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Odd news from around the world

Sleep-FLYING: Birds can travel for days by snoozing while they are mid-flight: “Birds really can sleep while in flight, according to new research. The strange phenomenon has long been suspected, but scientists at last have the first definitive proof. They monitored the brainwaves and movements of great frigates from the Galapagos Islands by strapping devices to the heads of females over the course of ten days. At times, the birds went into something known as unihemispheric sleep. Unihemispheric slow-wave sleep, is the ability to sleep with one half of the brain while the other half remains alert. This is in contrast to ‘normal’ sleep for humans and land mammals where both eyes are shut and both halves of the brain show reduced consciousness. This type of sleep usually happened when the birds were circling on rising air currents. They kept the hemisphere connected to the eye that was facing the direction of the turn awake. But at other times the birds were also able to keep both brain hemispheres asleep without crashing”

Photoshopped or not? “She spent six weeks in a bikini during her Love Island stint. And Olivia Buckland was back in her swimwear as she posed for a sizzling snap during her trip to Marbella on Thursday – yet many of her 781,000 Instagram followers accused the star of digitally altering her image. Olivia, who found love with Alex Bowen on the show, has not been shy of showing off her physique since she first hit screens in June and her social media activity since departing the ITV2 show proves she will continue with her bikini-clad antics. With her cleavage-boosting bikini top and high-rise bottoms, both her legs and bust looked phenomenal in the sexy snap – yet it was her minute waist which caught the eye. Some Instagram comments read: ‘Deffo edited her waist init… Mate that’s a joke saw her for 6 weeks straight in a bikini on tv and was nowhere near that hahah… I don’t remember your waist being that thin though… tell me that aint photoshopped she looks abnormal.'”

Wearing sunscreen may NOT prevent skin cancer: “Sunscreen may not prevent skin cancer, a new study warns. This study, done in Australia, monitored about 1,600 people for more than four years and didn’t find a meaningful difference in the number of new cancer cases detected based on whether people used sunscreen every day or only occasionally. That might not be long enough to follow patients to see if sunscreen prevents skin cancer because it can take several years after sun exposure to detect abnormalities on the skin. Even without more studies, there’s already plenty of proof that exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun causes skin cancer and melanoma, noted Dr David Leffell, a skin cancer researcher at Yale School of Medicine who wasn’t involved in the research review.”

Wanted: ‘Gambler’ to pay £500,000 for a painting that MIGHT be a Manet worth millions – or could be worthless: “A woman believes she has inherited an unknown painting by Manet and is offering to sell it for £500,000. Alex James, 58, from Coventry, is hoping to lure a ‘gambler’ who could make millions from the picture – or nothing at all. Her father Adolf Dabrowski told the family he was given the 32x26ins still by his aunty in Paris in the 1950s. Ms James inherited it after his death 10 years ago – and has been trying to prove its authenticity ever since. Specialists have dated the impressionist work of fish and fruit to around 1880 – three years before Manet’s death – and the signature is near-identical to that on his later artworks. There is no historical record of the work so experts have not been able to confirm or deny it is a Manet. It would take extensive investigations to prove either way and Ms James said the can’t afford to do that, despite, if proved to be a Manet, it possibly being worth tens of millions”

Hong Kong athletes skip ropes faster than you can count in astonishing Double Dutch speed relay: “If you think you’re good at skipping then take a look at the moment Hong Kong athletes win a title for jumping rope. Athletes from Hong Kong have set a new world record for double dutch skipping at the World International Rope Skipping Championships in Sweden. Video footage shows the moment the team managed to win the top prize with 671.5 jumps in three minutes. Double Dutch is when two long skipping ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously. In the footage the team can be seen skipping for 45 seconds at a time before swapping over. The participants are so fast that it’s impossible to count the jumps just by looking.”

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