How’s the quality of living in Russia compared to the USA?

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Poruchik Rzhevskiy has some surprising answers

As a Russian, born and bred, who moved to US in 2000 and back to Russia in 2013, I feel I have enough taste and feel of US to answer this question.

First, the quick summary. If you focus your life on making money, life is better in America. If you want the sense of freedom, Russia is better for you.

Some details:

In US, it’s easier to make the necessary minimum to live a low profile life, relatively carefree, that is – practically locked in your home town. To that point, the working adults of the lowest range of Russia’s middle class have significantly greater options than those among US residents.

Free education in Russia, even small towns is significantly higher than compaired to most private schools in US. To that point, Russians are generally more aware of the world, science, politics, history and are more curious than the Americans. It also gives Russians the edge, so to speak, to work in other countries while remaining culturally Russians, eventually returning back home.

According to IETS examination stats, only about 25% of Americans have sufficient educational background to compete in global economy with the locals abroad the US. Of that number, only 40% passed English language exam with sufficient grade to be eligible to work in *english speaking countries*, such as UK, Canada, Australia and Nee Zealand. Only about 15% of Americans are fluent in a foreign language sufficient to work abroad.

American historical and architectural heritage is rather unimpressive. Even the top cities, such as San Francisco, Dallas, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Washington DC, Seattle, New York severly lack the grandeur of Russian cities of the same scale. As far as small towns go across US, it can be compared to Russian villages deserted in late 19th century.

For that reason, the concentration of Russian speaking communities of US can be found predominantly at or in the proximity of large coastal towns. Nearly all of the inhabitants of such communities frequently visit their home towns for despite lucrative jobs and businesses, Russians generally find US boring.

Politics. The scientific, political and geopolitical awareness of Americans is so despicably low, it makes one wonder if the lack of generally available education in terms of history, geography and science is a schemed design in USA to prevent emigration and make the general population more susceptible to perfectly tuned brainwashing machine of US political media conglomerate.

Freedoms. While there is more freedom that is supposedly guaranteed by the constitution of USA, there is incomparably more de facto individual freedom in Russia. The comprehensive comparison report on this subject can easily make a 300 pages soft cover, so, suffice it to say, in any area, from taxation to politics, to nature camping, to general behavior on the streets of cities and towns, Russians are incomparably less regulated than their American counterparts.

All for all, it is entirely possible to make an average American salary in Russia with comparable amount of effort and enjoy 10 times better life, in all aspects of it than you can possibly afford in US.

Racism and international relations. Russians judge people by character. You can be framed upon for looking like an outcast in the morning and make good friends just based on your personality by the end of the same day. At that, you would be widely accepted in variety of circles of Russian society based on association with whom you came with and general feel of your behavior.

Many of those who moved from former soviet republics enjoy great respect around Russia despite their physical appearance. On the contrary, US is still a deeply divided society that is, (based on political trends) represents a deep rooted problem that will likely never be solved.

The entire infrastructure of Russia is bent on social interaction. On the contrary, in US, it is my job, my car, my house, my family, and my circle of very select individuals whom I associate with. Russians, from Moscow to St. Pete to Varkuta to Sevastopol intermingle on daily basis. As the result, Russia is significantly more cosmopolitan, yet patriotic than US has a chance to ever become

Communication networks and transportation. You can live 70 km away from Moscow Centre, work near VDNH and only drive a car when you go on vacation. In 90% of US, you live 20 I’m from your office and you are stuck helpless if for whatever reason you can’t drive. As far as communication networks – there’s a better cellular coverage in Siberia than it is in DC metro. Internet speed is 3–5 times faster than anywhere in average US and costs $7-$15 a month. Enough said

Media. There are about 500 news and entertainment networks around Russia and only 9 of them are government controlled. All mainstream mass media in US is a subsidiary of PBC, one way or another, and as such is a subject to blackout censored by US government.

Nature and travel. Russia is the largest country in the world. Aside of minuscule fraction under control of private organization and classified installations, all land is accessible by general public at their discretion and without a time limit. You can shove a tent and a backpack into the trunk of your car, drive 50 km from your town and live there as long as you want. Good luck with that in US anywhere outside of designated campgrounds that come with a fee and strict regulations.

You can be a poor student in St. Pete and you can still afford railroad through Russia to its Bering Strait shores. Convined with Russian curiosity, you would find Russian students, professionals and families of any income from Spain to Japan year around.

As far as US, travel is fracking expensive. 65% of US population never went farther than their immediate neighbors to north and south, namely Canada and Mexico. Only about 40% made that trip more than twice in their life. 35% of adult US population has never been farther than next state. Sad

Education and science. Russia breeds its own science. US “buys brains” from abroad. While some may make an argument “oh, that’s because we have money”, the reality is something that the tremendous percentage of americans simply don’t comprehend – if there are 2 things that a government of any country can do for its own future those are: free high quality education and free medicine at least sufficient to survive. At that, Russia is centuries ahead of US




Odd news from around the world

Kayaker spent four days stranded on Australian island after croc attack: “A man has been rescued in central Queensland after a crocodile attack and bad weather left him stranded on Townshend Island for four days.The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) said the man was kayaking off the coast of Shoalwater Bay when a crocodile appeared from nowhere in the middle of the ocean and attacked his boat. He told rescuers the crocodile savaged his kayak and he used his paddle to successfully fend off the attack. He was not hurt and managed to paddle his damaged kayak about three kilometres to Townshend Island. “He was very fortunate,” an AMSA said. “It didn’t pierce the kayak. He said he was running on adrenalin [to get to the island].”Authorities said bad weather then moved in and the man spent four days stranded on the island, before running out of water and provisions and deciding to activate his emergency rescue beacon. He was found about 7:00 am on Saturday and taken by helicopter back to the mainland, AMSA said.

Mum delivers baby in less than minute as hospital entrance: “AN EXPECTANT mum hoping for a quick delivery was stunned when she gave birth in less than a minute in the hospital doorway while her husband parked the car. Jessica Stubbins, from Scunthorpe in the UK, didn’t even make it to the foyer before baby Lucy arrived in the early hours of Sunday morning, The Sun reports. “I tried to close the door really quick and as I got out, I knew she was on her way,” she explained. “She was coming, there was no stopping her,” Mrs Stubbins said. Mr Stubbins told how when he arrived at the hospital entrance, Mrs Stubbins informed him they’d had a little girl. Mrs Stubbins explained she had already been to Scunthorpe General Hospital earlier in the day as she felt her labour was underway, but ended up going back home thinking it was a false alarm”

World’s most expensive peanut butter: “Antera Therapeutics, a US-based biomedical start-up, is trying to convince worried parents to fork out $US180 for a three-month supply of Aralyte, intended to help prevent peanut allergy in infants, The Verge reports. Aralyte, a “distilled peanut extract” which comes in individual 4mL capsules designed for regular dosing, was created off the back of an influential medical study which found introducing high risk children to small doses of peanut protein actually reduced the incidence of allergy. But medical experts, according to The Verge, say the product has “dubious utility”, while an equivalent amount of peanut butter — which does the job just as well — would cost around $2.60. “The Aralyte website indicates that the minimum schedule for low-risk children is three months, but that ‘doctors agree that use for 24 months confers maximum protection to all children’,” author David Zwieg writes. “At that duration, parents will spend a staggering $US1440 on Aralyte”

Retired man could be charged with criminal damage for cutting GRASS outside his home: “A pensioner could face being charged with criminal damage for cutting the grass outside his home. Robert Wall, 71, has mowed the strip of council-owned grass outside his home in Rainham, London, for four years. But he has now been told that he could be taken to court if he doesn’t stop. Mr Wall said: ‘It’s totally over the top to take people to court when all they’ve done is go out and try to tidy up the area they live in. ‘It’s getting to the point now where people aren’t going to be able to pick up litter outside their homes for fear of being charged with something.’ A Havering Council spokesman said: ‘Mr Wall does a great job of cutting the grass and it’s appreciated.’ He added: ‘However, he had to be made aware that a few of his actions combined could be seen as criminal damage. Cutting the grass on council land was not considered in isolation.'”

Distraught dog tries to wake up his friend for an HOUR after it was run over by a car: “This is the heartbreaking moment a distraught dog desperately tries to revive its lifeless friend after it was run over by a car. The mournful brown canine stands by the dead pooch pawing at its fur in the hopes that it might wake up. He repeatedly scratches, nudges and even licks the dog’s body – but to no avail. It then stands watch over the corpse and barks repeatedly to raise attention to the plight of the animal. According to the local resident who filmed them in Sunampe, in Peru’s northern Chincha province, the dogs were inseparable and may have been related. The pair could often be seen around a local construction site until a tragic car accident left one dead”

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  1. Glad he went back to the USSR. Is Wicked Thoughts now a mouthpiece for Russian propaganda?

  2. I would suggest that most of Russia is considerably colder than most of the US, especially in winter. Besides, Russia has Putin and who in their right mind would want him… Mind you , the prospects for the US don’t look too bright come November.

  3. Of course, Tyrconnail

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