go…and the oven won’t turn on. To successfully achieve this, the turkey needs to be seasoned as usual before covered in foil and placed in the dishwasher for approximately 2.5 – three hours – around three cycles without soap”.

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